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One of the things that Apple hasn’t made easy for iPhone owners is providing a way to create custom ringtones in Windows. If you’re a Mac owner you can use GarageBand, but Apple doesn’t provide that application on Windows. Instead what they expect you to do is purchase a song for $0.99, and then convert it to a ringtone for another $0.99.

As it turns out in a few steps you can actually convert a DRM-free song into a ringtone using only iTunes in Windows. The trick also works for Mac users, but using GarageBand is a lot simpler so we’re focusing primarily on the Windows side.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Start iTunes and find the [DRM-free] song you want to convert to a ringtone. Right-click on it and select the Get Info option.
    itunes ringtone get info.png
  2. On the Options tab locate the Start Time and End Time options. This is where you want to specify the portion of the song you wanted converted into a ringtone. Check both of the boxes, and make sure your ringtone is under 30-seconds. Press OK when finished.
    itunes ringtone time.png
  3. Right-click on the song you just modified, and choose the Convert to AAC option. If you don’t see this in the context menu navigate to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Importing, and make sure the AAC Encoder is selected in the Import Using menu.
    itunes ringtone aac.png
  4. Once the song has finished being converted to the new format it will appear in your music list, and the “Time” should reflect the correct duration of the ringtone (which should be less than 30-seconds). Now navigate to your iTunes music folder to find the converted song. Here’s an example of where my Green Day ringtone was located:
    itunes ringtone folder.png
  5. Make sure you’re able to see the file’s extension (.M4A) like in the screenshot above. If you don’t see the extension go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View (Organize -> Folder and Search Options on Vista), and uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types box. Then click OK.
  6. Copy the music file (with the .M4A extension) to your desktop. Once you’ve done that rename the file’s extension to .M4R which will make iTunes recognize it as a ringtone. Make sure there are no symbols (underscores, hyphens, etc…) in the file name.
    itunes ringtone m4r.png
  7. In iTunes go to File -> Add File to Library, and then browse for the file from step 6. Once you’ve selected it press the Open button. iTunes will place the ringtone in the respective section in your library:
    itunes ringtone library.png
  8. Sync your iPhone with iTunes and your newly created ringtone should get transferred over. If it doesn’t be sure to check the Ringtones tab in the iPhone configuration section of iTunes to verify that it is setup to sync your ringtones.

–What is DRM?–

I’ve been getting all kinds of questions and emails from people asking what DRM is. An anonymous commenter below did a great job answering the question. Here is his response:

DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. In a nutshell, a song with DRM is meant to keep you from giving it to someone else. If you’re using Windows XP (and I’m sure there’s some equivalent for Vista), you can right-click on a song file, and choose Properties. Under the Summary tab, click the Advanced >> button if it’s there. Under the Origin heading, you will see an entry named ‘Protected’. If it says No, then the song does not have a DRM. If it says Yes, well, you may be able to pay Apple money to convert the song to an iTunes Plus track, which will be DRM-free. Hope this helps, best of luck!

That’s all there is to it. Now you can save yourself a bunch of money on ringtones. A big thanks to the Apple Blog who assembled the original instructions on how to do this for the Mac!

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  1. Thanks for this.. superb.

    One note, if your contect menu does not have “convert selection to AAC”, you need to change your itunes preferences > advanced > import > import using > AAC encoder

    After this, it will be available.

  2. You just HAD to pick Holiday didn’t you?

  3. This works great! Thanks for the tip. I’ve been looking for something to do this.

    The thing is I am not advocating ripping artist off. But these are songs that I have ALREADY purchased. Plus there are so few that have been made available as ring tones. It was dumb. But not you have solved it!

    Thanks again! :mrgreen:

  4. This isn’t working for me. I can convert the songs based off the guide perfectly. It even shows up in Itunes under the Ringtones section but after doing the Sync, it’s not on the phone???

    Weird :?

  5. also covers mac and not just windows. Makes a lot of suggestions on how to fix things if ringtones don’t work right.

  6. the longest ringtone you can have is actually 40 seconds. if it’s under 40 seconds, you are good.

  7. Didn’t work for me. ?

  8. GREAT TIP!! Current way of getting iPhone ringtones is ludicrous.
    Silly question but I hate having all these random files everywhere. ARe any of the converted files, etc, ok to trash?

  9. So I can convert it to a ring tone easuly but it doesnt move intot he rigtones library it just goes to the music library. Help?

  10. For those people who haven’t been able to get this to work:
    1) Have you made sure the ringtone is set to sync in the ringtone tab in the iPhone configuration?
    2) Are you sure you’re using a DRM-free song as stated in the instructions?

    AndyDrum wrote:
    You just HAD to pick Holiday didn’t you?

    It’s a great song!

    E to the B wrote:
    So I can convert it to a ring tone easuly but it doesnt move intot he rigtones library it just goes to the music library. Help?

    That’s weird. Did you not change the file extension in Step 6?

  11. This is AWESOME. Thank you!!

    For those who can’t get it into the ringtone folder — try deleting the original file from your library first. That worked for me.

  12. This doesn’t work for me in Vista. I drag the file over to Ringtones and it does not appear there. Sync is on. Any ideas?

  13. God damn it, I tried it on my Gz one boulder and figured I had a shot, I’ve been screwing around with this for about a half an hour and have been trying to figure this thing out for 3! I’m watching tv. :/

  14. thanks braden…i set all durations to less than 40 seconds and they automatically appear in the ringtone section of the iphone for syncing. i tried this before and dint work because i set the duration too long

    and thanks CNN hehe

  15. Hmmm… This method doesn’t work with some of my audio files. Investigating…

  16. This works great. Thank you for the article. One question though…For certain tunes, the volume was a little low, so I adjusted the volume and the equalizer on the piece I am interested in. But when I convert and change the extension to .m4r, the volume and equalizer adjustments dont seem to have been transferred…Is there a way to retain those in the ringtone or is it not possible ?

  17. It doesn’t show up on the Iphone after conversion and syncing. And yes, I’ve made sure it’s selected for syncing. Any ideas???

  18. And yes, I made sure the file extension was changed…..

  19. Anonymous wrote:
    Hmmm… This method doesn’t work with some of my audio files. Investigating…

    As we pointed out in the article… the music has to be DRM-free in order for this to work. That means a lot of songs purchased from iTunes will not work.

    Sonu wrote:
    This works great. Thank you for the article. One question though…For certain tunes, the volume was a little low, so I adjusted the volume and the equalizer on the piece I am interested in. But when I convert and change the extension to .m4r, the volume and equalizer adjustments dont seem to have been transferred…Is there a way to retain those in the ringtone or is it not possible ?

    I don’t believe it’s not possible to transfer over the equalizer adjustments.

    Todd wrote:
    It doesn’t show up on the Iphone after conversion and syncing. And yes, I’ve made sure it’s selected for syncing. Any ideas???

    Are you using a DRM-free song?

  20. I have tried this several time with NO luck, but I would LOVE to get this to figured out.

    One thing – I cant get the file extension to show up. iTunes does the whole convert thing but when I got to the iTunes Music folder it just show the song title NO EXTENSION.

    You mentioned go to “Tools -> Folder Options -> View, and uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types box. Then click OK”. Where do I find the “TOOLS”?? I have looked everywhere and kind find the area to perform this function.

    Also when you say: In iTunes go to File -> Add File to Library, and then browse for the file from step 6. Once you’ve selected it press the Open button. iTunes will place the ringtone in the respective section in your library:… does the “respective section” mean “ringtones” in iTunes?

    Would love your help. I have already spent an hour on this…there is no turning back now :)

  21. Song titles need to be short is another thing that should be noted. I was using the full file names and it wasn’t working, shortened them to 1 word names and they appeared on the phone when I resynced.

  22. Works great, just like in the instructions. My ring tones a quiet though. Any way I can make them louder. I turned up the volume in my phone and moved the volume adjustment up to 100% in itunes but still quiet. I even played it in itunes and it even sounds softer than the origional. Any ideas?

  23. For a last step, you should mention re-opening the original audio file and resetting the start and end times to play the full song properly again.

  24. Got it to work! once I shorten the name as suggested by Zed.
    LJ Neal, look at the picture in step 4 above, the tools he is referring to is on you pc/laptop.
    Thanks again.

    ps, what does DRM stand for?

  25. It worked! make sure you change the name of the ringtone to one word! I used the song Still Alive from portal, originally when i named it Portal Ring Tone it would not show up on my phone. After changing the name to just “portal” it worked!

  26. Hi there,
    I got this to work with an mp3,
    a little bit of playing around was involved,
    but I got it to work with a 29 second edited mp3,
    and also I eddited out all the mp3s info in itune,
    eg album name, year or release and reclassified it as none,
    all of this was found in itunes under get info, info
    hope this helps

  27. This only works in Win XP. Changing the file name extension does not work in Vista. Otherwise good job…

  28. ljneal wrote:
    You mentioned go to “Tools -> Folder Options -> View, and uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types box. Then click OK”. Where do I find the “TOOLS”?? I have looked everywhere and kind find the area to perform this function.

    Sorry, if you’re on Vista go to Organize -> Folder and Search Options.

  29. :) :roll: :P :lol: :!:
    It works perfelly, thanks so mucho!!!!!!!!!!! :!: :!:

  30. Very, very good TIP!!!! I am very happy with this one here! I do recommend…

  31. i followed it, and it worked okay, my iphone synced, but now i cannot find the tone among the ringtones on my iphone… :S

  32. oh cool, i found it! :D

  33. just download iringer

  34. I have made a bunch of ring tones thanks. I have discovered a few short cuts to your method

    step 4, if you right click on the created ringtone and chose “show in windows explorer” it opens directly to the file. You can even change the file extension right there.

    Step 7 If you then double click on the file it goes right into your ringtones. You do not need to chose add file.

  35. mrkamoji wrote:
    This only works in Win XP. Changing the file name extension does not work in Vista. Otherwise good job…

    I just got it to work in Vista. Original mp3 is DRM free, I can name it whatever I like (no need for one word filenames), and it’s about 33 seconds long. The only thing you need to do… AFTER you have copied the file to your desktop and renamed the extension… delete the 30 second clip that you converted from mp3 to aac from your itunes library. Then import the ringtone that you created. Voila!

  36. This works perfectly!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! I really appreciate it!!!!!!

  37. I was having problems with this as well, until I read the comment about making the file name all one word. No spaces, no underscores. I removed the underscores from the files I was using, resynced, and they showed up as “custom ringtones” with the stock factory ringtones. works great now.

  38. So let me get this right. I purchase a song fron itunes for use on my ipod and I want to turn that ALREADY purchased song into a ringtone I have to pay another .99 cents? That is a WRONG Apple, Wrong!
    I tried this and it didn’t work for me. Operator error maybe?? Did you explain somewhere what a DRM-free file is? I wasn’t sure what it was when I was reading your article; however, I still tried your method. I got an error message the minute I tried to convert to AAC saying that protected files could not be converted to ther formats. Does this have something to do with DRM-free or the lack of? Your advice on this is appreciated. Thanks

  39. thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  40. I have tried all the steps expect when i try to put the ringtone into my i tunes it does not work can somebody help me please

  41. FANTASTIC!! 8)

  42. Thank you so much!!! You’re my savior!! And all those who mentioned changing the file name!! KUDOS!!

  43. Thanks It works great It was easy to follow the instructions and I’m so happy I don’t have to pay $2 to itunes

  44. i couldn’t get it to work (would show up in iTunes as a ringtone and on the iPhone in iTunes, but not in the ringtone menu). But, when I changed the first letter in the title to a capital it showed up on my iPhone and worked.

