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How It All Began…

All kinds of electronic devices from cameras, to video game systems have been getting wireless capabilities.  This made me wonder why portable televisions haven’t been improving. We have handheld TV’s that look like they haven’t been updated in 10-years! I thought maybe I was missing something, so I started to search around to see if I could find the latest portable television technology.

Seiko TV Watch Well, I didn’t exactly find what I was looking for but I did come across something that was pretty cool and astonishing in more ways than one. What I found was Seiko’s TV Watch which they manufactured back in 1983. In order to use it you needed to connect the watch to a bulky 7oz. receiver that would pick up the television frequency and send it to the watch to be displayed.

The receiver was designed to be placed inside of a jacket and you would then run the wires down your sleeve. That way you would be able to hide the true geek inside of you.

Here are some specs on the watch:

  • The display (w/o background lighting) has 31,920 pixels, 10 shades of grey, and is blue/white.
  • 5 hours running time on one set of batteries.
  • External tuner for VHF & UHF and FM stereo radio reception.
  • The watch in its original function can be used as a stop watch (resolution 1/100 seconds) and as alarm-clock.

One of these bad boys would set you back $495 back in 1983 and according to the inflation calculator I used that would be about $945 today. If you still want one it isn’t too late. You can find just about anything on eBay and this is no exception. One of these watches just sold for $500 a few days ago in mint condition.

I guess the real question is how many people have actually see someone wearing one of these?