Weekend Website

103bees1There are many different services that will help you monitor the traffic coming to your site.  Probably one of the most well-known services is Google Analytics which provides a wealth of information so that publishers know everything they need to know about their traffic.  Another service that we recently started using in addition to Google Analytics is called 103bees. If you have a blog, you’ll definitely want to try it out. What’s special about 103bees is that it focuses specifically on the search traffic that’s coming to your blog.

Search engine traffic can be just as important as traffic from loyal dedicated readers.  By focusing on just the search traffic, you get an idea of what people are looking for, what questions they’re asking when they’re directed to your site, and which search engines bring them to you. 


103bees analyzes several different things:

  • Latest search hits – the most recent search queries from the last 7 days.  For example, one of our top search queries from the last 7 days is “Windows Vista.”
  • Top landing pages – which pages receive the most search engine hits?
  • Top search terms – recent phrases that have brought you traffic from search engines.
  • Top keywords – single words that people search for. One of the top keywords for CyberNet is “Vista.”(They also have a cloud view for top keywords which is pretty cool!)
  • Search Engines – which search engines send you the most traffic? For CyberNet, it’s followed by Yahoo.
  • Rankings – This is one of the most helpful. What are your top search terms ranked on the Search Engines. For example, one of our top search terms is ‘best antivirus.’ If I do a search on Google for ‘best antivirus,’ CyberNet is listed/ranked as #4.
  • Latest Questions – What questions are people typing into the search queries that bring them to your site? For example, one of the top questions that brings people to CyberNet is “How to register free in rapidshare?”

One of the biggest benefits to using 103bees is that you’re able to get an in-depth look at what words, phrases, and questions bring you the most traffic, and then use that information to optimize your content. While using 103bees, you know exactly what people are looking for.

Most importantly it’s a free service, and it’s easy to use.  All you have to do is add JavaScript code to your blog template, and then you’re all set to go. While some of the other traffic statistics programs offer most of what 103bees has to offer, it’s great for taking an in-depth look at the traffic coming to your site just from search engines. By acknowledging the search terms and keywords that bring you the most traffic, you can use it to your benefit to increase traffic to your blog.