New Year's Ball Drop Ahh, here we are. In my time zone we’re just moments away from celebrating a New Year! I wish everyone the best as we venture into the unknown and get a fresh start. If you decide to make a New Year’s resolution….stick with it because at the end of next year you will be so much happier!

Happy New Year’s to everyone as we close out the year with this final post (and some new features coming to the blog shortly after the ball drops). Alright, here are the best posts from December:

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  • Azureus 3 to challenge YouTube. [Read More]
  • 200 Firefox extensions installed at the same time, and surprisingly Firefox still functioned. [Read More]
  • Calculate MD5, SHA-1, and CRC has values. [Read More]
  • OpenSuse 10.2 released with new KDE menu. [Read More]
  • Firefox 3 Alpha 1 released…this is the first milestone along the road to Firefox 3. [Read More]
  • Firefox 3 nighlty build passes the Acid 2 test. [Read More]
  • Optimus keyboard to cost more than $1200!? [Read More]
  • Spammers aim for the future. [Read More]
  • Firefox makes its television debut…I wonder if it was successful? [Read More]
  • Stumblevideo: the fun way to watch videos. [Read More]
  • Skype 3 released and free outgoing calls to landline phones coming to an end. [Read More]
  • Opera 9.10 introduces fraud protection. [Read More]
  • Project Looking Glass – the future of operating systems? [Read More]
  • Opera releases browser for Nintendo Wii, and it left me speechless. [Read More]
  • sued for $1.65 trillion. [Read More]
  • Vista Transformation Pack 6 for Windows XP. [Read More]
  • Golf carts that are the ultimate Caddy! [Read More]
  • The best bookmarklets for your Web browser. [Read More]
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  • Microsoft’s giveaways cause a stir in the blogosphere. [Read More]

Again, Happy New Year’s Everyone!