    • Perfect, my song had the track number at the begining so took it off and it worked for me (after 2 days of trying to do the whole process!!!) THANK YOU!!

  45. Thanks — this rocks :-)

  46. I had the same problem of not getting the converted ringtone (a non-DRM, .m4r file that’s under 30 seconds) from the iTunes to the iPhone. I tried changing the name into a single word, and finally got it to work! Thank you!

    That said, I noticed that other ringtones pre-installed in the iPhone did not obey the one-word rule, so I changed the name to a multiple words separated by spaces, and it worked just fine! I did, however, notice that previously, all the ringtones that would not work had one thing in common: they all had symbols somehwere in the name. Symbols, such as !@#$-_,’ will prevent the ringtones from getting on the iPhone.

    Good luck everyone!

  47. i had heaps of trouble with this but as soon as i made the ringtone less than 40 seconds. it then showed up in my ringtone sync list and i even have new newest itunes.

  48. I am new to iPhone, just got it few days ago. I am using iTunes 8. I couldn’t get step 7 to work. When I added file to lib, it is not listed. Anyone?

  49. Just like Double07 above, I’ve downloaded iTunes 8 and I’ve also converted an mp3 to a m4a but then it’s automatically listed as a track in my music folder… instead of being considered as a ringtone…. :? Any help? Thanks!

  50. Just like Double07 and ecco, I’ve got itunes 8 and windows vista. When I open the file it doesn’t have M4a in the file name to be able to rename it to M4r. Any help?

  51. This works perfectly! Thank you for taking the time to lay out all the screen shots and go step by step. It even works on the September ’08 iTunes update v8.0.0.35! Thanks again, cheers! :D

  52. does it work with itunes 8 and iphone 3g?

  53. Super Fantastic :) 8) :P

  54. You are awesome!

  55. Sweeeeet.. Hey had issues.

    I had problems until I took the spaces out of the name in the Get Info box. Once I cleared this .. bammm in the custom area.. so check your file info.

  56. I’ve tried every tip on this site and I can’t get a 3rd song to appear in my custom folder on my iphone. I’m using Vista, iphone 2.1 and itunes 8.0.1. Please give me some hope.

  57. Works great! Thanks!

  58. Excellent tutorial! I just bought an iPhone and prior to that I had a SLVR. I used Audacity to make my own ringtones. I guess I could still kind of do it, using a combination of your tutorial and my own methods, but it’s a shame that Apple has to make simple stuff like this such a pain.

  59. Ok all you Vista users. I figured it out. This is step by step!
    Open iTunes
    Goto Library and select Music
    Select Song
    Listen to song & note time where you want song to start(example 0:50)
    Stop Song
    Right click on song which should be highlighted
    Select GET INFO
    Select Options
    Fill in Start and Stop times (ie~ Start 0:50 Stop 1:20 (add 30 sec)
    Click on OK button
    Right click again on highlighted song
    Highlight 30sec version of song which will appear either above or
    below the full version of the song
    Right click highlighted 30sec version
    Select SHOW IN WINDOWS EXPLORER (2 versions of the song will appear
    in Windows Explorer. Check size of file if you aren’t sure but
    ringtone 30sec version should already be lightly highlighted)
    Right click 30sec version
    Select RENAME
    Change .m4a to .m4r & you can also change the name of the song (get
    rid of any underscores, asteriks, exlamation points, etc…)
    Hit ENTER
    Hit YES
    Go back to iTunes >Library >Music and highlight the 30sec version
    Right click and select DELETE
    Hit REMOVE
    Select RINGTONES under >Library section
    Go back to Windows Explorer where your .m4r file is located
    Stop song
    Goto FILE pull down menu
    Select SYNC “_____iPhone”
    While this is being done, you can select Devices ____iPhone which is
    located on the left hand side to view how your sync process is
    Select Ringtones under Devices ____iPhone category to make sure
    ringtone file is there
    Now go and apply your new ringtone on your iPhone.

    Don’t forget to go back to the full version of the song and change the Get Info start and stop times. Tip: just highlight the start time and then hit delete, hightlight stop time and
    hit delete then hit OK at the bottom.

    Good Luck all you Vista users. This worked for me like a charm each and every time.

  60. HELP!!! I was able to do everything that the instructions said for me to do and the new version of the song is in my “ringtone” section of iTunes. But there is only one problem…it isn’t showing up on my iPhone and yes, I have my iPhone set up to sync ringtones. I am stumped…and honestly I have been waiting to make this song into a ringtone for months now and finally today I got my first iPhone and am frusterated at the fact that I can’t get my ringtone to show up and work! Does anyone have any pointers or help that they can give??

  61. Speaking of Audacity, check out DJ Nitrogen – not free but it’s easy, works every time and uses the Audacity editor.

  62. I am using 8.0035 itunes and 2.1 version on my iphone (I do NOT have the 3G)

    I am also a Windows Vista user.

    I followed the Windows Vista instructions, and I have all of the songs I wanted converted to ringtones.

    I do have a simple but different step that I used with the above Vista instructions… after I clicked “Show in Windows Explorer”, and then renamed it to a m4r.. I went to my itunes / ringtones and simply drug it in.

  63. How did you know which are the DRM free songs? I manage to convert some songs as ringtones but not others. What does DRM stands for? Please help:)

  64. why cant we have full songs like any other phones?

  65. :lol: You are SUPER SUPER GREAT!!!!! Thanks a whole bunch. I was suffering around the net and trying to find how to creat a ringtone and a lot of them show the same procedure like yours but they missed out one step which messed up the whole thing. And that step is that (Organize->Folder and Search option( on Vista) Uncheck the HIDE extensions. Overall….you’re a life saver ;)

  66. as far as i know it dosn’t work with the itunes v.8′s so i dont know what to tell you post an answer if you have one



    HOLY CRAP i got it to work with the new itunes 8 all you have to do is click on your phone name in the left tab…_____IPHONE and when
    the page changes go to the ringtone tab. once there click the sync ringtones check box. select all ringtones or just the ones you like i dont know if it will erase the ones you have already. mine did. but after that it should just send the new ringtones in your “ringtone” folder into your iphone. you still have to do all the converting to the .mr4 and the other steps but it will finally add them to your phone


  68. Thanks alot! I think it’s completely unfair to have to pay AGAIN for the privilege of having a custom ringtone for a song you’ve already paid for. Thank you SIR!

  69. I m using XP and has downloading the songs into my itunes (as what has been instructed). However i’m unable to sync into my iphone. HAve checked the boxes for syncing but still not in my iphone. What could have happended? Pls. help.


  70. Like jefchen, I am using XP and have converted 5 files to ringtones – btw, nice instruction set. Only one of the ringtones synced in iTunes. My iPhone folder, iTunes, shows them as on my phone and synced properly, but only one ringtone shows up in the menu on the iPhone. Ideas?

  71. yay thanks alot this actually worked, i thought i had to have a jailbroken iphone for this even though it do.
    anyway thanks alot

  72. SWEET! Thank god this actually works since Apple Canada hasn’t decided to start ripping us off here yet… I’d recommend converting to MP3, and using any editor that way, and then convert the file to m4a using something like MediaCoder(free) and then changing the file extension.

    BTW, to change the option for export file type its in
    Edit> Preferances> General

    under General tab it will have CD Import FILE SETTINGS button >
    Choose your file type (either AAC or MP3)

    This will affect how it exports music too

  73. oh and yes that’s on a iPhone 3G (v2.1) using iTunes 8 and Windows XP and it works brilliantly!

  74. I’m stuck. Can’t seem to work it out. Got the Iphone (not 3g) v2.1 and itunes 8 with a MAC. Can’t seem to be able to convert the file to AAC. I see most of the comments are for XP but does anyone know what do with a MAC OS X version 10.4.11. Please please help

  75. This all works great!!!!

    Thanks to all of you who figured out this hack…..
    I was even able to do all of this while navigating through iTunes on an RDP connection from another computer.

  76. You dont need to go through all that to get free iphone ringtones. i know of a site that i have been using that lets you make custom ringtones that are compatible with the iphone.

  77. This is just what I need but for a while couldn’t get it to work.
    First how to I check if a song (from a bought CD) is DRM free?

    I tried going to the original song (Beware of Darkness Leon Russell). Step 2 works smoothly till I click OK. There is no change in the length of the song. I press on.

    Step 3 There is no Convert to ACC when I right click so i go to Preferences -> Advanced. There is no Importing button in this version of iTunes (downloaded today) but this is available in the General tab. Now I have Convert to ACC and when I apply this the length changes. Yipee!

    I follow steps 4, 5, 6 and 7 but when I want to syncronise iTunes says only if you wipe off all you music. (Stupid Apple) Which I do but then manually reload the music later. Gotcha Apple.

    Thanks for this. I previously tried making the ringtone in Garage Band and tryed to import it but to no avail.


  78. :D

    Awesome! Thanks so much! Worked like a charm. I did have to shorten the name, which didn’t work, but then I tried deleting the info about the songs in iTunes and voila. Free Beatles ring tone. Nice work!

  79. I got everything to work, up until changing the ringtone on my iPhone. I saw a few other people had this problem too.

    In iTunes, under Ringtones, my ringtone shows up there. Under the iPhone tab, it’s selected to sync the ringtone to iPhone.

    When I go to change the ringtone on my iPhone, it only gives me the default ringtones that came with the iPhone, it doesn’t have the one I just put on it.


  80. never mind, I figured it out

  81. This worked great. One of the things I noticed is missing from the iphone is a NONE ringtone. I found a song that had a few seconds of dead air and selected that segment, followed the instructions and presto, I have a NONE ringtone that I can assign to nuisance callers! Thanks!

  82. Now if I can just figure out how to keep iphone text messages from popping up automatically no matter what application I am on or even on the main menu, that would be fanstastic. Any suggestions??

  83. i live in jamaica, i want to buy from the itunes store.i have a internal visa. but no us mailing adress.any suggestion?

  84. this did not work for me. i tried for 2 hours now. I am giving up.

  85. :)wow!!! Awesome Job.. Thank you very much :) this is the first time I’ve done stuff on my iphone and it works!!!! Excellent !!

    by the way, I didn’t do a great job for the duration and the song was not completed as I expected.. how do I remove it? please let me know.. Thank you very much.

    p.s I’ll let my friend know how excellent this website is. Cool!!!!

  86. Created the m4r file just fine with no spaces, starting with capital letter, etc. Shows up in ringtones folder in library, and in list of ringtone/sync all ringtones. After sync, though it is not showing up on my iphone ringtone library – no custom folder, nothing. Help please!

  87. :P THANK YOU (YES I’M SHOUTING!). Worked perfectly. Of course, the ringtones I wanted to make from purchased songs couldn’t be converted as they appear protected, which made me laugh, so I just went crazy converting loads of songs off cds. I’ve been searching since July for an easy step-by-step like yours. Very much appreciated ^^

  88. Whenever I add my ringtone it deletes all of my music which is just lame. it says sync ringtone but all music and tv shows will be deleted. but it did work

  89. Worked like a charm for me, Big Thanks for posting pictures too!!!
    using IPhone software 2.1

  90. ummm… i have a really dumb question: how do you change a file extension on win xp? everything works great until the renaming. i can’t seem to figure out how to change the m4a to m4r. pleeeeese help, someone!

  91. never mind… went back and reread the instructions and all is good!

