Million Dollar Monday

Some people like to trick out their cars with a fancy paint job and an expensive set of wheels. Others like to trick out their Xbox 360’s similarly with a fancy case modification complete with LED lights and more. Whatever you’re trickin’ out, most likely it will cost you a buck, or two, or more. It probably won’t be cheap, but in the end you’ll have some well deserved bragging rights (and maybe even an ego too) when done right! This article will point out some of the coolest Xbox 360 case modifications we’ve come across. We’ll let the pictures do most of the talking with this one and we’d love to hear which ones are your favorites. They’ll be numbered for easing referencing. They’re not ranked in any kind of order, just listed. They’re all pretty unqiue although some more than others! Check it out’..

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–Number 1–

Xbox 1

–Number 2–

Xbox 2

–Number 3–

Xbox 3

–Number 4–

Xbox 4

–Number 5–

Xbox 5

–Number 6–

Xbox 6

–Number 7–

Xbox 7

–Number 8–

Xbox 8

–Number 9–

Xbox 9

–Number 10–

Xbox 10

From LED lights to chrome and paint, some Xbox 360 owners have no doubt put some dedicated time and long hours into trickin’ out their cases! We found these tricked out cases from the forums at and