Time-Saving Tuesday

If you’ve ever attempted to build your own website and your related skill level isn’t very high, you know that it can be a big headache. There are so many things you have to know if you truly want to build your own site from scratch. It’s definitely not something that anybody can do … unless SynthaSite is being used. SynthaSite takes the hassle out of building a website by providing a website builder to you, at no cost. Today for our Time-Saving Tuesday article we’ll be taking a look at how you can save yourself time creating a website of your own, by using SynthaSite.

What is SynthaSite

SynthaSite as mentioned, provides a hassle-free way for just about anybody, even your semi-computer illiterate parent or grandparent, to build a website for free. All you have to do is sign-up for an account and then you’ll be guided through the process of creating a site of your own. SynthaSite uses an AJAX-based editor for the bulk of the site creation process, and the editor is very easy to use.

In no time you’ll have a great looking site, one that you can be proud of, with the help and guidance of SynthaSite.

Creating a Site

After signing up for an account, you begin the process of creating your site. Basic steps are as follows:

  1. Name Your Site
  2. Choose a Style (good amount of different styles to choose from – 18 pages with four styles on each)
  3. Select a color palette that suites you – each “style” has a few color options to choose from
    synthasite 1.png

Once the basics are done, you’re taken to an editor where you can easily add content by clicking and dragging items to your page. This is the part of the SynthaSite that makes in shine.

Here are some examples of options you have when creating the site:

  • Add text – click
  • Insert images
  • Select a two column layout
  • Add your own HTML if you prefer
  • Insert widgets

Below is an image of what the interface looks like once you start the editing process (click to enlarge):

SynthaSite 3.png

All of your editing options are all on one page.

What we like about SynthaSite

For those of you who want a site that you can monetize, there’s good news. SynthaSite will allow you to incorporate Google AdSense on your site which is really nice. That’s the first thing we like about SynthaSite.

The second thing we like is the usability factor. We know that a lot of you are web-savvy, but a lot of you aren’t. For those of you that aren’t, this is a great way for you to build a site. When something is easy to use, obviously, you are more likely to use it. That’s the case with SynthaSite.

Lastly, we love that despite the fact this is a free service, they do not plaster your site with ads. In fact, there are no adds whatsoever and no banners. Nice!

Featured Sites

If you’d like to get an idea of what people are able to do with SynthaSite, you’ll want to check out their “Featured Sites.” Each month they feature several sites that were created using their service. These sites will help give you an idea as to what you will be able to do. Below is an example from this month (they are found on the SynthaSite homepage):

synthasite 4.png

Wrapping it up

If you have thought about creating your own site but you were discouraged simply because you didn’t know how, you’ll definitely want to give SynthaSite a try. We think you’ll find it as easy to use as we have and you’ll enjoy being able to create something of your own, on your own, for free. Does it have some limitations? Certainly, but for the basics that your average-joe wants, you’ll have no issues.