In the past we’ve asked you where you go for your product reviews. Some of the sites that have been mentioned include Amazon,, CNET Ratings, and even Newegg. The benefits of putting the time into reading reviews before you buy are numerous and can save you hassle, money, and can help you make decisions on whether or not you should purchase a product. Given this, I thought a lot of you would benefit from a site called which is an online publisher and aggregator of consumer product reviews and research. It’s been estimated that one out of five people use the site which is quite a bit, but there are still four out of five people that don’t, and I’m guessing you could be one of them. Before you buy anything, particularly higher priced items, you’ll definitely want to check ConsumerSearch.


Background Info was founded way back in 2000 as a way for consumers to research their purchases. Just in May they were acquired by for $33 million which is part of The New York Times. When it was acquired,’s president and CEO described as the “premier resource for consumer product meta-reviews that enable readers to make intelligent purchasing decisions quickly and accurately.” The company currently has just six employees including their founder and CEO.


All About ConsumerSearch

ConsumerSearch relies heavily on freelance writers. These are the people who research web-based product reviews and reviews found in traditional resources like magazines and newspapers and determine what should be included.

What they offer…

  • Each aggregated review is reviewed so you know you’ll be reading something worth-while
  • Full Story – They include a complete analysis of who the experts are and what they say
  • Fast Answers – want to know which product ranks on top? They’ll let you know
  • Where should I buy? They’ll answer this question too and provide the links to various retailers

They point out that their goal is to report the truth about what’s really being said about a product. More specifically, they say that their editors are never influenced by advertisers or other “commercial considerations.” Not only to they provide reviews, they provide reviews that are comparative in nature.

consumersearch 3

What their editors look for in reviews

I’ve come across many reviews in my time that weren’t quality by any means.  ConsumerSearch wants the reviews you read to be quality, so their editors go through a whole process looking for specific things before they allow the review to be included:

  • How current is the review compared to its peers?
  • How credible are its top picks against the top picks of other reviewers?
  • How extensive and convincing is its methodological approach, testing and analysis compared to other reviews
  • How expert the review is and whether the reviewer is qualified to create a review.

Using ConsumerSearch

consumersearch2 ConsumerSearch finds the best reviews, then analyzes their picks, and then identifies the best products for you.  All of their reviews are divided into categories.  There are all kinds of categories ranging from Internet, House & Home, Software Reviews, Automotive Reviews, and Lawn & Garden.  Essentially, any review you’d ever want or need is available.

For my first search, I chose the Photo & Video Reviews section and then clicked on “Digital Cameras.” Once I clicked it, I was taken to the Digital Cameras Reviews page where I could view the cameras in the following sub-categories: best digital camera overall with the best features, the best basic digital camera (Canon PowerShot A560 according to reviews), the best $100 digital camera, the best for indoor shots and low light, and the best advanced 10-megapixel digital camera. Additional information included an article with their analysis of what the experts are saying. And if you decide that you want to buy, they direct you to a page which lays out where you can find each camera and how much it would cost listed from lowest to highest.

If you are in the market to buy a camera, a new refrigerator, or anything else imaginable, I recommend checking out ConsumerSearch where you’ll find the unbiased comparative reviews that you need to make an educated decision.