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The biggest shopping day of the year in the United States is quickly approaching! There’s just 13 days left until Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving when people head out in herds to find the best deals possible.  It’s not unusual for people to be waiting in  line hours before a store opens, or to be packed into stores like a can of sardines, standing shoulder to shoulder. Big draw items are great way for retailers to get people into the store, and these items typically cause lots of rushing, grabbing, shoving and pushing. If you’re wanting a great deal though, you’ll need to know where to go. This means that you’ll need to view the ads for each store, but the problem is, stores don’t release these ads until Thanksgiving giving shoppers less than 24 hours to get their game-plan figured out.

Today we’re going to talk about a few sites on the web that will keep you up to date with all of the latest ads for stores as they get leaked so you don’t have to wait until Thanksgiving. Sites like already have ads for Sears, ToysRUs, Office Max, Old Navy, and more. If one of your highlights each year is always the day-after-Thanksgiving bargain that you get, you’ll want to check these sites daily between now and November 23rd. is one of the best Black Friday sites on the web which is consistently updated as they get the ads for each different store.  For example, on Wednesday they posted the ad for Office Max. Not only do they list the items from each ad, for some of the items they offer an “Ad scan” or an image of the item for sale right from the ad.  Additional information they provide is whether or not a sale item is only available as an early bird special, or if a rebate is required.They also allow visitors to the site the opportunity to rate an item on whether or not it’s a good deal.



  • Ad Scans Available in .ZIP format or .PDF format
  • Memebership – sign up for a free membership and save a shopping list on their site, or post and reply in their new community message boards
  • Mailing List – as they update their site with new deals, you can receive an email update
  • RSS – Several different RSS feeds are offered so that you can keep track of the latest Black Friday deals right from your favorite RSS reader
  • They provide the hours for when a sale starts and ends on Black Friday for each of the stores that they list
  • Get updates on your mobile phone

Best/Worst Rated Items

Those who get up early to get a Black Friday deal want to be sure that they’re getting up for a good reason. They need to know where the best deals are, and where they should stay away from. allows users to view the best rated items as well as the worst rated items grouped by either store, category, or all items. For example, one of the best rated items at Office Max is a HP Photosmart C7180 Wireless 4-in-1 printer for $149.99  while one of the worst rated items from the same store is a Sandisk Sansa e250 2GB MP3 Player for $69.99



Navigating the site is super simple, and it’s easy to keep up with the newest activity.  On the right side of the page, they list the newest items added.  For last Wednesday, the newest activity included 63 items added to Office Max, 68 items added to PepBoys, and 37 items added to Walgreens. As Black Friday draws closer and more ads are leaked, the “newest activity” section will prove to be very beneficial for those seeking out the best deals.

Black Friday @

Another great site that is very similar to is If I had to choose between one site over the other, I’d pick, simply for the interface.  I like the look better, but GottaDeal still has all of the information that you’d be looking for. They too let you know if items are only available as an early bird special or if they have a picture of the actual ad.

black friday gotta deal


  • Message boards so that people can discuss the hot deals they find along with store specific discussions
  • Come across an ad? Submit it to their site and they’ll ad it to the list
  • Subscribe to their RSS feed for updates
  • Receive mobile updates
  • Receive email alerts
  • View deals based upon categories like computers, televisions, and more

Latest News Archive

One of the things that I like about this site is their latest news archive.  Anytime that they get a new ad, they post an article about it. Viewing their latest news will give you a quick glimpse at what’s going on.


Other Sources

  • Mr. Cheap Stuff – Keep an eye out for this one.  Last year they posted ads that had been leaked before Black Friday. The site hasn’t been updated yet, but I imagine it will be shortly within the next week.
  • – They claim to be the “official” site for Black Friday ads, but all of the others claim this as well.  Just like the others, they post leaked ads as they receive them and give you a heads-up on where the good deals are at. They too offer and RSS feed as well as the option to sign-up for an email when a new ad is posted.


If you know of any other great resources to keep on top of the Black Friday sales, let us know!