Fun Friday

Over two years ago we put together a CyberNotes article with some of the best Xbox 360 Case Mods we could find. Since then it has become a hit and to this day, the article remains one of the most visited on our site. For this reason, we thought it was worth taking the time to find more cool lookin’ Xbox 360 case mods because we know they are out there.

As we mentioned the first time around, some people like to trick out their cars with a fancy paint job and an expensive set of wheels while others like to trick out their Xbox 360’s with a fancy case modification. Today we’ll be taking a 2nd look at what people have been able to do when they got creative with their Xbox 360. It never ceases to amaze us when we see what happens when geeks meet LED’s. Be sure to let us know which ones are your favorites…

Number 1 (source)

xbox mods 1.png

Number 2 (source)

xbox mod.png

Number 3 (source)

xbox mod 3.png

Number 4 (source)

xbox mod 4.png

Number 5 (source)

xbox mod 5.png

Number 6 (source)

xbox mod 6.png

Number 7 (source)

xbox mod 7.png

Number 8 (source)

xbox case mod 8.png

Number 9 (source)

case mod 9.png

Number 10 (source)

xbox mod 10.png