CyberNet ForumOur forum community continues to grow as we have just hit the 200 member mark! From those members we also have nearly 4,000 posts and 350+ topics that have been started.

The great thing about the forum is that a lot of conversations have been started there, many of which are not related to technology. Sometimes it’s nice to step away from the technology and talk about other things. For instance, one of the most popular articles (with over 150 replies) discussed what the best movie of 2006 was. Now a new topic has emerged that covers what members believe to be the best movie of 2007.

Don’t get it wrong though, our forum is still heavily active with technology focused discussions. There are topics like:

  • List the Firefox extensions that you use
  • Huge list of freeware applications (still updated)
  • Share a screenshot of what your desktop looks like
  • Several posts on Linux-related news…such as this Vista-like search bar for Gnome
  • We try to answer all of your Vista-related questions
  • Some people giveaway invites for Joost
  • We post every Get A Mac ad that is released
  • Helpful tips on building your own computer

And those are just a small handful of the discussions that have been started! You can also find a how to guide on using Windows Remote Desktop.

So head on over to the forum…browse around…and become a member so that you can jump in on the discussions as well! Also, the forum is ad-free once you become a member which I know a lot of people will enjoy.

Thanks to all of the current forum members who have spent quite a bit of time sharing their opinions and knowledge with the rest of us!