Microsoft/Mac Monday

Ever wonder what a Windows Live Mailbox looks like? No, we’re not talking about the inbox for your Windows Live Mail account, we’re talking about an actual Windows Live Mail mailbox! Look below and there it is. It’s found on Microsoft’s main campus in Redmond, Washington.

windows live mailbox.png

Now who would have thought that someone at Microsoft would think to put a physical Windows Live Mailbox on campus? Today we’re going to be taking a look at Microsoft’s Main Campus both in picture and words.

Note: We haven’t been to the campus to take the pictures in this article ourselves, so be sure to checkout our list of image sources at the end of this article.

Size of the campus…

We weren’t able to find updated information on just how big the campus is in 2008, but in 2007, Microsoft’s main campus was 388 acres and included 70 buildings. This means that Microsoft’s campus is about the size of well over 350 U.S. Football Fields! The buildings straddle a road called Highway 520 for about an entire mile. Below you’ll find an image which shows what part of the main campus looks like.

size of microsoft campus.png

According to that image, there are 10 different ATM Locations on campus along with 14 different Cafe locations for keeping the stomachs of Microsoft employees satisfied. While the food isn’t free, drinks are. Below is an image from one of the cafe’s:

microsoft cafe.png

microsoft transport.pngBecause of its size, there’s a Microsoft Shuttle Transporter that transports people around the campus, and thousands ride it each day. Over 50 vehicles are used to get the job done.

The Microsoft Company Store

On the Microsoft campus you’ll find the Microsoft Campus Store. This is where employees go to get all of their gear that proudly displays the Microsoft logo. Employees are also able to buy software for reasonable prices. While some people may think that all Microsoft employees get their software for free, they don’t, which is why the Company Store comes in handy.

Microsoft Company Store.png

From what we could find, peripherals like mice and keyboards are usually $25 each while software is usually $15 to $55 depending on what it is. Doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal!


We’ve heard all about the perks you get while working for Google, but other companies including Microsoft, offer perks as well to entice the best talent to apply. We already mentioned the free beverages, but they also have something called P.R.I.M.E discounts where employees are able to get products and services discounted. They also give their employees 15 paid vacation days and 10 paid sick-leave days right from the start which isn’t always given these days.

Other perks:

  • Stay-fit program
  • Counseling
  • Office ergonomics consultation
  • On-site services like dry-cleaning, and take-home dinner

Another thing they’re known for is their healthcare plans because you get 100% coverage with no deductible and they pay 100% of your prescriptions. Most of you know this is a pretty darn good plan when compared to what some other companies offer in the U.S.!

Microsoft Museum

There’s actually a Microsoft Visitor’s Center and museum where people can go to learn more about Microsoft and its history. Below is an image of the Microsoft Museum. It’s what they call the Microsoft Timeline and shows just how far they’ve come over the last several decades.

microsoft timeline.png

Wrap it up with Images…

Because we’re taking a “look” at Microsoft’s campus in Redmond, Washington, we thought we’d wrap this article up with a bunch of images to give you a visual on what it looks like (click to enlarge):

Microsoft1.png microsoft2.png microsoft3.png microsoft4.png microsoft5.png microsoft6.png

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