Datacenter Monkey We thought that today would be a good time to express our thanks to the machine that delivers CyberNet to readers around the world. Our Xeon-powered server runs Fedora Core 5, and it’s had an incredible uptime of over 6 months.  I’m sure it would be even higher than that right now, but I used to restart it once a week to help ensure that things would flow smoothly. Eventually I just gave up on that.

Smiley CoolThanks to hard working men, women, and monkeys like George (pictured above) we’ve been able to deliver CyberNet to readers just like you on a daily basis. So join me in showing some gratitude for the hard working machines that clog the tubes with useless information each and everyday!

I see it as impressive that a server can stay running for over 6 months without a single hiccup. For those of you keeping a scrapbook of CyberNet’s history, here’s a picture you can add to it:

Server Uptime

Now on to bigger and better things…one year of uptime here we come!