Fun Friday

The list of uses for duct tape could probably be endless and I’m sure most of you would agree. I think it’s safe to say that the list of things you can do with duct tape is much larger than the list of things you can’t do!

Here’s CyberNet’s 15 uses for duct tape!

  1. Duct tape the remote control to you hand so you never lose it or get it taken away by a friend, spouse, child, etc.
  2. Wrap gifts in duct tape, and then duct tape a note to the top of the gift that says "Open me… eventually."
  3. Formal wear – use duct tape to construct your tux or dress. It’ll be cheaper, and you’ll get noticed (and yes, both the dress and the tux were made of duct tape).
    duct tape dress
  4. Pants too long? "Hem" them with duct tape.
  5. Need to reduce that electric bill? Duct tape over the light switches so that you’ll think twice before you flip them on.
  6. Use it as an instant mute for annoying friends, siblings, etc.
  7. Create a cover for your iPod so it doesn’t get scratched up (learn how)
  8. Duct tape your roommate to the wall.
    duct tape to wall
  9. No need for a fly swatter – just use duct tape!
  10. Keep the cold air out – use duct tape as a window sealant
  11. Valentines day – "One rose traditionally means "I Love you." A dozen roses made entirely out of duct tape means "I’ll Love you forever!"
    ducttape roses
  12. Tape the toilet seat up or down…
  13. Use a piece of duct tape to cover the optical sensor or the mouse ball on your co-workers mouse so that it won’t work.
  14. To remove warts… yep, it’s true.
  15. Need a cell phone holder or a tool belt? Just construct your own… out of duct tape of course!