I have been working the past couple days to finish a bookmarking feature that was requested. At first I was thinking how would our own bookmark system be beneficial when everyone stores their bookmarks with del.icio.us, Google, or on their own computer. After a little while it made some sense to me.

I keep my bookmarks very tidy and when I seen an interesting article on a site I normally hesitate before throwing it into my bookmarks. If I’m only going to use it very rarely then I don’t want to hassle with cluttering up my bookmarks. Now when you see an article on CyberNet you won’t have to hassle either!

The bookmark system is for registered users only and it utilizes AJAX technology so that you can bookmark an article without ever leaving the page that you are on. Beneath the title of an article you should see a “CyberMark” link and the link is saved once you click on it:


Next, you can click on the green “CyberMarked” link to take you to the CyberMark management page (it is also accessible through the link on your Dashboard). You’ll see a list of all the articles that you have saved along with the option to delete them individually:


Right now it is just plain and simple. We would like to add a search feature in the future but I thought everyone could start playing with it now.

There is one “bug” that you might notice that has to do with how the server caches pages. The system is setup to check to see if you have already saved an article and if you have it will not give you the option to re-save it. However, because of the caching system you can save an article, refresh the page, and it will show up that you haven’t saved it yet. The server will delete all cached pages every hour, and so until then it might not show up as saved…but it is. It’s not a problem if you try to re-save it because the CyberMark feature is coded to prevent duplicates. I just thought I would give you a heads up in case you were wondering why that was happening.

We hope everyone enjoys this new feature and also hope to have more coming to you in the future!