  92. Can anyone help me with this? I can do all of the steps listed above for Vista and it worked! But, I couldn’t get the ringtone to sync with my phone. It took me a while to see where ethe problem lies, but I can see it clearly now. Although I change the file name and extension (with no problem) in Windows, when it loads the ring tone back onto iTunes, it converts it back to the original file name (yes, I delete the original from the library before I double click the new one). The original file name has a space in it, so I cannot get it to sync. Does this mean the song might be DRM? I have no clue how to check that out. Thanks!


  94. I live in Costa Rica, so the access to iPhone is with ziphone. I followed the instructions to make the ringtone and it works good until the iTunes (the ringtone appears in the iTunes), but when making the sync to my iPhone it does not sync. Any idea how to sync?

  95. Wow! This tip is awesome! Thanks alot! Now I’m starting to love my iPhone again, thanks to you!
    God bless…

  96. Oh, and I forgot to tell some people about this…if you can’t sync the ringtones from iTunes to your iPhone, just drag them into the iPhone, trust me! It’ll work! (But make sure it is .m4r file) Do not sync but DRAG! Good luck, people!
    Sorry for bad writting…

  97. And make sure the song is 30 seconds or less. If it’s 0:31 or 0:32, you cannot sync the song at all…

  98. Thankssssssssssss, Ryan!

  99. ThanksSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!! It’s a perfect log!

  100. i tried adding the file (song) into my itunes, but it kept adding itself to my MUSIC folder instead, not the ringtones folder.
    the song is also 26 secs. pls HELP!! thanks =]

  101. uhmm wot exactly is DRM-free? really need help!! please rescue me. cant seems to create it. first of all i follow all the step that u told but i cant get the file to be in the ringtone folder. HELP please :cry: :( :(

  102. Any ideas how to make them able to be used for sms texts or new mail alerts without hacking phone?

  103. This has worked for me quite well… The issue I am having is when people call, the song doesn’t play out the duration of the clip. It cuts off… Anyone have this issue? Is there a solution?

    Thanks in advance…

  104. I followed all the guidelines, and the ringtones are visible in the Itunes library and also visible in Itunes under the Ihpone ringtones, after sych. But they do not appear on the Iphone/settings/sound/ringtone…

    -Could there be other reasons than activiate ringtone tab/DRM/no strange typo’s….


  105. Excellent tip!!! Worked perfectly for me & now I can have Fish Heads as a ring tone….yay.

  106. great tip, but it won’t work for Texts, any ideas??

  107. Nice one everyone. I now have a remix of 007 and BlueMonday playing when my boss rings ha ha

  108. Created a couple from CD’s that worked. Tried a 20 sec mp3 that appears to convert,(appears in ringtone tab in itunes)but does not appear on iphone after sync. Any ideas?

  109. Guy Who Likes Entourage

    Thanks alot for this. Now I can wake up to “Superhero” by Jane’s Addiction each morning.

    Now I just have to work on getting ladies…..and tons of money.

  110. Thanks for this.. superb.

  111. just tried it…… great!!! thanks!!!!! gonnna go add more ringtones………LOL

  112. dude too easy, i love it

  113. i dont have the ringtone tab nor the tools tab (using xp not vista) and the extension doesnt show in the file !! i have itunes 8 and iphone 3g !!what should i do !!

  114. Thanks this was awesome!!!!!

  115. Misa wrote:
    Ok all you Vista users. I figured it out. This is step by step!Open iTunesGoto Library and select MusicSelect SongListen to song & note time where you want song to start(example 0:50)Stop SongRight click on song which should be highlightedSelect GET INFOSelect OptionsFill in Start and Stop times (ie~ Start 0:50 Stop 1:20 (add 30 sec)Click on OK buttonRight click again on highlighted songSelect CREATE AAC VERSIONHighlight 30sec version of song which will appear either above orbelow the full version of the songRight click highlighted 30sec versionSelect SHOW IN WINDOWS EXPLORER (2 versions of the song will appearin Windows Explorer. Check size of file if you aren’t sure butringtone 30sec version should already be lightly highlighted)Right click 30sec versionSelect RENAMEChange .m4a to .m4r & you can also change the name of the song (getrid of any underscores, asteriks, exlamation points, etc…)Hit ENTERHit YESGo back to iTunes >Library >Music and highlight the 30sec versionRight click and select DELETEHit REMOVESelect RINGTONES under >Library sectionGo back to Windows Explorer where your .m4r file is locatedDOUBLE CLICK ON THE 30SEC .m4r SONG & IT WILL AUTOMATICALLY GO TOiTUNES RINGTONES FILE AND START PLAYINGStop songGoto FILE pull down menuSelect SYNC “_____iPhone”While this is being done, you can select Devices ____iPhone which islocated on the left hand side to view how your sync process isgoingSelect Ringtones under Devices ____iPhone category to make sureringtone file is thereNow go and apply your new ringtone on your iPhone….

    THANKS A LOT!!! :D :)

  116. Guys can i know how to make a video on i phone ? i got 3gp and mpeg-4 file but donno how to add in i phone .. someone can touch me ? or email to me thx , .

    i tunes movie can show my 3gp and mpeg-4 file ..but i can saw video file on i phone video there so i cant sync or apply to inside … pls help , thx :)

  117. Alright. So, I’ve tried to get ringtones on my iPhone for quite a while using this method, and I ran into a few barricades…. But they were all resolved.

    Number 1:
    I had managed to get the song I wanted how I wanted it, but it would not go into the Ringtones folder. This was resolved by making sure it was under 30 seconds.

    Number 2:
    I got the song in the Ringtone folder, and synced my iPhone and the ringtone was nowhere to be found on my phone. This was resolved by:
    1. Deleting the file in the music folder before syncing.
    2. Shortening up the file name, if its too long it will not sync.

    Well, I hope this helps someone out who has trouble with this.
    Thanks very much to the person who posted this way around Apple’s jewing ass to try and make us pay for everything we use on their iPhone.

  118. So I followed all of the steps until I got to the part where I need to add the file to iTunes. I did that and it will not go into the ringtone folder. The file is 26 seconds long and the name is short with .m4r at the end. Any suggestions would help. Thanks

  119. I think i have this all down but i do have one question.********What Exaxtly is a DRM-Free Song?*****I was having the same problem just getting it to show up on the iphone under ringtones although it shows it in itunes under ringtones. I just cant find it on the phone after i sync the phone. Iam assuming my problem must be within the DRM-Free song thing lol. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks :? :?

  120. Great directions, simple and easy to follow. I created a few ringtones and it went smoothly. The one problem I encountered was, after syncing with the phone, I deleted the ringtones from my desktop. When I plugged the phone back in to Itunes, it removed the ringtones due to an error (I assume caase it couldn’t find them anymore) I really don’t want to clutter the desktop with m4r files. How can I keep the ringtones on the phone and keep my desktop clean? I’m using Itunes 8 and Vista.

  121. I followed all the steps and have the custom ringtones on my unlocked iphone. But whenever I set the custom tunes, the ringer volume goes to zero. On incoming calls, the phone only vibrates (no sound).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  122. WHAT THE HECK is drm-free and how do i find out if a particular song is or not drm-free and how do i fix it or convert it?

  123. MsKay wrote:
    WHAT THE HECK is drm-free and how do i find out if a particular song is or not drm-free and how do i fix it or convert it?

    DRM stands for Digital Rights Management. In a nutshell, a song with DRM is meant to keep you from giving it to someone else. If you’re using Windows XP (and I’m sure there’s some equivalent for Vista), you can right-click on a song file, and choose Properties. Under the Summary tab, click the Advanced >> button if it’s there. Under the Origin heading, you will see an entry named ‘Protected’. If it says No, then the song does not have a DRM. If it says Yes, well, you may be able to pay Apple money to convert the song to an iTunes Plus track, which will be DRM-free. Hope this helps, best of luck!

    On a side note, great tutorial. Worked like a charm for me!

  124. Wow this works wonders. I tryed it the first time n bam! Anyone having a problem you most likely missed a step. GO back n READ! Thanks.

  125. Hi, after i right clicked my selection theres no option for me to convert to acc.

    when i tried to edit my preferences under the advanced tab, there is no importing option for me to click on as shown on the tutorial above

    can anyone help me please..


  126. i tried over and over- song is not drm, tried all suggestions and it will not work! help

  127. Is their any way to specify which part of the song (the 30 second part) will be the ringtone or do we have to settle always for the fist 30 seconds of each song? Thanks.

  128. Why are you all giving people bogus information? In step 7 their is no such option as “open”!! You can’t open anything. I was only able to create 2 ringtones out 6, when I uploaded the m4r song into iTunes I have no idea where it’s putting it but it’s not in my library and it’s not in the Ringtone area either?? When I right clicked the 30 second song in my Music library and tried to create a ringtone I got the standard answer “can only create ringtones purchased from iTunes”…so obviously that is not the m4r song??

    now with the economy, it’s funny to think, but the extra $2 you save doing this adds up!

  130. ok so i got all the way to the song in my ringtones folder, but it wont sync. no one is giving a clear cut answer as to why it wont. any help would be great

  131. hey hasnt worked ive followed the steps etc but still no joy, how do i find out if the tracks i am converting are DRM free..? please help

  132. Thanks so much!!!!

  133. All: I had the same problem as many of you. Running iTunes 8. Did all the m4a to m4r conversions, kept the file lengths under 20 seconds just to be safe. Files showed up as ringtones both in iTunes AND in the ringtones tab under my phone, but just would not appear on my phone when I sync’d, unplugged, and then checked in settings under custom sounds. D*mn it! Spent 3 days on this fuck*ng thing. What finally worked for me was deleting all the ringtones from iTunes, opening a new folder, moving all my ringtone files to the new folder then importing the new folder into iTunes 8 just like you would any song folder.

    The key was that each ringtone file HAD to be named with exactly the following format: “01 SaturdayNightsAlright.m4r”. Note: two digit number first in the filename followed by a space, then a name starting with a capital letter and no spaces numbers or non-alpha characters, then of course the m4r suffix. See if this works for you. Good luck. (I also copied the files with this format manually into my iTunes ringtone folder, but I think it was the total erase and iTunes normal “add new folder” method that worked – not totally sure, I was trying a million things at once.)Oh, I also deleted all the original m4a songs in iTunes under my fake band name before the ringtone file load. That may have been important too. By the way, all my ringtones started as mp3 downloads. I edited them to length, burned them all to an audio CD, then loaded the CD into iTunes and edited the info tab so they all had the same fake band name. That’s how I got them into AAC/m4a format. Then I did the file name manipulations above by manually tracking down the folder where iTunes automatically put them. Again – good luck. Just fool around. It CAN be done in iTunes 8 !!

  134. I tried this (thanks, it almost works) using iTunes 8. It will not sync to the iPhone and I also can’t drag a ringtone to the iPhone. When I try to sync, it tells me that my iPhone is synced to a different iTunes library (it’s not), and the only option is to erase everything I’ve already synced, which I will not choose. Has anyone else had this problem?

  135. im not sure if this is an operator error or not. i followed all of the step but now the original song wont sync and i cant find the ringtone anywhere except on my ipod. where do you go to actually set it as a ringtone?

  136. Brianna, iTunes stores all its files on your main drive (usually c:) under C:\users\”insert your username here”\music\iTunes\Itunes Music. This is for Vista. For older versions of windows you have to start your search under c:\documents and settings\ if I remember correctly. In the “iTunes Music” folder you will see a sub-folder for each of the bands in your library. Inside you will find a sub-folder for each of their albums. You will also see a file called “Ringtones”. Guess what? That is where your ringtones are! They should all be in the format I describe above, unique two digit number to start each one, a space then the ringtone filename with a .m4r suffix. If you can’t find it, do a windows search for a folder called “ringtones” . That should work. This all by the way assumes you checked off the “let iTunes manage your music” box back on the main options screen – which I would recommend. iTunes does a pretty good job at this.

