CoziIf someone were to ask me to describe Cozi, I’d describe it as the perfect site for the wired family to keep organized. It’s the replacement for the standard desk calendar to keep track of dates, and the whiteboard and markers to leave messages. It’s easy family management.

Using Cozi you’re able to mantain a color-coded calendar, keep your shopping list updated, and leave messages for your family in the message center.  You can use Cozi via your web browser ( and/or with their downloadable application.


  • Shopping List – Add an item to your list at home, add another item to it when you think of something you need at work, and then have the list text messaged to you when you get to the store. How cool is that? (You can also create a to-do list)
  • Calendar – Color-code events on the calendar so that each member of the family has a different color.  This way it’s easy to keep track of what everybody has going on. You can also view the calendar for each member of the family via tabs at the top of the calendar interface.
  • Message Center – Use the message center to send a message to an individual family member, or all family mebers at one time.
  • Toolbar (optional) – Synchronize your Outlook calendar with the calendar on Cozi.
  • Toll-free number – Use a toll-free number to retrieve information while you’re away from the computer like your grocery list. You can have it read to you over the phone while you’re at the store.

Cozicalendar    Cozigrocery    Cozimessagecenter

Tip: A great idea would be if you use the downloadable application to have it automatically start-up every time that your start your computer. That way it’s always open and easy to access. 

Fun Extras: Another fun extra thrown in is their Cozi Collage Screensaver.  It uses the photos you have stored on your computer and creates a collage that you’re able to share with friends or family members via email.


Best of all….

There are a couple of really great things about Cozi. First of all, the interface is clean, simple, and attractive – it looks nice. A good interface can make a big difference!

Secondly, it’s free! All of it!

Signing up is really pretty simple.  You just need to enter in information like your name, and the names you’d like included on your calendar (spouse, children, etc.). From there you have the option of downloading the application, or just using their web service.

The download works only with Windows Based PCs and can be found here. Both Windows and Mac users are able to use the Cozi Central Web, the web version.

Life is busy these days and I can’t speak from experience, but I imagine when you have kids it’s even more difficult to keep up with who needs to be where and when.  Cozi makes it easier on all family members to keep organized, and get done what needs to get done.

You can learn more by taking their tour found here.