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I’m sure there are a few chess fans hanging around CyberNet.  I can’t say that I really enjoy chess, but that’s more because I’ve only played it a handful of times and most of the time, I lost miserably.

Despite this, when someone pointed out Chesspark to me, I thought I’d give chess another shot.  It’s the classic game of chess, but it’s just met up with Web 2.0.



  • Play against the computer, or play with other members.
  • Integrated chat– you can chat with any of the people that you’re playing with.
  • Multiple levels – obviously not everybody is a chess expert.
  • Ratings – You’re given a rating which gives people an idea of how hard you are to beat.  This also helps to match you up with people who play at a similar level.
  • Time controlled games – meaning you can set a certain time limit so that each person is only given a set amount of time to make their move.

ChessIn the future, they plan on offering lessons for those who want to step up their game.  Chesspark has been around for several months, and it looks like people are pretty happy with it.  They allow you to play on the web, or you can also download it.  If I were to use it regularly, I think I’d stick with the web based version because it’s designed well, and it’s one less thing that I need to install on my computer.


Currently they’re in a beta period, so it’s free to everybody.  Despite this, you’ll still have to sign up for a free trial account (good until the Beta ends), and then confirm the account via email. There are also paid “full accounts’ which is either $2.49 for 1 month, $8.99 for three months, or $25.00 for 12 months.


One of the nicest elements is that you have a friends list, and from that list you’re able to select who you want to play with and chat with. They also have a section where you can easily invite some of your friends to join Chesspark and try it out.

Chesspark is definitely Chess with a modern twist which makes it something that chess fans will enjoy. The interface is simple and easy to understand, and from my experience (although, limited), the community is friendly.