Microsoft/Mac Monday

Last Monday we decided to take a look at Microsoft’s Main Redmond Campus to see what it looked like, how big it was, and what some of the perks were for those who work there. Today we decided to take a look at Apple’s Main Cupertino Campus to look at the same types of things and to give you an idea of what it’s like to work at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014.

Size of the campus…

The size of Apple’s campus is no where near as big as Microsoft’s campus, but they are in the process of expanding (more on that next). As we mentioned already, they’re located on Infinite Loop in Cupertino, CA. It is an actual loop, and there are about six main buildings that line it. The buildings are numbered in clockwise direction.

Below is an image of what the main campus looks like from Google Maps (Satellite mode), and you’ll notice that because of the way that it was built, there is no room for expansion on that site.

apples campus in cupertino.png

Aside from their main campus in Silicon Valley, they also have buildings scattered around Cupertino and other campuses around the World. You’ll find Apple in the following places:

  • Cupertino, California
  • Austin, Texas
    apple in austin.png
  • Cork, Ireland
    apple cork ireland.png
  • Singapore
    apple in singapore.png
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • India
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Korea
  • China

The New Campus…

Some of you may not be aware that back in 2006, Apple announced that they were going to be working on a second main campus. They purchased land about a mile from the current main campus from various property owners (one of which was HP). The 50 acres was estimated to have cost Apple about $160 million dollars which equates to about 3.2 million dollars per acre!

When the original announcement was made, Apple was hoping to have it completed in three to four years. It’s already been two years and and as of April of this year (2008), Apple has not even applied for the permits necessary to build on the site.

To us it seems funny that Apple didn’t find ways to grow on their own property. Certainly they’re a little constricted because of the way that it’s currently set-up, but they could have built a parking garage and utilized most of that current parking space for more buildings. In the image showing the campus, you’ll notice that they almost have more space for cars than they do buildings!

The image below comes from a Fortune blog and just shows where Apple’s new campus will be. It’ll have Interstate 280 along one side and across the street is home to Hewlett Packard.

apples new campus.png


The perks at Apple vary depending on if you work at a Retail store or you’re considered an “Apple Pro” and you’re looking for a career at Apple. If you work in their retail sector, you get a 10% discount on anything in the store and a once-per-year 25% discount on a complete system which sounds pretty nice. They even offer bonuses if a store achieves its sales quota and $500 is given to part-time employees while $1,000 is given to full-time employees (source).

For “Pro” employees, there’s nothing that really stands out as a unique perk (like free food for Google employees) but they encourage their employees to have a computer at home and so they provide “generous incentives” towards the purchase of Apple products. We searched around but couldn’t find anyone that explained exactly what the “generous” incentives were.

Other than that, they offer pretty typical corporate types of benefits including insurance, 401K savings and investment plans, vacation time, and a stock purchase plan.


apple hq 1.png

apple hq 2.png

These are (supposedly) pictures of the inside of Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino. If they are real then they are a bit older:

apple hq 3.png

apple hq 4.png
apple hq6.png

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