    Laurnensvt: That is really odd. Are all of the songs on your iPod also on your PC in the iTunes library you have already sync’d from? If so you can probably go ahead and do a total reset, but I don’t blame you for being nervous. Don’t think I would risk it either. Do you have an older iPod you could try the full resync on? Just to see if your songs all transfer properly?

  137. I have tried all the tips (eg, get rid of spaces in both Get Info and when renaming the track) but when I select the track to add it to the library, it does not import into my iTunes ringtone folder. It flashs briefly like it recognizes the file and on the desktop the icon says ringtone. I don’t think I am missing a step but does anyone have any suggestions? I am running XP Pro and iTunes
    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

  138. this is not working for me. it won’t go into the ringtones folder.

  139. This is on POINT Ryan or whoever the computer “G” is, that figured this out!!! Really appreciate you sharing this info. It’s always great to save money. I’m not great with computers, but if you follow his directions to a “T” you should have no problems, I didn’t. This is awsome, thanks again. :D

  140. Tried Bobs idea of using a two digit numeric value folled by a space and Capitol letter when renaming the file and it resolved my problem on Vista with Itunes 8, before it would load into Itunes but not Sync on my phone

  141. Hi Guys,

    :idea::arrow::arrow:Suggestion which worked for me:arrow::arrow::idea:

    Really Nice one and Thanks to the author.
    But just want to share some info with many who are getting the same problem as I got !!!!!!
    The song is getting converted to ringtone but not present in setting.
    Solution : – Delete the :!: original song :!: and the :!:converted ACC song:!: before importing the new .M4R file into the library.
    Then I was able to find it
    Settings –> Sounds –> Ringtone –> Custom (This gets created)


  142. This is the best explained i have found on the net bin tryin for absolutluty ages to convert but all i needed to do was change the settings in the folder all i would say that if your not a vista user and a normal windows user you have to uncheck the box that says show hidden files and folders. thank you so much.

  143. All:

    I’m glad the ringtones solution seems to be working for most of you. I think we have all figured this one out at last – at least for now, until Apple upgrades the software and comes up with a new way to block us. On that point – I just crossed my fingers and went ahead with the new iPhone 2.2.1 upgrade that came out a few days ago, praying that it would not trash my hard won new ringtones. It didn’t. You can go ahead and upgrade. Supposedly the new version lets you download iTunes songs over 3G or even Edge wireless connections instead of just WiFi as before. Very handy if you are as impatient as I sometimes(OK, usually)am. Haven’t tried it yet. Remember I am running iTunes 8 on a windows Vista PC. Have no idea how this upgrade would affect other configurations of MAC/PC, OS, and iPod type.

  144. Havn’t tried it yet, but it looks legit. I’d say some of the most important things are making sure you get rid of the original file and make sure you force the ring file INTO the ring section. Sometimes itunes is tricky and will identify when you are trying to cheat the system. Especially the newest version.

  145. Thanks :)
    Very helpful :P

  146. One thing to note: The above does work. Once you get it as a ringtone on your iPhone, you should remember to go back to your original song, and uncheck those start and stop times in Options. Otherwise, the iPod portion will only play that portion of the song.

  147. Syncing worked, but I had to change the name of the song to be shorter. Otherwise it would not show up in the ringtones list on my phone.

  148. I have a problem…the file converts to AAC, however I am unable to see the extension to change it…what do i do now??

  149. Kick a$$!!!!!!!! Worked perfectly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  150. I’m also having problems transferring it over to the ringtones library. When I transferred it it didn’t show up but when I sync the phone it shows up in the little box that it’s being transferred but when it’s done it says it couldn’t find the file. what does this mean?

  151. super easy :mrgreen:
    thnx .. love u all ;) (K)

  152. Not sure if this has been discussed already, but under Vista 64 with iTunes I had to remove the short AAC file from the library before adding the m4r. If I don’t then nothing will happen.

  153. I had problems at first getting it to show up but then realized it was not 30 seconds or under. Once I did that, it worked great. Thanks!

  154. im kinda encountering little problems.ive managed to add songs to my phone succesfully, but when i add another song, it just doubles the last song that i just added. i dont get it. HELP!!!!

  155. FABULOUS!! This works perfectly fine…Thanks mate.

  156. I just finally got it to work after an hour of messing with it! I use vista and i got the iphone with 2.1 and itunes 8. what i did is i went to first to get a free ringtone so that way it would create a folder in my iphone under ringtones. then i went back and did the whole step process and from then on i got every ring tone to work pefectly. Great job thanks alot for the tips…

  157. Thanks for this great tutorial. My first ever non-standard ringtone!

  158. I am able to generate the file, and convert it, but the problem is, I can’t drag it from desktop into the library, also with open a new file is not possible … the RINGTONES section is empty…. :( What to do?

  159. This is great, received a lot of good advice on how to add new ringtones to iPhone, and thank you all.

    One issue that am having is I support a user who is hearing impaired, I was able to get him a ringtone that is loud enough for him to here when the phone rings, however, have not been able to do anything to add a tone, or louder tone for him to hear when he receives Text messages.

    Any suggestions???

  160. This isn’t working for me. I can convert the songs based off the guide perfectly. It even shows up in Itunes under the Ringtones section but after doing the Sync, it’s not on the phone???

    Weird :?

  161. when the first two times i used it it work just fine but after that it stop working then i try using the one letter and now it work just fine.

  162. LIFESAVER!!!! Thankyou!!

  163. Hi!! i have problems with the last step. The problem is that in my itunes i don’t have the option “ringtones”!! i’ve done everything alrigt but i don’t know what can i do now. It may be because i’m from Argentina and we don’t have that option here?? my iphone is 3G and i have windows Xp. I can’t even find the ringtone option in my iphone! Please Help!!

  164. Worked beautifully for me (and I’m OLD and techno-challenged) – so you know you did an excellent job of making the instructions easy to follow.

    Thank You!

  165. Done everything except for the conversion from m4a to m4r. From my desktop i left click on the ringtone in order to rename it but it doesn’t do it so I can’t drag it into the ringtones. Thanks

  166. great find. for those of you who can see the ringtone file Ringtone under LIBRARY. try to short the name of ringtone file( like from holidayalbum.m4r to holy.m4r) when you copy to desktop and chnage to .m4r format as said.

  167. :P thank you soooo much it works !!!!!!

  168. Hi, it all works well until the conversion from m4a to m4r… i renamed the song, but it is still in the m4a format… What can i do?

  169. Hi thanks for the great advice. I would have never done it without it. but there is just one problem for me i get right down to the end and when i try to sync it comes up with “unable to sync to itunes because it could not find the file”. and also when looking to see if it is a DRM file i right click on the song and go onto the summary tab but there is no properties tab for me to go on to.
    Please help it’s driving me insane!!!!

  170. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  171. I’ve read everyone’s threads and am delighted its working for people but it’s not for me. I’m got the files in the ringtone folder and it shows up on itunes but not on my iphone. Bob’s advice was great but slightly too tekkie for me. Could anyone give me a step by step guide like the mail tutorial on this thread?

    I have never imported music to my itunes library (someone else did it for me) so not sure what I need to do to make this work. I just bought my iphone the other day (so whatever the newest version is what I have) and I’m using vista.

    Please could someone help? Also I’ve got a fab mp3 tune i’d love to be my ringtone but not sure if it’s possible to do that. If so could someone let me know?

    Been at this for 4 hours now :cry:


  172. i have the same problem like most at first i was able to create one ringtone and it showed up on my phone and now it wont work and that ringtone i created was deleted. it shows up on my ringtone tab on my computer but not on my phone after syncing…please help!

  173. i can’t see it in the ringtones section =(

  174. i finish till step 7. after click open i can see the new files overthere. but how to get it into ringtones? i cant drag it. and it also doesnt go to the place that it suppose to go..

    can help me.. been trying soo many ways.. soo many times..


  175. Okay so I have Vista and I did all of the steps for getting a ringtone and I can get the ringtone in the Ringtones folder in the Library, but not in the Ringtones folder on my iPhone. I checked “Sync ringtones” and “All ringtones” but nothing is coming up in the box. I can’t drag it into there either…Any suggestions?

  176. hi all the info is great I have managed to get my ringtones thanks to all the blog. Most important was the 40 second message for them to show in the sync folder and using the windows explorer to change the file types.

  177. Grateful wrote:
    hi all the info is great I have managed to get my ringtones thanks to all the blog. follow main instruction and most important was the 40 second only for the length of the tone for them to show in the sync folder and follow instructions for using the windows explorer to change the file types.

  178. this was a grrreat way to turn memos from my iphone to a ringtone- after I emailed the voice memo to myself I followed to step 2 then changed the file extention once I sent it to the desktop, then dragged it back to the ringtone folder and synched it back to iphone and making it a ringtone! Yes!

  179. I couldn’t get the ringtone file into the ringtones tab either, but I tried deleting the song (you can keep the file I think) from the iTunes library and it seemed to work.
    Thanks everyone, this is great!

  180. Wow it works finally, it could not work actually. I already sync to my iphone but no ringtone came out, but when u rename the ringtone to 1 word, it works. Example, After life, this cannot works, but if u change it to Afterlife, just join the words together or cancel the word to become 1, it will works. Thanks for this method :lol: :lol:

  181. This is still working as of 25th June 09 with the iphone 3GS and iTunes v8.2.0.23

  182. i still dont have the m4r:(:(:( im using windows vista

  183. I JUST got a 3G today, have iTunes v8.2.0.23, and can’t find the menu to activate AAC Encoder. I don’t HAVE an “Import Using Menu”, and can’t find the equivalent. Any help?

  184. This fricken Rocks!! I didnt have any problem with it once I figured it all out. I have the latest I tunes and an iphone 3GS. Very Cool!

  185. hi ive done all the steps! come up in ringtones but once the sync is complete i check it on my iphone but there is no custom ringtones section does anyone know what this means?

  186. Yeah i get the exact same problem as Josh. I do all the steps and i can see the ringtone in the ringtone section in itunes and then i sync my phone but it doesnt appear on my phone?

  187. Yeah josh i just worked it out…. i shortened the song name from Dancing in the moonlight to DITM and i can now see it on my iphone! hope it works for you mate

  188. i cant rename it to a m4r it wont let me what can i do?

  189. As problem as everyone else. Im using Vista, the latest Itunes and a iPhone 3GS. Followed all the steps, its under 30 secs, changed the file name, deleted it from Itunes, the ringtone is created but it will NOT drag into itunes at all nor the iphone when it is in sync. I also downloaded Iringer which put the ringtones in a folder but they did not go into Itunes as was stated. Ive tried it on various tracks. How can you tell if your music has DRM ? Really annoyed, anyone got any ideas ????

  190. Having the same problem as AC, can anyone help out? Cheers

  191. SWEET.
    Works like a treat :mrgreen:

  192. thanks amigo…

  193. thanks!!! this is absolutely fabulous!

    • hi i have done every thing as it is mentioned in the site all step by step,but after i drag that m4a file on desktop i am unable to change the formate of the file to m4r.when i am trying to rename the file i am getting only the song name not the song format.what should i do can any1 help mee with this.

  194. Still cant seem to get the file to change to M4R. I can rename it with V?sta but i cant change the file type, any suggestions.

