Million Dollar Monday

If you thought you were staying on top of technology with your 5-8 Megapixel camera, take a look at the camera the Swiss company Seitz has developed.  The Seitz 6X17 Digital scanning camera creates pictures at a whopping 160 megapixels. They’ll be selling a mobile version and a studio version at $36,266 and $42,300 respectively, and will be available starting in early 2007 (start saving your pennies now)!

Seitz camera

— Features —

The Seitz 6X17 will feature high image quality because of the 48 bit color depth.  Your high resolution digital image is ready in just one second. The shutter speed is 1/20,000th second, and it’s got an ISO range from 500 to 10,000, with a read-out speed of 300MB per second.

With this camera taking such large detailed photos, you’ll need an alternative method for storing the photos. With this camera comes a “decked” out Mac mini simply for processing and storing the huge amounts of data!

It’s certainly not a camera that would fit into your back pocket, and the pictures it produces aren’t either. Each picture produces around a 1 gigabye file.

— High Resolution Images —

I must say, some of the high resolution images I’ve seen lately from higher Megapixel cameras are simply amazing.  Take for example the photograph found here that is 720 megapixels! Try zooming in the on picture and then zooming out simply to realize how far you were actually able to zoom in while the image was still clear and easy to view. Unbelievable.

Another example that’s closer to the Seitz described above was taken from a Cannon 20D, 222 Megapixel camera at Machu Picchu in Peru.  Again, zoom in and then zoom out simply to see how impressive the camera is. With the high Megapixel cameras, it’s sure to keep you from missing out on any of the details in any picture.

Clearly there is no end in sight as to the amount of megapixels cameras will be able to handle.  It just keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger.  Again, expect to see this camera available in early 2007!

News Source: Engadget