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How It All Began…

The image below is a clipping from a newspaper in 1976 when the original Apple-1 computer was being advertised. A few things really stood out, but one of them was the Apple logo (bottom of left column). Wow, good thing they changed that, huh? The next thing that stood out was the price – $666.66?

Apple ad

About the price… If you’re superstitious, you know that 666 is the number that has been symbolized as another name for the devil. I originally found this over at Digg, and some of the comments there are pretty funny. Comments like:

  • “And they say Gates is the devil…”
  • “Steve Jobs sold his soul to the devil, and that’s why he has to wear black sweaters all the time now.”
  • “It’s a price not even the devil can refuse.”

It also appears that they didn’t have an editor back then. Take a look at the first sentence: “The Apple-1 System if a fully assembled, tested….” Wow, they sure have come a long ways, haven’t they?