    • You need to have Windows Explorer show the file extensions. To do this press the Alt key in Windows Explorer to bring up the Menu Bar, then click Tools -> Folder Options. Then under the View tab you should see an option you can uncheck that says “Hide file extensions for known file types”. Press OK and then you should be able to change the extension. I’m going off of memory here so hopefully all that is right, but you should still be able to figure it out based on that info.

  195. When I try to put the m4r file back into iTunes, it just puts it back into the “music” tab, not into ringtones. Help please?

  196. Thanks for the great tutorial!!!

    For Windows VISTA users…u can have open any folder, eg. my documents, then go to Organise (beside View on the top left hand corner). Click on Organise -> Folder and Search Options -> View.
    Under the View tab, look for files and folder -> UNCHECK ‘Hide extensions for known file types’.

    You will then be able to convert m4a to m4r!! Good luck!!

    Conor…delete the music file from itunes first but not from your hard drive. Close your itunes and open up the ringtone file with itunes again and it will sync beautifully! Took me 2 hours to be able to do it too!

  197. For all the people whose songs don’t show up after they did all the steps is because you have to shorten the song length. Rename the song to say 5 char, then sync it again, get on your phone settings > sounds then your song should be under a “custom” category.

  198. Easy, straight forward and well explained, worked 100%, thanks from Mexico

  199. Thank you thank you. Very clear instructions but just a quick note that may help those who get to the (shortened).m4r files into library>ringtone file stage but find no ringtones on iphone after synching – please check there isnt an ‘APPLY’ option waiting to be clicked on the device>ringtone page (bottom left hand corner)before you synch. Sounds simple but a 10 min job took me nearly 3 hours because i missed it! Persevere, it DOES work

  200. Works great!! thx a lot!

    is something like this also possible for text messages??

    would be great!

    Again,,,,,,,,,, Works great!

    • Under these instructions, Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Importing, and make sure the AAC Encoder is selected in the Import Using menu.

      I could not find Importing much less any AAC Encoder selection. Could it be that Apple changed the settings and now it cannot be located? I get the rest of how to do it, just can’t find the IMPORTING after Advanced and I am stuck there.

      Any suggestions?

      Thanks for your help.

    • No Convert to AAC option and no way of adding to prefs :-(

    • thanks for the awesome tutorial! :)

    • Thanks again!!!Great job!!!

    • To change import setting to AAC on my itunes version (9):

      Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings >

      change in drop down menu (probably from MP3) to AAC Encoder.

      You will probably want to change this back if you want to import your own CD media etc in MP3

    • Open iTunes & right click song you want to convert

      Select “Creat AAC version”

      Right click the track that now appears & select “Get Info”

      If your not sure which is which when selecting “Get Info” under the “Summary” tab it will tell you the “Kind:” which should say AAC

      Choose the “Options” tab

      Tick the Start & Stop times & select times

      Track can last approx. 30 seconds

      When start & stop times have been selected click “OK”

      Now right click on the new track again & select “Create AAC version” once more

      When this is finished right click on the track & select “Show in Windows Explorer”

      Now right click the new track & select “Rename”

      You now need to change the “.m4a” to “.m4r”

      When this is done a pop up window will appear asking:

      “If you change a file name extension, the file may become unusable. Are you sure you want to change it?”

      Click “Yes”

      Now right click the other track which shows in the window as “.m4a” format & select “delete”

      The same will need to be done in iTunes for the tracks you created the “AAC version” of

      Now double click the “Ringtones” option underneath “Library” so a new seperate window appears for your Ringtones

      You will now need to got back to the Windows Explorer window then click & hold on the track you changed to .m4r

      Now drag & drop this track into the “Ringtones” window you opened

      Follow this by clicking on the “iPhone device”

      Now select the “Ringtones” tab

      You can now either choose “Selceted ringtones:” then select the tracks you want or leave it as “All ringtones”

      When you have decided which tracks you want click “Apply” at the bottom right corner

      “Sync in Progress” will appear

      Once completed go into your iPhone menu & select “Settings”

      Followed by “Sounds”

      Then “Ringtone”

      At the top will be a heading “Custom”

      Underneath this will be all the ringtones you have created.

      Hope this helps :)

    • I’ve tried this and created the ringtone and synced, but when i go into the ringtone section under settings there is no “custom” button to see what I imported.

      I have iPhone3Gs version 3.1.3, and iTunes version I’ve tried all the syncing and unchecking and rechecking and resyncing but I still can’t get them to show up in the ringtone section when i go into it through the phone under settings. I can see the ringtone in the library if i look at it through iTunes but I can’t see it through the phone itself.

      What am I doing wrong or is the phone and iTune versions whats not letting me see the ringtones or the “custom” category??

    • Thanks. Was very frustrated with other explanations until I read yours.

    • thanks alot !!!
      Its helps me so much :)

  201. It didn’t work :(
    Maybe i just did it wrong .
    Oh well, start again .

  202. this only works for tunes that have been purchased from itunes. So it doesnt work with any other mp3 formats which is not purchased. does anyone have any other ways???

    • No it doesn’t it works for any mp3 file whether its from itunes or not.

    • you just arent doing it correctly it worked just fine for me and my music was a torrent

    • All music files work provided they are converted to AAC first before renaming to m4r.

      It took me a lot of trial and error at first, but now it works like a charm every time. Good luck!

  203. I just did this 2 minutes ago with an mp3 and it worked great. You have to remember — the only way to get it to your phone is by syncing — you can’t just drag and drop it on.

  204. does this still work after the software updates? I just tried and it looked like it worked, but it didn’t sync. I then checked the m4r file under ringtones in itunes, and it didn’t show the “clipped” start and stop time — it showed the original start (0.00) and stop time. tried it again, same thing.

    • It isn’t working for me either on the iTunes 9. Creates the m4a fine, renamed ok, but won’t import into iTunes. Any additional step with the new software?

  205. great instructions… thanks

  206. I don’t have any option “Create AAC version”. I only have “Create mp3 version”, even if the file is already an mp3.

    Also, even if I try renaming an .m4a AAC file to .m4r and import it to iTunes, it only appears in the Music list, not the ringtones.

    I have iTunes

  207. Okay everyone, I figured out how to make this work.

    You need Windows.
    - go to your iTunes Edit menu
    - choose Preferences
    - On the General tab, click the ‘Import Settings’ button
    - Select ‘AAC Encoder’ there
    - click OK, and OK again

    Now when you right click on your mp3 files in iTunes, you will have the option “Create AAC version”.

    Choose a song you want to make into a ringtone, and convert it to AAC from the right-click menu. It will appear at the top of your music list.
    - Right click on the new AAC song and click ‘get info’
    - At the bottom of this dialog box, it will say “Where:” and the location of the file.
    - Go to the file in Windows Explorer and rename it to .m4r
    - Back in iTunes, choose File | Add File to Library
    - Select the .m4r file you just renamed
    - Click on the Ringtones in iTunes
    - You will see the ringtone listed there


    The only problem is, I couldn’t actually sync it to my iPhone.
    Maybe Apple have disabled this somehow, if the AAC is not bought from iTunes?

    • Great instructions, thanks! :) 99.9% of my tunes and ringtones are not bought from apple and are MP3 files I convert to AAC and then to ringtones.

      Suggestion, as for SYNCING, I found it worked best if I dragged and dropped the ringone from my library (“Ringtones”) to the iPhone. That worked everytime. Not sure why the “Sync” command wouldn’t work, but the single file transfer seemed to work well.

      Good luck!

    • i cant figure it out

    • I cant get it to show up in the ringtones?

    • Thank you so much! You don’t even know how many websites I’ve looked at to figure out where to change it it ACC! Amazing! Thanks

  208. Everything works fine until I get to step 7 and the newly created ringtone won’t show up in the Ringtone folder in iTunes. I’ve renamed it M4R, made sure no spaces, etc. in filename, but I can’t get it to import to the library. Any thoughts what I’m doing wrong? (And it’s not DRM protected.)

    • Not sure A.T. if you still have the issue, but try using lower case m4r and also if you are comfortable doing so, you can check out the actual file name in a DOS shell (using a directory command) to ensure it’s not doing something crazy like naming the file “NAME.M4R.m4a” Just a thought. Good luck!

    • OK, I think I had the same problem and to solve it I had to delete the original m4a file with the same name from the itunes music library and then it worked when i again tried to copy in the m4r file.

    • In windows explorere, go to:
      Tools > Folder Options > View > UNTICK the box that says “Hide extentions for known file types”

      This will allow you to see the full name and let you rename it correctly :)

      Job done!

  209. It worked all the way for me and it seemingly synced but i can’t find the ringtone on my phone to apply it. where is it supposed to show it?

  210. I just followed the steps all the way through and instead if going file import i dragged it into the library area from explorer. It appeared in ringtones just fine, i then synced with my iPhone 3Gs, it appeared just fine and is not my ringtone.
    Latest version of iTunes and latest software on the iPhone as well.

    In the iPhone menu go to settings, then sounds then ringtone then I have it showing up right at the top under a area called ‘custom’.

    Hope this helps…

    • Hi Coldfire. I was able to use my converted AAC file as a ringtone on my iPhone 3GS OS version 3.1 and iTunes version 9 all the way through like you last said, but then I could not see any of my music files/library/playlist under the iPod on my iPhone. I had to unsync the converted ringtone on the iPhone before I saw all my music under iPod again. Did you have the same result? Anyone else and how did you fix it? Thanks

  211. Doesn’t work in itunes 9…

    • Actually it works just fine on iTunes 9. (referring to using it in a PC environment) I just created about 10 rintones today without issue, all in iTunes 9.

      Location of “AAC Encoder” changed slightly and is now under: EDIT –> PREFERENCES –> GENERAL (tab), and in the middle of the window is an IMPORT SETTINGS button. Once you click that you can select AAC ENCODER from the drop down list and OK to save your settings.

      What I prefer to do is to first make a ‘working copy’ of my song before creating the ringtone. All my music is MP3 format so I convert the 1 full song to AAC and then set the Start & Stop time, and create another AAC file which will be ringtone (in m4a format, to be changed to m4r).

      The reason is, I sometimes forget to go and uncheck the start & stop times from my original file and it’s a real pain in the @#$! when you are in your car, listening to your tunes and all of a sudden a song only plays for 10 seconds :( I think it’s easier to just delete the AAC files that remain after the ringtones have been imported.

    • THANKS SO MUCH !! THIS WORKED …after hours of tryin to figure this sh*t out I read this and it finally worked for me. Im using Itunes 9.0 with a New 3GS

  212. this works great. I had to play around with it for a little bit to get it to work properly but once you figure out what your doing its well worth the time. Thanks

  213. i just did it all on itunes9 and.. i got through everything totally no problems, it is even in my ringtone section on itunes.. but it wont sync to my iphone3g .. anyone know why?

    • Having the exact same problem…everything worked great except the sync did not pull it from Ringtones in iTunes into my iphone 3GS (I am running iTunes 9)…

    • UPDATE – I just did it all on my husband’s computer, he is running iTunes and it worked great. Same files I created as .m4r ringtones synced perfectly to my iPhone. My iTunes version will not sync them into my phone.


    • i guess there might be a block on the updated itunes?

    • i had to connect my iphone 3gs to itunes…click on the phone in the device column on the left when it appeared.. then click on the “ringtones” tab at the top and the select the “all ringtones” bubble and then re-sync and it worked perfectly… this is with a PC/Vista and itunes 9.0.1

    • Try this. Keep “Sync Ringtones” box checked but uncheck all ringtones. Then sync phone. After it has finished the sync, check the ringtones you want and sync again. I don’t know why, but I had to do this to get the ringtones to transfer from itunes 9 to my iphone 3G.

