Time Saving Tuesday

As you found out last week, I love using Microsoft Excel because of the endless possibilities it offers. One of the tools that I’ve used in my daily workflow for over five years is ASAP Utilities, and it is completely free for personal use.

It wasn’t until they released a new version two weeks ago that I realized I had yet to write about this terrific add-on, and anyone who uses Excel regularly will undoubtedly see how handy it can be. Today I’m going to walk you through all of the different things it can do for versions of Excel ranging from Excel 2000 up to the recently released Excel 2007.

Note: All of our screenshots are from Excel 2007, but ASAP Utilities has the same functionality no matter what version of Excel you’re running.

ASAP Utilities Overview
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There are so many features in ASAP Utilities that it would have been crazy for us to list them all. For the sake of thoroughly covering the add-on we decided to summarize and take screenshots of every option available. Just click on one of the thumbnails to see a fullsize version of the features available in ASAP Utilities.

  • Vision Control – This is used to quickly see or change the settings that affect how your workbook or sheets are displayed. For example, you can hide the sheet tabs located at the bottom of the workbook.
    ASAP Utilities Vision Control
  • Select – This is used to select cells in unusual manners. For example, you can select only the cells with the smallest or largest numbers in them.
    ASAP Utilities Select
  • Sheets – You can print multiple sheets, remove empty sheets, protect sheets, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Sheets
  • Range – Perform advanced sorting, special paste operations, manage the selection of ranges, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Range
  • Fill – Insert values before or after the current value, quickly number cells, insert date and time, list filenames in folder, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Fill
  • Columns & Rows – Remove empty rows and columns, merge data from several sheets, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Columns Rows
  • Objects & Comments – Select and delete objects (buttons, checkboxes, etc…) on the current sheet.
    ASAP Utilities Object Comments
  • Format – Wrap text, add borders to the page, remove unused styles, remove conditional formatting, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Format
  • Numbers – Convert formulas to their values, convert percentages to numbers, spell out numbers in words, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Numbers
  • Text – Control text case (first letter uppercase, all uppercase, all lower case, etc…), delete leading and trailing spaces, insert before/after a value.
    ASAP Utilities Text
  • Formula – Convert formulas to their values, create a custom formula error message, change reference style, use a significant number of decimal places, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Formula
  • Web – Remove or extract all hyperlinks, clean web imported data, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Web
  • Information – Display what page the current cell lies on, count the number of characters, list all sheet names, count the number of sheets, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Information
  • System – Close multiple files at the same time, change the default folder, remove all macros, resize the Excel window, and more.
    ASAP Utilities System
  • Import – Importing supports Excel files, delimited text files, and dBase files.
    ASAP Utilities Import
  • Export – You can export to another Excel file, to an HTML table, an image file, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Export
  • Launch – Quickly pull up the Windows Calculator, Windows Explorer, Notepad, and more.
    ASAP Utilities Launch

As you can see, ASAP Utilities is a powerful addition to the already feature-rich Excel application. Over the past five or so years I’ve used it a countless number of times, and I can only imagine how much time it has saved me. And if you’re just using it for personal use I don’t think you can beat the no-cost price tag.

ASAP Utilities Homepage