–November 2007–

You could certainly tell that the year was winding down in November and December when major news was pretty light. Because of this, we offered a handful of Helpful Tips that could potentially help you in a variety of different ways. Let’s not forget Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving and all of the deals that came from that as well.

Helpful Tips

Black Friday Excitement…

–December 2007–

To help wrap up the year, CyberNet started our annual CyberNet Awards and gave them out to products, services and gadgets that in our opinion, deserved to be recognized. As we explained, there wasn’t much fame and glory associated with the award and winners didn’t receive a statuette, but it was fun none-the-less. Take a look…

This wraps-up CyberNet’s year-in-review for 2007! Here we come, 2008!