Web Browser Wednesday

IE, Firefox, and OperaLike many of you, I use bookmarklets on a daily basis to complete tasks a bit faster. Many of them offer features that normally require Firefox extensions to do, and I am one of those people that try to minimize the number of extensions I use. Not only that but if you use other browsers, such as Opera or Internet Explorer, then you’re forced to look for an alternate method of doing some things.

What is a bookmarklet? Here is Wikipedia’s definition:

A bookmarklet is a small JavaScript program that can be stored as a URL within a bookmark in most popular web browsers, or within hyperlinks on a web page. Because Internet Explorer uses the term favorites instead of bookmarks, bookmarklets are also less commonly called favelets by users.

This article is the second installment in our “Best Bookmarklets” series. In the first edition we covered over 20 great bookmarklets that let you do everything from delete a site’s cookies all the way to searching a page for text. This time around we have about another 20, and we have personally tested each one in Firefox 2 Firefox , Internet Explorer 7 Internet Explorer , and Opera 9 Opera.

Note: To use any of the following bookmarklets just hold down the left mouse button and drag the hyperlink to the bookmark toolbar in your browser.

–Hyperlinks and Navigation–


  • Rewrite All – Google Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
    This will rewrite every link on the current page to point to the Google Cache version.
  • Rewrite All – Coral Firefox Internet Explorer
    This will rewrite every link on the current page to point to the Coral Cache
  • Archive Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
    Pulls up a listing of archives for the current page on


  • Digg All Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
    Diggs all of the articles submitted by your friends. All you have to do is go to your Friend’s submission page and run the bookmarklet. Be careful because you could probably get banned if you’re Digging too many articles too fast.
  • MultiSubmit Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
    Submit an article to over a dozen social network sites at one time. The link for the bookmarklet points to a page where you can customize which services are used. Note: You will have to be logged into each service for it to work.
  • In IE Opera
    Opens the current site in Internet Explorer.
  • In Firefox Opera
    Opens the current site in Firefox.

–Web Development–

  • Show Comments Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
    Shows and highlights any HTML comments that would otherwise not be seen.
  • Show DIVs Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
    Outlines all of the DIV elements on the page.
  • View Selection Source Opera
    Lets you highlight some text/images on the page and view the source code for that section. Firefox has this built-in to the right-click menu, but this does kind of work for it if you need it.
  • Get Site Size Firefox Internet Explorer
    Returns the dimensions of the website.
  • Show/Hide Grid Firefox Internet Explorer Opera
    Puts a grid on the current page divided out into boxes that are 50-pixels on each side. This makes measuring a bit easier.


We would love to hear about any bookmarklets you might be using. Let us know in the comments below if you have found any great ones, and we’ll add them to the list!

Sources for the above bookmarklets: Opera Watch, Jesse Ruderman, Bookmarklets, Masatomo Kobayashi, Opera Wiki, and Andy Budd