  214. I was having problems getting the ringtone to sync. In the “Summary” screen where you decide how to manage your iphone, I unchecked all of the boxes. Then, when I went to the “Ringtones” tab, it allowed me to download all of my ringtones without erasing all of my music and videos.

    I am on a PC with Vista and not a MAC.

  215. I think i found the reason why sometimes the created ringtones dont sync to the iPhone.

    For me, I had to delete all of the ringtones on the iTUnes library, then re-add them by dragging and dropping them to the ringtones window in iTunes. Then, I had to make sure that none of the song fields (song name, artist, composer, etc) had any special characters (like quotes, for example Guns N’ Roses), the ‘ was causing the song not to sync.

    Hope this helps.

    • very true. now it is syncing to iPhone as well.

      to be sure just remove every thing from the ringtone in the ringtone folder.

      select the ringtone and right click then get info

      then remove all text from all the textboxes except name

      click ok

      then sync again.

      it worked for me.


    • this works great to me…thanks!!!

    • IT WORKED!!! I had my ringtones made and in the ringtones folder, but they wouldn’t sync to my iPhone until I deleted artist and album info. (No deleting, drag/drop needed on my end). Thanks Gabriel!!

    • This still does not work for me. I deleted all the fields except the song name and still does not show up on my phone. I am using itunes version Everything is perfect except it won’t sync. Please help.

  216. Carefully followed the instructions – worked perfectly for me. Thanks.

  217. how can i rename the .m4a to .m4r
    i use windows vista and it doen’t work if i just change the name of the file.
    never worked with anything.
    also can’t make .bmp to .jpeg that kind of things.
    anyone who can help?

  218. If you can’t get the ringtones to transfer from itunes to your iphone try this. Keep “Sync Ringtones” box checked but uncheck all ringtones. Then sync phone. After it has finished the sync, check the ringtones you want and sync again. I don’t know why, but I had to do this to get the ringtones to transfer from itunes 9 to my iphone 3G.

    • Thanks for these instructions. I tried them and it worked. Totally wiped my music and videos again so I had to re-add them. But the main thing is that i have the ringtone i want! Thanks

    • i have tried this a couple of times, i can see its sync in itunes. but the “custom” folder is not on the actual phone. Any advice.

  219. I followed the instructions to the ‘T’. I have iTunes 9.0.1 (9) and a new 32GB iPhone 3GS. The ringtone appeared in my ringtone section of iTunes but when i tried to drag it/copy to iPhone it wouldn’t go. So I tried the sync option and it totally wiped all my music off and I had to put it all back on again. Got any ideas how to get the ringtone to my iPhone so i can use it???
    (PS I’m on a Mac)

  220. none of this worked followed all the advice

  221. i just ried today it didnt work for me either. i have itunes

  222. Vista is renaming it NAME.M4R.m4a
    How can I fix this?
    Can’t remember DOS.

    • Open Windows Explorer, select Tools/Folder Options from the menu. In the window that opens, select the View tab and uncheck ‘Hide extensions for known file types’, then hit ok. You should now see the .m4a extension on the file and be able to change to .m4r.

    • nice last comment with the map option helped me ! Thanks dudezz comment is DIR desktop if the file is placed on the desktop you will see the name as test.m4r.m4a

  223. I figured it out:
    Show File Extensions
    First you need to set Windows Vista to show file extensions.

    Click Computer in the Start menu.
    Press the Alt key on the right side of your keyboard.
    A hidden menu will appear in the Computer window. Click Tools and then click Folder Options.
    Click the View tab.
    Uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.

    Click OK to save your changes.
    Learn how to show file extensions in Windows 7 too.

    Change a File Extension
    Now that we can see a file’s extension we can change it.

    Click on the file that you want to change the extension.
    Wait a second or two.
    Click the file again.
    The name of the file will become highlighted. Simply erase the extension and give it a new one.

    They worked all the way to my iphone if they were ripped from a CD.

  224. i does not work , i have created but i can not open in ringtone , i can see in library but not in ringtone

  225. i have changed the name too

  226. 1. Drag file to itunes, right click on the file and select create “AAC version”
    2. Look for new file under music- itunes – itunes or by clicking on the new ACC file and selecting “Show in windows explorer”
    3. Change the file from m4a to .m4r
    4. Drag to music library in itunes, it will show up in the ring tones library in the music library
    5. From there drag file to iPhone, not the music or ring tone tab but the iphone. (where it says devices and it has a little black picture of the Iphone)
    6. it will sync the iphone for couple of seconds, check in the ringtone library of the iphone to make sure its there.
    7. enjoy

    Keep in mind simple names no weird characters; this is using latest ver of itunes (as of now using windows XP.
    Also make sure file extensions are visible, if not open tools- folder options – view, and uncheck “hide extensions for known file types” and apply. If using other ver of windows check previous posts.

    • This no longer works with the newer version for me. I right click and the “Convert to AAC” doesnt even show any more and when even when I copy an AAC file and move it back into ITUNES it will not keep the adjusted time sequence.

    • Thanks Borz!!!….it’s working fine!!@!

  227. You all have to remember one thing, ring tone timing should not exceed more then 30 seconds only then it will sync with your iphone..
    It works in all the model of iphone’s, I did for my friends….. It works gr8…. lol !!

    • This helped me – my problem was that all ringtones that I created was > 40 seconds (e.g. they were 60 seconds). Once I changed this to < 40 seconds it they were recognized by Itunes as ringtones (e.g. they shows up under Itunes sync settings for Ringtones) and you can select which ringtones that should be synchronized to the iPhone.

    • “You all have to remember one thing, ring tone timing should not exceed more then 30 seconds only then it will sync with your iphone..
      It works in all the model of iphone’s, I did for my friends….. It works gr8…. lol !!”

      Thanks man, this did the trick for me. Windows XP SP3 and iTunes 9.0.18

    • I just created a ringtone using the latest version of Itunes and running vista. What I did is I created a full length ACC version of the song I want to convert to a ringtone, then I changed the start and stop time on the ACC version of the song, then created another ACC version of the song, but this time it was only 39 seconds, that should be your limit if not it would not sync. Then the 39 seconds of the song can be dragged to your desktop where you can change the file name from m4a to m4r. Delete the 2 ACC version songs from your Itunes, then double click on the m4r version of the song that you dragged to your desktop and it should start playing and at the same time added to your ringtones’ folder. Sync your phone and viola!!!

    • thanks man :)))))))))))))

    • I have one ringtone at 30 secs that works great, but one that’s less than 30 secs that doesn’t.

  228. HI. I am still getting stuck. For some reason, the above method doesnt work with the new 3gs iphone. Also i would like to pay to download songs for ringtones, but itunes doesnt seem to be supported in South Africa. Please help!!! This is so frustrating!

    • This sucks it does not work one bit what a joke tried every which way now on here changed name etc and it still does not go into the ring tone secion to be synced …………………………………… help

  229. I tried everything but couldn’t get iTunes 9.0 to sync with my 3GS. Then I followed DMan’s advice above and it worked perfectly. Weird but it worked.

    “Try this. Keep “Sync Ringtones” box checked but uncheck all ringtones. Then sync phone. After it has finished the sync, check the ringtones you want and sync again. I don’t know why, but I had to do this to get the ringtones to transfer from itunes 9 to my iphone 3G.”

    • I have managed to upload only 1 ringtone. When I try and upload multiple ringtones into itunes and then sync with my phone only one is showing in the settings>sounds>ringtones folder.
      Any advice as I am a newbie to iphone

    • I’ve got the same issue. all ringtone files appear to be working fine, but only getting one on phone, even after trying the DMan’s method. have windows+latest iTunes ( and iphone 16GB 3gs.

  230. These instructions worked perfectly for creating ringtones, and mine are showing up in the iTunes Ringtone section. However, when go to the iTunes (version 9) Ringtones tab on my iPhone and click “Sync Ringtones” I get message asking me whether I am sure I want to do this, because all existing music etc. will be erased. Do I really have to erase everything just to load a couple of ringtones?

    • Answering my own question in case it helps others: If you drag the ringtones from the iTunes music folder on your computer to your mobile phone in iTunes, they are synced.

  231. I got mine to work
    I had the same trouble and tried all of the above – and I mean all of the above plus others from other sites, without success. It was in the ringtones folder ready to be synced but it just didnt transfer
    Im Running XP and itunes 9…whatever the latest was and with version 3.1.2(7D11) 8gb Telstra iphone
    Ive uninstalled itunes 9 and deleted the itunes folders in “My Music”
    Ive now installed itunes version 8.2.1 and it works as described above by converting to aac and renaming to m4r file
    I downloaded an older version of itunes at []
    When you sync the ringtone it will warn that all ringtones on the iphone will be deleted. This doesnt mean the default tones that came with the phone and I presume if you have ones previously added that they will be deleted
    Good luck

  232. I did all the steps, I sync it but, the ringtones doesn’t appear in my celphone and actually I saw the configurations to check it was selected to have ringtones, but they doesn’t appear, SOME HELP PLEASE?

  233. dude…i swear to god u explained it better than all the other ones out there…i couldnt do it cuz of dat one step they left out where u uncheck the hidden m4a thingy…but yea 100% propz! thnx again!

  234. Hey all!

    Using a mac, I was having the problem of trying to get the new m4r file to show up in iTunes9 after I’d converted and renamed the extension. You have to DELETE the old shortened m4a file which is still in “music” FIRST and then I just right clicked on the new m4r (which I’d moved to the desktop) and selected “open in itunes” and that was what finally got it to work for me. Synced to the phone with no problems.

  235. dude you should totally show us how to make a message alert tone without jail breaking our iphones…

  236. hi im following all of the steps and i think i no what the problem is. when i try to create the new start and end times and i click okay, the end time jumps back to its original time. also i cant seem to delete the old shortened file, i’ve tried right click and there is no delete optiuon and i have tried highlighting and pressing delete on the keyboard. can you help me with this please

  237. yo bro! thanks a lot great instruction works 100%

  238. When I sync my phone the ringtone dosent appear in the sounds option can any one help

  239. you MUST MUST MUST Show file extensions!!!

    If you try to rename it by right click+ “rename” it WONT work.
    You MUST Show the file extension and change it THAT way.

    I tried for over an hour and I ALMOST gave up until I camt to THIS website and saw that bit of info..

    Now it works

    I am using ITUNES 8 and I have only purchased my IPHONE 3GS YESTERDAY (november 4th 2009) so it DOES work with all the latest software / hardware…


  240. 17 months in to iPhone ownership, and at last I have a decent ringtone! Ta.


  241. Thank you thank you!!! The sync in the ringtones configuration was my problem all along but no one else broke it down to that point for me!! Much appreciated! :)

  242. hey does anyone know how to transfer message tone to IPHONE? Please do email me and let me know. Thanks

  243. Does anyone know if this works for the iphones from Telus in Canada?

  244. For some reason it aint on my iphone. I did everything that you have said.

  245. Are you only allowed make one ringtone?

  246. The much easier way is to go to a site like and use their free online ringtone tool. The tool will create a .m4r file which you can download to MAC or PC and drag/drop to iTunes and sync

  247. Now here is the real solution for the sync problem.

    The thing is that you are able to make a ringtone from your mp3 even if its from whatever. The key here is the LENGTH. Even after syncing the prepared ringtone(s) to your iPhone, even after they show up in the ringtones on your iphone in iTunes, they WILL NOT be shown in the custom ringtones section on your iphone without itunes IF THEY ARE LONGER THAN 30 SECONDS. Don’t ask my why this is just how it is. Cut them as you like with e.g. Audacity to a 30 sec long intro or verse or refrain or whatever. Then import, convert, rename, bla bla bla…BUT you did everything just right for nothing, if u r not aware of the length.

