Weekend Website

One of the best sites that I’ve come across for those who enjoy food and entertaining is There are so many different recipe and food sites out there these days, but most of them have a listing of recipes and nothing more. The reason I like is because they use audio, video, blogs and message boards to make cooking and entertaining fun, easy, an delicious!


They describe themselves as “a new kind of food media. Not only is our subject matter different — about the parties you really want to go to, the meals you really want to eat, the gear you really want to have – but we deliver it to you in audio, video, and everything else the Web’s got to offer.  Come to us for recipes, instruction, news, entertainment, discussion, and advise.”

No registration is required at, so you can just head on over there and start browsing. While you don’t have to register to use the site, it is free if you do. By registering, you’ll be able to add comments to content that they post and manage a myChow page.

How-to Videos

This is probably one of the best features on the site. Just click “videos” at the top of the page to access all of their “how-to” videos. Here you can learn all kinds of tips and tricks for cooking in the kitchen like how to poach an egg or butterfly a chicken.

Other videos that you may find useful:

The only requirement for watching videos is that you have Flash 7 installed. There are many, many videos which help explain some cooking techniques that you may not have known before.



The stories section is where you’ll find articles on entertaining, different cooking gear, questions and answers, and more.  They also have featured articles. The content is updated frequently, and you can subscribe to it via RSS so that it’s easier to keep up with.

One of their recent featured articles is “Roast Your Own” – The next step in ultimate coffee brewing. If your morning just isn’t started until you have your daily cup of coffee, you’ll want to read it.

Keepin’ up with Blogs is keeping up with blogs and blogging with The Grinder (their food media blog) and The Digest, “Chowhound’s Daily Roundup.” You can subscribe to both via RSS.

From The Grinder, checkout 101 Ways to Avoid Heatstroke in the Kitchen.

From The Digest, Meat and Three


At you’ll find tons of recipes! You can browse around for a main dish, something sweet, or maybe a drink. Another option is to just use the “search” feature to find something in particular. 

Recipes are broken down into categories, including:

  • Breakfast/brunch
  • Condiment/Sauce
  • Drink
  • Main
  • Pasta
  • Project
  • Side Dish
  • Soup/Salad/Sandwich
  • Starter
  • Sweet


Have a food question that you want answered? Visit the boards. From the looks of it, they’re very active and if you have a question, I’m sure it will get answered.

There are a variety of topics including inquiries about where you can find the best food in a particular city, cooking ribs, and recipes for children.

Wrapping it up is a great place to go “for those who live to eat.” The variety of media that they use makes the site all that much more appealing, from videos and podcasts to blogs and forums.