Free For All Friday

When I think of, I can’t help but think of the original Napster. You know, back in the day when Napster was the free peer to peer music sharing service that loads of people used? The good old days of Napster didn’t last too long, and I imagine won’t either.  It is cool nonetheless and worth checking out.

They use an iPod like interface acting as your own personal jukebox to stream your selected songs over the Internet.  It has a search feature with a rather large variety of songs to choose from.  When you become a registered user, you’re able to save playlists with all of your favorites ready to go for the next time you’re wanting to listen to music. They even have some of those “one track wonders” you never thought you’d find or hear again!

The virtual iPod interface really couldn’t be any easier to use, and as for the quality of sound,  it’s decent.  Not great, but decent. Oh, and you can change the color of your “iPod” from black to white.  The idea is kinda cool, however as mentioned, the legal status remains unknown which gives a good indication that it may not be around for long!

Alright, so that’s the free route you can take for now.  There are alternative options that are legal and have similar features such as allowing you to save a playlist. One such option is brought to you by the “new” (no longer free) Napster.  According to their website:

 “As a registered member of Napster’s free music service you can listen to all 2,000,000 songs in the Napster catalog up to 3 times each. After the 3rd free play, you must purchase the track to listen to it again. As a Napster subscriber, you can listen to the same song an unlimited amount of times without having to worry about any limits. You can also download your favorite music to your PC and listen to it when you are not connected to the Internet.”

To recap: is a pretty cool free service with the virtual iPod interface but probably won’t be around for long! Once/if they’re shut down, a good alternative paying option for $15.00 per month would be Napster.