Time Saving Tuesday

We have a terrific application that we are going to take a look at today called Videoraptor. Prior to writing this article I had never heard of the program, but I have to say that many of you will find it to be as useful as I have. And what’s even better is that we have 500 licenses to giveaway so that you don’t have to fork out $25 for it! Yes, that’s over $12,000 in software that we’re giving out.

So what is Videoraptor? It’s a tool that you can use to scour the Internet looking for music and videos that have been posted. It reminds me a bit of the music search engine called BeeMP3, except that Videoraptor comes back with an even wider array of results. The real gem is that you can specify a different format that you would like your media in, and Videoraptor will convert it for you once the download has completed.

–Using Videoraptor Search–

Once you get the application up and running you’ll be able to search for music or videos on the Internet. It will list them in a friendly format, and in parenthesis next to each result you’ll be able to see exactly what domain the song is coming from:

videoraptor search
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Before starting a download you’ll want to ponder what format you would like your media to be in. Videoraptor can convert any of your downloads into a variety of formats which we’ve listed below. That way you can begin a download, walk away, and come back to find that your media is ready to go.

Now you’re ready to download a song. After you’ve found what you are looking for and have set the conversion format, just double-click on a result to begin the download process. Once the download is completed it will be moved into the folder that you specified in the options.

Videoraptor even comes with an integrated media player that is capable of playing the songs and videos that you download. To listen to a song or watch a video just double-click on the one you want in your completed downloads list.

–Using Videoraptor Surf & Catch–

Videoraptor not only lets you download music and videos by searching, but it will also monitor popular media sites such as YouTube and for media that you might be playing in Internet Explorer. It will then give you the option of downloading the song or video, and having it converted on-the-spot.

videoraptor surf
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As soon as a video starts to play it will show up in the Videoraptor’s play list under the Surf & Catch tab. If you’re listening to a song on a radio station such as the song will automatically begin downloading. I’m not quite sure why the songs don’t show up in the list like the videos do, but it may have something to do with session expiration times that prevent a song from being downloaded at a later time.

Note: I had some issues getting the radio stations to work in Internet Explorer 8 Beta, and so you may want to use Internet Explorer 6 or 7 to ensure that you have as few issues as possible.

–Music Sources & Formats–

Music is searched for on,,,,,,, and Any of these sources can be disabled in the options.

Any music that you download can be instantly converted into the following formats:

  • M4A (128kbps, 192kbps) – iPod
  • MP3 (128kbps, 128-192kbps VBR, 256kbps)
  • Ogg (128kbps, 192kbps, 96-160kbps VBR, 128-192kbps VBR)
  • WAV (uncompressed)
  • WMA (128kbps, 192kbps, Q75 VBR, Q98 VBR)
  • WMApro (128kbps, 192kbps, Q75 VBR, Q98 VBR)

–Movie Sources & Formats–

Videos are searched for on,,,,, and Any of these sources can be disabled in the options.

Any videos that you download can be instantly converted into the following formats, in addition to the music formats listed above:

  • 3GP (176×144 @ 96kbps, 320×240 @ 528kbps, 320×240 @ 608kbps, 320×240 @ Q80 VBR, original @ 96kbps)
  • AVI (320×240 @ 608kbps, original @ 128kbps, original @ Q95 VBR)
  • MP4 (320×240 @ 384kbps, 320×240 @ 608kbps, 320×240 @ Q95 VBR, 384×288 @ 608kbps, original @ Q95 VBR, original @ 96kbps)
  • WMV7 (320×240 @ 608kbps)
  • WMV9 (320×240 @ 608kbps, 320×240 @ 704kbps, original @ 96kbps, original @ Q95 VBR)

–The Giveaway–

We currently have 500 serial numbers for Videoraptor sitting on our desktop waiting to be sent out. Normally we would just have you comment on the article if you wanted a license, but since we have so many that would be a lengthy process.

What we’re doing this time is requesting that you send us an email so that we can simply reply with your serial number. Send the email to [REMOVED SINCE GIVEAWAY IS DONE], and put Videoraptor somewhere in the subject line or body of the email. That way we’ll quickly be able to search through any spam for valid entries. First come first serve.

We’ll send out the serial numbers for however long it takes to give them all away, and just so you know what kind of chance you have of getting them we’ll keep a running count below of how many we have given out. This will be updated each time any invites are sent out:

Number of licenses sent out: 500 of 500 (as of 03/26/2008 @ 10:29AM CST)

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