    Happy ringtoning! :)

  248. My homemade ringtone did not appear on the iPhone after syncing with iTunes. The ringtone had quite a long name (25 characters), which I shortened in iTunes and re-synced. Voila, it appeared in Custom Ringtones on the iPhone and is working just fine.

  249. I was able to do every step up to the getting the file back into my iTunes in the ringtone section. For some reason my iTunes isnt recognizing the file as a ringtone. Im stuck at this point…

  250. Just one word for this article….


  251. hey everyone,
    i did the steps above and it’s work fine.
    but when i do syncing it isn’t come to my i phone :(.
    then ,i got the problem ,it’s because i name it in arabic word,
    when i change it to English it’s come to my i phone:)

    • This sucks it does not work one bit what a joke tried every which way now on here changed name etc and it still does not go into the ring tone secion to be synced …………………………………… help

  252. Thank you very much. It took a little while to figure out the ACC conversion but now it works perfectly. Great instructions!!

  253. Yes, this does work on iTunes 9 – fiddled with it a little bit
    -1) do what tutorial says
    0) (required?) made sure there’s no space in file name
    1) remove everything (album art etc) but name from “get info”
    2) delete song from iTunes
    2) re-add song to library

  254. Thanks Ryan! I tried another step-by-step and it didn’t work. Yours works perfectly. Rock on!

  255. it’s great. thanks for the instruction. big help.

  256. Thank you soo much!
    It took a little while for me to figure out how to get it from the .m4r version to itunes, but once I dragged it to the ringtone section under my music folder from itunes it showed up there and i was able to transfer it to my phone without a problem!

  257. Ok, so I did everything. My itunes recognizes it as a ringtone and its even on the list of tones to by synced. but when I do sync, it doesn’t appeare on my phone.

  258. (I Used the newest up to date iTunes -i think 9.?- and Windows Vista)
    This must be the best step by step method; showing even screenshots. I must say Thank You!
    I tried this doin’ another steb by step thing ‘n’ it just didnt work but following this worked perfectly.
    Tip: Make sure your ringtone is clipped under 30 seconds, i have the iPhone 3G S and first my ringtone was 30 seconds long therefore it did not show up on my iPhone but now it’s 29 seconds and works perfectly.

  259. hey guys

    When i indicate a start and finish time.. then convert the file the file that is created is ZERO seconds in lenth. have tried for multiple file formats. Can anyone help?

    THanks heaps.

  260. Am I totally daft but I dont seem to have a RINGTONE folder in my itunes music library, only got the phone two days ago so its all new to me if anyone can help. Running Windows XP with itunes 9

  261. I have uploaded multiple ringtones to my iPhone Ringtones folder successfully in that they appear in the Folder in iTunes, BUT – only one appears in the Custom box in the Settings -> Sounds -> Ringtones window on my phone. Nothing I do makes this different. Could someone explain why this is and how to fix it? Please?

  262. I am running windows 7 with itunes 9. cannot find out how to show file extensions can anyone help please?

  263. I connect my 3GS to my PC and when I opened up itunes on the PC there is no folder for RINGTONES. I was told that apple have stopped this, can anyone Help please

  264. To show the Ringtone folder, go to Edit -> Preferences in iTunes, and then on the “General” tab check the box next to “Ringtones” and hit “Okay” – this will make it show up in the Library.

  265. I created the aac file, copied it to my desktop, renamed to m4r but could not for the life of me get it back into itunes. No warning, nothing. Dragging or with File > Add.

    I was, however, able to directly copy the m4r file from windows explorer to the iphone’s ringtones folder. So I guess that would also remove the need for syncing, eh?

  266. if it’s in iTunes and not appearing on your iPhone after a successful sync, make sure you remove any special characters so it’s a text only name.

  267. Hey you guys are awesome thanks a lot !!! Worked perfectly!!!

  268. OMG!!! Anonymous you helped me tremendously. Hubby converted us over to Windows 7 and I felt sooooo loss with regards to creating my ringtones. I had almost given up until now. Awesome advice I read back from Sept. Just wanted to say thanks…..

  269. Umm.. I have done it all. But when I try to drag and drop into the latest itunes, its does show up at all. My file is an m4r . But it doesn’t show up except on my desktop. Any other suggestions. I am using a PC with windows 7. Please help.

  270. thx! so easy.. hapieee.. thx2

  271. I did everything, my ringtones are ready to be synced to my phone, but when it is all done syncing it tells me that they could not be synced because the file could not be found… i haven’t erased anything and i haven’t changed any info on the ringtone i created…

  272. Well for some reason it wont work, my tab ringtones is visible and the file is in my libary as a ringtone. but when I try to sync its not possible. I have itunes 9 and read something about apple blocked this function. somebody know’s more about that?

  273. what can i do there is no ringtone option on mi itunes :(

    • go to edit in itunes. click on preference and put a check mark beside the ones that you want to show on the sidebar of itunes.

  274. I was having a problem syncing, even though I created the ringtones correctly. All I had to do was chance the name of the song in the “ringtones” file. Dunno, but it worked!

  275. Hey Guys , im using WINDOWS VISTA HERE . ANYBODY COULD HELP ME WITH THIS ? I cant change the .m4a to .m4r . How could i change it someone please help me i’ve been trying it for so long but still cannot please someone help me :(

  276. Thank you!!
    This is what I needed to make the magic:

    “Make sure you’re able to see the file’s extension (.M4A) like in the screenshot above. If you don’t see the extension go to Tools -> Folder Options -> View (Organize -> Folder and Search Options on Vista), and uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types box. Then click OK.”

    - your tutorial was actually a complete one :)

  277. Have managed to conver into m4r. Have also deleted original m4a. Cannot seem to drap and drop m4r file from desktop into ringtone folder in itunes. Please explain!!!

  278. Hi There!

    Im having the same problem.

    I can see the new ringtone in the loval library, but its not in the ringtone folder of the the phone, so when i sync nothing goes there:(

    Please hellllp!

  279. ****Hi There!

    Im having the same problem.

    I can see the new ringtone in the local ringtone library, but its not in the ringtone folder of the phone, so when i sync nothing goes to the phone :”’(

    Please hellllp!

  280. Hi! sorry I got it now! the mistake was in the timing where i created a long ringtone before, just made it 25 seconds, and voila!

    Try to keep the good work up!

    Thank you!


    #7. Once you have finished creating, copying to desktop, and renaming the file, DELETE the file you created from iTunes to your Recycle Bin by right clicking on the iTunes listing and choosing DELETE from the menu. Do’nt forget to also move to the recycle bin.

    #8. Remember to go back into iTunes and uncheck your custom start and stop times for the original version of your song.


    I found if i didn’t do the 2 listed above tasks, the Ringtone would not add…

  282. I’ve managed to create to ring tones, but only one shows up on my phone. I did them both exactly the same way and both are30 seconds long, they both show up on iTunes but not on my iPhone. I’ve checked the box to sync all ringtones. Can you help me PLEASE?

  283. Hi,

    I have tried and read through the instructions above but can’t seem to get the m4r file to import into my Itunes music library or ringtone folder? There are no additional extensions to the file name, but it just won’t appear?

    Please can anyone help!?

    • you won’t see any ringtone folder unless you already have a ringtone in there, just drag it under the Library and the ringtone icon will appear. After you’ve dragged it, it should appear in the folder when you click on the ringtone folder. click your iphone, then sync. make sure all sync is checked.

  284. Is there a way to stop the erase of the whole music library in you iphone after you put a ringtone
    thanks foer any advice

  285. Hi I gotta problem with start time end time options..when I select the duration of my ringtone for example from 1:37 to 2:27 and then convert to AAC the ringtone shows to be from 0:00 to 2:27 ..any suggestions? thanks

    • I created the ringtone it appears in the ringtone tab of library, but when i click iphone and click ringtones tab that ringtone doesnt appear .. what should I do please help………

    • just change the stop time to :40 it should then work!

  286. hey guys i am facing a problem i think many of you are facing as well.

    is it true that version 3.1.3 cant use this step anymore?

    • Hi all,

      Same problem for me with syncing and then not seeing it on the iPhone. So, it seems that if you have it “synced” and it doesnt show up, just “unsync” by un-checking the box (on the ringtones Tab in iTunes) and a warning message will show up. Click OK and sync iPhone. Then, re-check the “Sync Ringtones” check box and click File<Sync XXXX iPhone. The phone will now be synced correctly and the custom ringtone will appear.

  287. I had real problems with this workaround but the answer was taking out the space in the file name before it worked

  288. am I missing something, or is no one offering a solution to the problem people are having about a synced phone’s ringtone library showing up on the computer’s itunes but not on the actual phone? i’m so frustrated and technologically challenged lol please help

  289. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!I have 3GS and I thought I’ll never be able to make ringtones out of itunes that I have purchased. Most I-tunes I’ve bought are no longer available to make as ringtones, but now I can do it with any tune that I want.

  290. I think the most recent version of itunes has stopped this. I have made a few tones before, now I can’t after downloading the latest version today ( I’ve been using an AAC type track but it will no longer bring up the “create AAC version” option. I hate Apple and everything they stand for after buying an iphone. Trouble is, I’ve got nearly 2 years of contract left :(

  291. i agree with Julia and Jez, it has to do with the latest version, i also made this mistake of getting to the new itune version. now no ringtones upload possible… this sucks … anyway’s of going back to a previous version of itunes and where to download from?

  292. Hi All,

    I have a twist on this. I have created Custom ringtones by following the tips you’ve given and they have been synced with the iPhone and they all appear OK in the ringtone list on the iPhone.

    Problem is that I can change the default ringtone to one of these Custom tones in Settings-Sounds-Ringtone but if I want to give an individual contact a different ringtone I only have the option to use one of the “Standard” iPhone ringtones.

    My Custom ringtones are not shown!!!

    Anybody have any good ideas????

    • Hi,

      I’ve sorted it. You need to untick the “Sync ringtones” and then apply and remove all the tones. Then tick the box again and sync again. This time they appeared as custom ringtones for individual contacts as well as within settings.

      Don’t know why it works but it does!!!!

  293. Hi

    I have iTunes version and and an iPhone 3GS (OS 3.1.3).

    The option to convert to AAC is no longer showing up in the right click context menu, even though I have my Import Settings set to use the AAC Encoder.

    Does anybody have any ideas to get around this problem?

    • Uninstall itunes and go to the oldapps link above, or search for old versions and install that. You only need to go back a couple of versions.

  294. It only took me 3 hours and 2 other (including a video tutorial) to finally manage to get it done with this tutorial! Thank you very much! Not only was I able to get it done, but added 10 ringtones in the 5 minutes after that. I guess once you know it, it’s not that difficult, (ahum)…. So thank you !!

  295. Why doesn’t y iTunes have AAC Version anymore?
    I updated a few days ago and realized yesterday when I was about to make a few ringtones that when I right click after doing all the options and times stuff I no longer have Create AAC version anymore on any song??

    Please help I love making my own ringtones and don’t want to have to pay for ringtones that everyone else has!

    • As I said to someone else just above, uninstall itunes and go to the oldapps link above, or search for old versions and install that. You only need to go back a couple of versions.

    • Okay thank you.
      I miss making ringtones kept me busy and I always change my ringtone.
      Thank you again.
      Can’t believe I didn’t think of this myself.

