CyberNet ForumAs everyone has probably noticed by now, our blog got a nice update last week. We couldn’t let the forum go untouched, so late this weekend we launched a redesign of the forum that made it match our new site a lot better.

In the next day or two the forum will be hitting 8,000 posts from members located around the world. With the new redesign we also decided to enable guest posting once again, so if you see a topic that you want to respond to feel free to jump in without registering. However, if you register you’ll also be able to start your own topics, bypass the captcha, and surf the forum ad-free! You can participate without registering for an account, but in the end it will probably be easier if you do sign-up since it takes less than a minute.

So come on over and join us in the forum. As Ashley previously mentioned, there are several regular visitors that are always on the site, but we’re always looking for some fun conversations. We talk about and review movies, discuss our freeware finds, and for some reason we’re on the brink of obsession when it comes to remote controlled helicopters. :)

All-in-all it is a good time, and a place Ashley and myself hang out quite frequently.

Visit the CyberNet Forum