We added avatar support to the site yesterday for those of you who have accounts through MyBlogLog or Gravatar, but many of you expressed interested in creating an avatar without needing to use those services. For that reason registered users will receive the option to specify a URL for their avatar!

To take advantage of this option just login to your account and visit the Options page. A little bit down the page you’ll see a section for avatars that looks something like this:

CyberNet Avatar

It will show your current avatar off to the right (whether it be with MyBlogLog or Gravatar), and once you enter in a valid URL of an image you’ll be able to use your own avatar. Here are some things that you should know about the avatar system:

  • Order of priorities given to avatars: Custom URL are looked at first, then MyBlogLog avatars, and then Gravatars.
  • Any avatar URL that you specify will be verified to see if it exists, and we’ll check to see if it is an image. It will also make sure that each side of the image is smaller than 75 pixels which will help keep our page loading times fast.
  • All avatars are 48 pixels in size, any that are larger or smaller will be stretched to be 48 pixels by 48 pixels. If you want your avatar to look the best you should use an image that is a square.
  • You can also use images from our forum. The easiest way to do that is to right-click on your avatar image, and copy the image address to the clipboard. Then just paste it in the avatar box on the Options page.
  • Changing your avatars will also modify what is shown on all previous comments that you’ve made.

Hopefully we’ll see some more of your avatars in the comments!