Million Dollar Monday

If you’re an Xbox enthusiast and a chopper fan, you’d probably have a hard time keeping your hands off of a custom built Xbox 360 Chopper worth $125,000. Should I mention that you could have had a chance at winning the lime-green bike? Gamestop Corp. together with Game Informer, a monthly magazine actually had a “Sign Up and Ride” sweepstakes, and this was the grand prize.Unfortunately the contest is over so there’s no chance of getting it for yourself now. The majority of us wouldn’t even think twice about spending that kind of money on a chopper–  a small one for that matter. Regardless, it’s still a pretty cool toy (which by the way now has a home with a proud owner in Illinois) worth mentioning.

Xbox Chopper

So, about the bike; it was built by Martin Bros Bikes who are known for their custom designs. As you can tell, the whole design of the bike was influenced by Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Some have joked wondering if the bike would overheat much like the actual 360 console. Apparently mistakes like that aren’t quickly forgotten. Microsoft is trying to be sure the Xbox 360 isn’t forgotten with the PlayStation 3 release not too far away.

If you’re bummed that you missed out on the chance to win the chopper, I scrounged up another contest for you. If you’ve got a Pappa John’ s Pizza close by, you can get a free Large original crust one-topping pizza with the purchase of an Extra-Large Specialty Pizza at the regular menu price . Okay, so it’s not as great as the $125,000 chopper but you get a free pizza :) If you’re interested in other promotions that Xbox has going on, they have a whole webpage dedicated specifically for that. And of course we have our own contest going on. Don’t forget to tell us about your craziest voicemail and you could win a 2GB iPod Nano! There’s only one week left to enter.

News Source: BornRich