Fun Friday

Canstruction is about two major things: construction and charity. It’s a design/build competition where engineers, architects and others come together to construct structures made entirely from cans of food. That’s right, all of the images you see below are creations made from cans of food– full cans of food. Now here’s where the charity portion comes into play – after the competition is over, all of the cans of food that were used to build the structures are then donated to aid in the fight against hunger. Cool, huh? These competitions are held all across the United States and in some locations in Canada — so see if your city participates, check this link. Below you’ll find some of the structures I came across while browsing their site that caught my eye. I think you’ll agree that they are all pretty impressive!

–Lion & Lamb–

lion and lamb



–Champagne Bottle–

champagne bottle

–Chinese Take Out–

chinese take out





–Hour Glass–

hour glass

–Yellow Submarine–

yellow submarine

–Japanese Teahouse–

japanese teahouse

–Hot Dog–