–March 2007–

Personalized homepages were spotlighted in March with Yahoo completing a huge redesign for My Yahoo! and Google launching a variety of dramatically changing themes for  their Personalized Homepages. Additionally, it was a rough month for YouTube after Viacom sued them for $1 Billion dollars. They also had to deal with being banned (and then unbanned) in Turkey and Thailand.  Let’s take a look at those headlines:

Personalized Homepages:

YouTube Troubles:

–April 2007–

The month of April started out with a bunch of fooling! Thanks to April Fool’s day of course. Several sites decided to have some fun with this notable day of practical joking including Google with their “Free TiSP (Toilet Internet Service Provider) Broadband Internet, and ThinkGeek who claimed they were shipping the iPhone nearly three months early. Then of course there was the launch of Joost which caused quite the hype as well. Here’s a look at those headlines:

April Fools Day: