Web Browser Wednesday

As you may have noticed by now we’ve been trying to cover a variety of Greasemonkey scripts on the site with our Best Greasemonkey Scripts series, and today we’re going to put it into overdrive. Below we’ve taken five extremely popular sites that have dozens (or hundreds) of Greasemonkey scripts available, and grabbed only the ones we’ve found useful.

I’ve tested all of the scripts below in Firefox 2 running the latest version of Greasemonkey, and can verify that they work on the sites as of today (02/27/2008). Some of the scripts will likely get broken in the future as sites are redesigned, but then we just have to keep our fingers crossed that the developers will update them.

Alright, now on to the five sites: eBay, Gmail, YouTube, Flickr, and Digg:


  • greasemonkey ebay negative feedback Show Only Negative Feedback – This adds two new tabs to the feedback screen for “complaints left” and “complaints received.” It might give you a better perspective on the person you’re buying from since you can see negative and neutral feedback without going through a mile long list.
  • My eBay Autologin – If Firefox automatically fills in your username and password this script will submit the login form for you. This makes the “auto-logout after a day” feature eBay has much less annoying.
  • eBay Search Pictures – Not every seller decides to pay for a gallery image, but they often still include images of the auction item within the post. When performing a search on eBay this script will go fetch images for the results that don’t have them, and then place them next to the listing as if they were a gallery image.
  • Display Totals with Shipping – When comparing items on eBay do you have a hard time adding the selling cost + shipping to get the final total? With this script a new column is added which totals the two amounts together for you. Thank goodness because that 4th-grade math can really be killer! ;)

–Gmail 2–


  • greasemonkey youtube embed Videoembed – You how it can be annoying when a site links to a video on Youtube without actually embedding it? No problem, this script will recognize those links and automatically embed the video after the link. It works with about 20 different sites including YouTube.
  • Download YouTube Video – Does exactly what you think it would… lets you download a YouTube video to your computer.
  • YouTube Cleaner – You can toggle the comments and related videos on or off, which cleans up the interface… especially when you have those videos with hundreds of pointless comments.
  • YousableTubeFix – The best thing about this script is that it resizes the video to fill up your screen. Underneath the video you’ll find several links for dynamically resizing the video.
  • YouTube Prevent Autoplay – When viewing videos on the YouTube site you won’t have to worry about them automatically playing. Thank goodness!


  • greasemonkey flickr sizes Flickr Photo Page Enhancer – Adds links underneath the “Additional Information” section in the sidebar which link directly to the different size photos, and also provides hyperlinking code.
  • Flickr Link Original Images – Adds a small button to the upper-left corner of the images which links directly to the original image.
  • Flickr Remove Spaceball – Removes the empty image that is sometimes placed over Flickr photos to prevent them from being saved to your computer.


  • greasemonkey digg mirrors Add Mirrors – This is the most condensed way I’ve ever seen to add mirror links to each Digg article. The links are shown as four small icons immediately underneath each “Digg It” button.
  • Old Comments – Makes the nested comments look way better.
  • Digg Me Later – This is really clever, and a script that I’ve been using for quite some time now. Whenever you click on an external link on Digg a green bar will be placed at the very top with a “Digg It” link. That way you don’t have to return to the Digg site just to Digg the article after you’re done reading it.


We know that many of you use Greasemonkey scripts on a regular basis, and we would love to hear what your favorites are! Just post them in the comments below.