fyi.pngOur Daily Downloads articles have been one of my favorite things to do because I’m the type of person who keeps a close eye on software. Unfortunately they are also rather time consuming because of all the information we try to aggregate into one central location. For that reason we’ve decided to merge our Daily Downloads articles with the WrapUp articles we’ve been doing.

We’ve got our first demonstration of the new “merger” coming later today, and it will basically be a more compact version of the Daily Downloads we used to do. We’ll provide links to the homepage for each download, a mirror (when available), and also what operating system it’s available for. The only thing we are really going to be leaving out are the release notes for each application.

Trying to find the changelog for all of the programs has always been one of the most time consuming tasks for the Daily Downloads. Many sites (for whatever reason) don’t make it easy to find out what’s new in each release. I never quite understood it, but I always get frustrated when it takes 5 or 10 minutes to find the release notes buried deep within some forum.

So keep your eyes out for the downloads section in the WrapUp article coming later today. We’re gonna try to do at least two WrapUp article’s per week so that you always get the best mixture of news, tips, and now downloads.