Free For All Friday

Last week we gave you some fun flash games to play around with for the weekend.  This week, we have a few more games for you to test out.  We came across these games from a comment Darshan made last week… so thanks Darshan!The only minor complication– the games and instructions are in French! But.. it’s not too difficult to figure out the object of the game.  The only words you really need to know are:

  • Jouer = play
  • Recommencer = restart

When you’re viewing the list of games, look for the English version.  It’s hit or miss, and most games don’t have an English version available. So.. on to the games. They come from, and are good challenges for your brain! First on the list…

Double Pong

This game simply requires the “e”, “d”, “o”, and “k” keys.  Your job is to keep both balls in play! It might appear easy at first, but once the balls get some speed to them, it’s hard for your brain to keep up with both sides of the screen!

Play Double Pong!

Jeu pour les secretaires

If my translation is correct, this translates into a game for secretaries.  With this game you have one minute to press the correct key on the keyboard.  The twist is that the letters are in random places.  Natural instinct is to press the key that they show in the picture. For example, in the picture below, they light up the letter Q which is in the “A” spot on a standard keyboard.  In instinctively want to press the A instead of where the Q is actually located. If you’re not familiar with the standard keyboard, this could be pretty difficult! My record was 84 keys in the minute.


Play Jeu pour les secretaires

La souris est invisible

I don’t know what the translation is, but I’ll just call it “invisible mouse” because that’s what happens! You start out by clicking the button.  After you’ve clicked the button, your mouse disappears, and a butterfly appears.  You have to blindly lead yourself to the butterfly. When it lights up, you click it, and then you move on to the next round! It consistently gets trickier with new road blocks set up in the way. You have to have good control over your mouse to be good at this one!


Play “invisible mouse” / La souris est invisible 

Bouli Boula (like miniature golf)

The next game reminds me of miniature golf.  The object of the game is to get the ball into the hole.  There’s an arrow attached to the ball which allows you to point it in any direction that you’d like.  Click to release the ball.  The longer you hold down the click, the more powerful the ball will move. Just like a miniature golf course, this game gets trickier as you go along. You’re give a certain amount of turns to get the ball into the hole!


Play Bouli Boula

Labryinthe 3D

The last game on the list is a 3D course which simply requires you to get the ball from the top down to the bottom of the course without falling off the edge.  You use arrows to control the ball! You have to be quick with your fingers to keep the ball from going overboard!


Play Labrinthe 3D

Hope you enjoy the games for today, they definitely give your brain a good workout!