Time Saving Tuesday

We’re a few weeks into the new year, and we thought that it would be nice if we helped you with your resolution to trim off some fat…from your computer that is. Today we’re showing off 6 different applications that are all condensed versions of what you might already be using.

Almost all of the programs that we’ve scrounged up are freeware, and we’ve made sure to throw in some you may not be aware of yet. Now lets take your computer to the virtual gym, and we’ll watch those pounds fly off!

–AIM Lite (Freeware)–

AIM Lite One of the things that I like the most about Google Talk is its simplicity. AIM Lite is a slightly new experimental program from the folks over at AOL. Its goal is, in some ways, to make it more like Google Talk. They’ve trimmed things up so that it doesn’t have many features, and in the end the result was a fast little instant messenger. Who would have thought that AOL could make something that wasn’t bloated. :)

Download: AIM Lite

–Nero Lite & Micro (Commercial/Trial)–

I’ve used Nero for years because I find it to be one of the most powerful CD and DVD burning applications available. One thing that I’ve found, however, is that as time passes Nero continues to get more and more bloated with each subsequent release. It includes more apps that all do things I don’t need. That’s why I’m so appreciative of Nero Lite & Micro!

These apps are not officially endorsed or created by Nero, but they should be. The Nero 8 download weighs in at a whopping 183MB, while Nero Lite and Micro are only 42MB and 20MB respectively. That’s an incredible reduction in size.

For those of you wondering, Nero 8 Lite includes Burning ROM, Express, Cover Designer, and Wave Editor while Nero 8 Micro only has Burning ROM. And yes, you’ll still need to have a serial number to use this after the trial period expires.

Download: Nero Lite | Nero Micro
Mirror: Nero Lite

–QuickTime Alternative (Freeware)–

QuickTime Alternative offers a quick way for you to watch QuickTime movies (.MOV) in your browser without needing to install the full program. I know a lot of people who use this to avoid the bloat that the full app includes. Now you can watch all of those Get A Mac ads. :)

Download: QuickTime Alternative

–Real Alternative (Freeware)–

With Real Alternative you’ll be able to watch Real videos (.RA and .RAM) in Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, and Netscape. I don’t come across this media all that often in my daily browsing, but I’m sure there are still plenty of sites who use it as a source for streaming content.

Download: Real Alternative

–Adobe Reader Lite (Freeware)–

PDF Logo Adobe Reader Lite removes some shortcuts and disables the license agreement, but more importantly it cuts out some of the fat. By that I mean it removes some of the plugins that regular users like me and you probably won’t use in our lifetime.

While Adobe Reader Lite sounds like a nice thought, I don’t think it is enough to pull users away from Foxit or PDF-XChange.

Download: Adobe Reader Lite

–Winamp Lite (Freeware)–

Winamp comes in several different flavors, one of which is a Lite version. The Lite version comes stripped of a lot of features, including device synchronization and SHOUTcast radio stations. If you just want something that will play your songs, and not much else, then Winamp Lite is what you’re looking for!

Download: Winamp Lite