Free For All Friday

Blogarithm, an alternative to RSS is another great way to keep track of the online content that you are interested in. When one of the blogs that you read changes, you’ll get an email in the morning that lists the blogs with all of the new content.  They will even include an excerpt of the new content if it is available. If you prefer email over RSS aggregators, this is an excellent option (especially because it’s free!).

Using the service is easy and quick. All you have to do is enter the web address for the site that you’re wanting to follow, and your email address, and you can expect to receive your updated emails from there. If you have several blogs that you keep track of on a daily basis, you’re able to subscribe to them all at once by creating an account.

Another feature added more recently is a categories page.  If you keep track of multiple blogs covering a variety of topics, this will help keep things organized. You can arrange your subscriptions however you’d like to. Additionally, you can choose which subscriptions will be left public, and which ones you’d like to keep private.

To keep up with CyberNet News, we have two different options available.  The first is by subscribing to our RSS feed, and the second is by email which you can sign up for on the right side of the toolbar. 

Happy Friday, and enjoy your weekend!