Weekend Website

Black Friday has already come and gone which means that it’s officially shopping season. Some of you have already spent some time trying to figure out what to buy friends and family which can be one of the most difficult tasks this time of year. Wouldn’t it be nice if you just had to look at a list online to see what everybody wanted? A fairly new site called Gifticus aims to make the whole gift-giving process a bit easier.

What is Gifticus?

Gifticus is a startup which will allow users to set up gift lists and share it with friends and family. This is great for any occasion where someone would be receiving or giving gifts like birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays. They also incorporate a social aspect to the site which we’ll explain in just a minute. 

On the Gifticus website, they describe themselves as:

Gifticus is the convenient, easy to use website that allows you to set up a gift list and share it with your friends. We make things as simple as possible – just create an account, login and begin your experience. No widgets to download, no waiting for fancy graphics to load next to each gift, just decide what you want and add it to your list. What could be simpler?


Getting Started

gifticus 2 To get started using Gifticus, you’ll need to create an account. It’s the usual sign-up process and will allow you to keep a saved list of gifts that you can access and edit whenever you’d like. When you want to add a new gift to your list, you’ll just click “enter a new gift. Then you’ll enter in the name of the gift, a brief description, a link if there is one, the price range that it falls under, and the “priority” of the gift (low, average, high). I like how there’s the option to enter the price range so that if someone knows they want to spend a certain amount, they can look for an appropriate item.

The Social Side

gifticus3 Because it’s all about letting people know what gifts you’d like but also to see what other people want, there’s a social side to it.   You can create a friends list, and invite people to use the service. The more people you get using the service, the more useful it will be.

The Good, Bad, and Ugly

We’ll start with the good first.  One thing I like about Gifticus is simply the idea behind it. Many people around the world will be buying gifts for someone within the next month.  It’s always hard to know what to buy for someone which is why Gifticus could potentially be helpful.

Next, the bad. Searching for friends really isn’t very practical because you search for them by their first and last name. It would be much easier if they offered the option to search for friends via an email address. Another potential “bad” element is the fact that it’s so new and not many people know about it or use it.  This is one of those services that’s only useful if people actually use it.

One thing that could be viewed as good or ugly is the design. It’s simple and clean which could be good, but it almost feels as though it’s missing a design element like a real logo.  At first glance, their logo looks like it’s just Comic Sans font in bold which doesn’t give them any type of branding. It’s simple, but there’s not much to it.

Wrapping it up…

Is it the best site I’ve ever visited, no, but it’s still a site that some of you may find useful if you’re able to get a majority of your friends and family using it.  There’s always room for improvement, and I think there’s a lot that Gifticus could do to make the service even better. Instead of keeping wish lists all around the web for the different places you’re wanting something (some sites will let you create a “wish list” for their site), try Gifticus to get them all condensed into one, it just might make your holidays a little less stressful.