cybernet mobile-1.jpgA few days ago MoFuse decided that it was time for them to unleash their professional accounts for free. Previously grabbing one of these costed $3 per month, and what’s great about them is that you can use your own domain. We thought about it for a little while, and then decided this would be a great chance for us to launch our own mobile site. So that’s exactly what we did:

There are two different versions of the site as you can see in the screenshot to the right. One is designed for the iPhone, and the other is for all other devices. The mobile site contains our full articles, and they include all of the images which means you get the full CyberNet experience. With each story you can also choose to email it to a friend, bookmark it on, or post it to Twitter.

Hopefully this will make it even easier for you to read us on-the-go. Enjoy!