Free For All Friday

Earlier this week, launched as a web metrics/analytics tool that is available to everyone for free. Their mission is to “transform the way consumers and brands communicate.” This includes a multitude of different services that will benefit an array of diverse people by analyzing what’s going on, and what links are getting clicked. If you’re familiar with Alexa, is comparable, although there are some differences.

Below is a graph from that outlines the major differences between the two services.  One of the biggest differences is that Compete gathers data only from the United States where as Alexa is International.  Another major difference is that Compete includes estimates for unique visitors.


— Compete SnapShot —

The SnapShot feature gives you an overall glimpse of a site including their traffic history, rank, pages viewed per visit, and the average time spent. But remember, these results are only an estimate of people in the U.S.  It also includes promotional codes (deals) for online retailers and a “trust score” that will give you an idea of whether or not you should trust the content of the site. While this trust score may be beneficial for the obvious phishing sites, they aren’t necessarily accurate for sites like small online businesses.They look at a few factors when determining the trust factor including whether or not GeoTrust has validated the domain. Below is a graph of the SnapShot view for CyberNet.

— MyCompete —

By signing up as a member, MyCompete is your personalized homepage that enables members to earn points that can be redeemed at online retailers, participate in contests, and even paid surveys.  If you install the Compete Toolbar, MyCompete will become more customized to your interests. The Toolbar is compatible with both Internet Explorer and Firefox. It is another way to get a snapshot of every site that you visit on the Internet.  When the toolbar is installed, you can see the trust score for each site, view the site profile, and the deal light automatically lights up when the site you’re visiting has a deal going on.

Right now, all of the data that is using is generated from around two million people. Before launching the site, they spent five years building a massive database. Sites such as Compete or Alexa are proving to be helpful in making the web more useful for both businesses and consumers.

Overall it appears Compete is off to a good start with some room for growth and improvement. One thing I think Compete definitely needs to implement is an international survey of people instead of just a sampling from the United States. A good portion of our readers are from countries other than the United States as I’m sure is the case with most websites out there today.  It also appears that the data for some of the smaller sites is not nearly as accurate as other major sites. launched on November 1st – click here to check it out!