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How It All Began…

WebThe Internet has evolved into a marvelous thing, but it all had to start somewhere. The first website was located here (now replaced with an informational page), and it was started to aid physicists in answering tough questions about the universe. Now, however, the web is practically its own universe and almost everyone has their own website(s).

There was a cache of the original site made one-year after it launched, and it can be found here (Note: If your browser can’t handle that website, you know it is time to upgrade). Anyone familiar with HTML coding will surely get a kick out of looking at the source code because of how simple it is.

And like most projects "The Web" had some bugs. At the time there was still a lot of work to be done as there was little formatting options available, oh yeah, and no search engines! They definitely had search engines as part of the plan though:

Now the web of data and indexes exists, some really smart intelligent algorithms ("knowbots?") could run on it. Recursive index and link tracing, Just think…

Looks like Google was exactly what they had in mind when they made that statement. A name like "knowbots" though? I guess the term "bot" has been heavily adapted, but I had never heard of a knowbot until I read that. :)

Now if we jump ahead a few years we land in 1994. What kind of progress was made since the first website was posted? Well, it was mostly just some added color and graphical support, but it was a lot better than the plain white background with black text and blue hyperlinks! Here’s a video from 1994 that demonstrates the capabilities of a website:

It’s amazing to see what started the thing we now call the Internet. The primitive days of text links and choppy layouts have come to an end as we push our way through the Web 2.0 era. One can only wonder what joys Web 3.0 will bring to us!

Video Source: Download Squad