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How It All Began…

In the early 90’s, 1990 to be exact, Apple released the “Mac Classic” that was meant to be priced for those on a budget at $1500.00. It ended up being a disappointment for many,  with some models only coming with 1 MB of RAM and no hard drive. The specifications should put a smile on your face and make you thankful that the computer industry has taken some giant leaps forward!

The Mac Classic had a Motorola 6800 processor running at 8 MHz, and of course It wouldn’t be a classic without the 1.44 MB floppy drive.  It ran on Mac OS 6.07 and had a 9 inch diagonal screen.

Apple’s advertising brochure for this machine read something like:

 ” The new Macintosh Classic is ideal for anyone with basic computing needs.  It’s particularly suitable for people who work at home, for college students, and for grade school and high school students.  The Macintosh Classic offers you everything that people expect from Macintosh. And it fits as comfortably into your budget as it does into your life.”

When I was in elementary school, these were the computers we had in the classroom. Unfortunately, they were probably more beneficial as a paper weight because they seldomly got used.  It was Apple’s first attempt at making an economical computer, and because of it  I think many people took the plunge and made this their first computer purchase. This clip of the Mac Classic booting  should bring back a few memories.

News Source: TUAW