Monthly Calendar When we introduced the site redesign back in July there were some worries about the disappearance of our CyberNet Release Calendar that was always located in the sidebar. That was the place where we kept you up-to-date about new software releases that were scheduled for the future.

We’ve gotten a lot of feedback since then that people wanted the calendar back, and it’s been revived! The only thing is that it won’t be located in the sidebar like it was previously, instead we are incorporating it into our Daily Downloads (feed) that are posted each weekday. We kicked it off today by adding four releases that we currently know of.

Why did we choose to do it this way? There are multiple reasons, but the main one is that it fits in very well with these posts. This also serves as good place for you to drop a comment about upcoming releases you’ve found, and hopefully many of you will do just that!

Note: Whenever we add something to the list we’ll make it stand out (probably by placing “NEW” next to it). That way you’ll know which items have been added since the previous day.