Digg SubmitI’ve been in contact with Digg quite a few times today and we were finally able to get our domain unbanned! We have also added a “Digg” button in the bookmarks bar located underneath a post’s title to make submitting an article a little easier for you.

CyberNet was banned from Digg ever since October of 2006. Up until that point, Digg was one way that we were able to get our name and content out there, and many of our readers discovered our site from some of our front page articles. The ban came as a surprise when it happened, but  it was a result of our visitors submitting nearly every article that we posted. While it was flattering to us, many Digg users viewed it as spam which eventually led to our domain being banned.

If you can think of any articles over the past several months that may still be interesting to Digg users, please feel free to submit them. If you intend on submitting CyberNet articles to Digg, please be selective and don’t go over-board so that we can prevent this from happening again :)