CyberNet Logo If you read the comments here often you might have noticed that when Ashley or myself submits a comment that it has a unique look to it. Earlier this week we were trying out a new star that was being placed in the corner of our comments and now it is your turn to get a star!

Maybe it sounds lame but we are trying to make it easy for new people who are visiting our site to recognize the commenter’s that spark great conversations. To pinpoint those people we are going to look at how frequently you comment. Right now you’ll need 50 comments but that number may increase as more people become “All-Stars”.

CyberNet All-Star

In order to receive the star pictured above you will have to register on our site. Once you register you’ll be able to keep track of the top commenter’s by selecting the “Manage” button located at the top of the sidebar. There you will also find the current list of All-Stars.

The top commenter’s are sorted by email address, so if you haven’t registered yet that doesn’t mean you have to start over. When registering make sure you enter in the same address that you have been using in the comment form. That will help ensure that the number of comments is carried over onto your account.

Here is what the comment count looks like right now:

  1. Inferno_str1ke (82)
  2. Max (81)
  3. natmaster (31)
  4. Keith L. Dick (31)
  5. Jason (30)
  6. Pieter De Decker (21)
  7. Ed West (16)
  8. mediaphile (12)
  9. PhoenixP3K (9)
  10. Alfredo (9)

So we have two people that are now considered All-Stars here and Inferno_str1ke’s comments will now reflect the change but Max still needs to register. We really appreciate everyone who takes the time to comment and we can’t wait to make more of you All-Stars! :D