    • Yea that didn’t work.
      I tried going 5 iTunes before the new one and then 4 before and then 3 and so on it keeps telling me a newer iTunes is availible so it’s not opening the iTunes.
      I give up.

  296. i am having a very hard time putting music on
    my nintendo dsi

  297. would anyone help me? here is how at least post a video on youtube
    and make sure its on the “being watched” wich is home on
    youtube. please reply. thank you!

  298. WARNING!!!!!! your trial ended to reply.
    please let me know when you want
    anothor trial to reply about getting music on
    my nintendo dsi

  299. lolphysics has left cyber notes and
    will return soon. thankyou!!!

    • hey, are you sure Nintedoboy?

    • This instruction just “Fubared” my original song. I made a ringtone out of my favorite song, but lost my original song in the process… Not only that, but now I select my itunes song, and it “shortcuts” to another one!
      Id rather pay the two bucks, since now I’m out more than that, plus two hours of frustration….

    • You are beautiful, man. Many thanks.

    • man the ringtone is not showing up in my iphone

    • lost the song you edited befor you start a new ringtone do this
      create a aac then edit the aac not the mp3 then create a new aac from the edited one
      you now have 3 files
      song.m4r (ringtone)

    • If you do not want the hassle of syncing whenever you want to use a new song as your ringtone, you can try GeoRing. It allows you to use any song as your ringtone with just a few taps on your iPhone. Another cool feature is it can randomly pick a song from your playlist when your phone rings. You can find GeoRing in the App Store.

    • Hi,

      I’ve been trying for 2 hours now but can’t get anything to show up in the ringtones section…

      I’m getting really frustrated :-(

      When I double click from windows, the song starts playing in iTunes but I can’t see from what folder…

      Please please, can anyone help me… Even straight to email

      THANK YOU!!!!!!

      (who just bought her iPhone and really wants that one particular ringtone!!)

    • Excellent thanks

  300. yes i am sure about it

    • But what if I have newest version of iTunes 9.2.
      There is no ACC!not in advence not when you click right click?what should I do?


  301. This works great! I had to modify a few things, the part where you convert it to an ACC was on my advanced tab instead of a right click. I could only convert mp3′s and not m4p’s (which is the filetype you recieve from Apple) Thanks so much for having this out there.

  302. Thank you so much! I’ve been so frustrated by this and this has finally solved my problem.

  303. brilliant works a treat!

  304. Doesn’t seem to work in windows 7 (64bit)

    • I agree. No luck in Windows 7. Seems you can’t even get past the first step.

    • You can but it takes a couple work-arounds.

    • I just use Audacity to set the time and export it as an MP3, then load to library and then go from there.

    • i passed the whole steps and sync it to my iPhone (WIN7-64 bit) but it’s not showing up in the iPhone…any help plz

    • I cant even get the stop time to stay as soon as I press ok it reverts back to original stop time can any one help I have windows7

  305. ive done all this and its it the rigtone tab in itunes but how do i make it my ringtone on my iphone

    • im having the same problem. when i go to settings/sounds/ringtone on my iphone, its not there

    • have the ringtone (awesome!) but no option to use it on the iphone itself…

    • make sure to click on your I phone(under devices) and click on the ring tones tap. Make sure that “Sync ring tones” is checked. That was my problem anyway.

    • that was my problem too… just make sure that all the music from your phone is in your library otherwise you will lose it… at least that’s what seems will happen

    • Oh, wonderful! It works! thank you for this

    • I m not getting the option of convert to ACC.

    • click on ipbone on the sidebar in itunes then click ringtones at the top and then check the box ‘sync ringtones’. then your phone should automativally sync the ringtones onto your iphone. if it doesnt automatically sync you can do it manually.

  306. “Create AAC version” is under advanced at the top. No need to drive your self crazy by deleting and installing older iTunes.

  307. Hey, thanks for your help with this, but I have followed all the steps & the ringtone does show in my itunes ringtone folder & does sync, but I cannot find it anywhere on my iphone. Strange thing is, my purchased ones show up, but not the ones I have made myself. Can you help with this?

    • I have the same problem. Though I checked sync Ringtones, and it’s there and checked, it only shows up in ipod in my Iphone 4, and not in ringtones.

  308. got all the way to adding the file into the library, it wont do it! ahh i was so close. It’s driving me mad, like my computer is against me getting a ringtone on my iphone. anyone else having same prob or am i the lucky one!

  309. Great guide, but I had the same problem as Jayden.
    I could make it all work right through to syncing, which went fine because within my iTunes I can see the new ringtones in the ringtone tab in my iPhone, but it doesn’t actually show in my iPhone.
    Have I missed something simple?
    Thanks again for this guide.

  310. The box you need to tick is in the Iphone software on your pc when you synch you will see a tab that says ringtones click on it and there s a little shaded box tick it to synch ringtones and it will work good luck and thanks for saving me a bunch on ringtones

  311. Thank you, brilliant guide, works perfectly.

  312. Hey. Having issues getting this to work, i have followed all the steps. the tab convert file to ACC does not show. i have checked this in preferences. Is there something i missed? I followed the same step from another Google search. drive ya mad!!! Im running windows XP itunes Do i need to have a purchased ringtone?

    • You need to make sure that under preferences you have selected that when you import music, you import the files as ACC. If you don’t see the convert file to ACC, you probably see a Convert to MP3 or Convert to WAV because you have selected to import music into itunes using one of those formats. Just change the import to ACC, follow the steps, and then change the setting back to whatever you prefer.

    • Kevin answered this question perfectly. Helped me a lot. Thanks!

  313. Thanks it worked a treat. I have windows seven and had to do a bit of fiddling around but eventually got there. the aac converter is in advanced in itunes. Showing the file extensions in windows 7 was a challenge but eventually found it and then was able to finish off. Thanks for the great tip i was very angry when i found i couldn’t use the ring tones i had had for 3 previous phones and the ones i wanted to keep. Wasted $3 buying music i already legally had, and still couldn’t use it. Love iphone hate apple’s paranoia.

  314. it’s not working on mine! it doesn’t show up as a ringtone after i changed it to .m4r, and i couldnt find the convert to aac option (though i swear i’d seen it before) but i used another converter. help!

    • Neither can I. The AAC was there this morning “before” I updated my I tunes. I think good old Apple realized people were able to do this and they found a way to remove that path so now we cannot change our music into a ringtone. You are not losing your mind. If anyone out there has updated their Itunes and has found a way to make this work again please let us know.

    • The “Convert to AAC” option is now “Create AAC Version” in the Advanced menu. I had to remove the shortened AAC version from the library before it would add the .m4r file as a ringtone.

    • Make sure you aren’t clicked on the music from you ipod, but rather the music on your computer for itunes. Otherwise, you will not get the ‘convert to AAC’ option.

  315. You dont specify how to change it to m4r. I renamed the file to m4r but it just renames the file it does not change the format. How do i change the format so that itunes will find it. At the moment all itunes is doing is adding a duplicate copy of the song i already have that only goes for 30 seconds, it does not go into the ringtone section. What am i doing wrong

    • You have to make sure that you are set to view file extensions.

      Tools -> Folder Options -> View (Organize -> Folder and Search Options on Vista), and uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types box. Then click OK.

      Afterwards the .m4a should show as part of the file name. Just change it to read .m4r

  316. For those who are getting the ring tone to show up in iTunes under your ringtones folder of your library and your iPhone ringtones tab in iTunes, but NOT showing up on your iPhone try the following.

    1) Go to your ringtones tab in iTunes with your phone plugged in. Select to NOT sync any of your ringtones.
    2) Sync your phone (this will remove any current ringtones that might be messing up the process)
    3) Next go into your iTunes library and make sure that any .m4a versions of the song are deleted. IMPORTANT: If your original version of the song was an .m4a, create an mp3 version (follow similar steps as in the OP, but convert to mp3 instead). Make sure that when you create the mp3, you create it for the WHOLE song before deleting or else you will lose your song!
    4) Once you have deleted all of the .m4a versions, go back to the ringtones tab and select to sync all of your ringtones (or selected ringtones with the appropriate boxes check, however you normally have it set).
    5) You should now see the ringtone appear in on your phone.

    The issue seems to be that the phone would get confused if there were both .m4r and .m4a versions of a song that you were trying to put on your phone. So my solution is to delete any .m4a versions.

    • Thanks a lot, this worked for me. I wasn’t seeing the ringtone on my phone because I had left the shortened m4a version in my itunes folder, so once I deleted that, un-synced the ringtone, and then resynced, it appeared.

    • Thank you so much! This worked for me!

    • Thank you! Had me stumped for half hour but this def’s worked for me

    • repeat all this but still cant see any ringtone on my iphone!

    • I found the problem if you’re still having trouble after following Kevin’s advice.

      Your computer may not be authorized to do anything like sync apps, or sync ringtones. You are allowed a total of 5 computers to authorise, so don’t go over or you can’t do it.

      Go to iTunes
      At the top where it says File, Edit etc, click on store.
      In the drop down menu click on Authorise this computer
      You need to put in your Apple ID and password, this is what you use to access the App store.
      Once you do this, click sync ringtones in your iphone on itunes and then apply down the bottom like you’ve done before, and BAM
      It worked for me =3

    • Hi thanks alot for this. I was having a problem with it not showing in my iphone but after unsyncing it and deleting the m4a version of the song and re syncing it worked – brilliant – thanks

    • thanks a lot kev, it was hard enough getting to this stage,but there were just no answers anywhere to getting the ringtones to my phone till now.
      this works,cheers kevin
      although i lost a couple of tunes somewhere in my pc. i will search more thoroughly with more time

  317. I cant find tools!
    I have windows and i cannot find where it says tools>folder options ect. help please

  318. Thank you very much it works great

  319. Now its easy for iphone users to create fav ringtones

  320. it’s not working on mine! it doesn’t show up as a ringtone after i changed it to .m4r, and i couldnt find the convert to aac option (though i swear i’d seen it before) but i used another converter. help!


  321. Can someone verify this work’s on the iPhone 4 please, as i have tried everything left right and centre and nothing is working, such as i can get the ringtone setup in itunes and sync etc, just not appearing on the iPhone ringtone section.

    Also could everyone asking the same question READ THE COMMENTS! These guys are repeating themselves to help you all, and all you can do is take the piss and not bother reading.

    Everything needed to know is in that guide and the comments, OPEN YOUR EYES!

    • I can’t speak for other people, but I have done the steps exactly as they’ve laid them out, and the options they say will show up are not showing up on my computer. Just because they are on yours does not mean they are on everyone else’s.

    • I have an iphone 4 and it works.

    • Yes, I have the iPhone 4 too and it does definitely work. Just a bit of a glitch this last day as my main ring tone had disappeared. But searching through people’s posts, I found out why – it was also in my music list. So just followed the instructions (thanks Kevin, 21 June) and sure enough I got it back!! Thanks everyone, this is a great post as I despaired when I saw the naff ring tones available.

  322. The method works with iPhone 4, but there’s a trick to it. Before converting the m4a file to m4r, right-click on the file, and then click Properties > Details > Remove Properties and Personal Information. If you leave out this step, the ringtone won’t make its way from iTunes to the phone. At least, that’s how it was for me.

  323. Ocean, thanks for that last comment, am now able to get the ringtones i want :)

  324. I have done every step carefully. But your steps don’t lead me to the same place you say they will. For instance:

    When I right click on my song, “convert to AAC” is not an option. There is nothing about AAC at all.


    Then I go to: Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced… but “importing” is not an option. There is nothing about importing anywhere that I can find.


    I go to my Folder Options and uncheck the “Hide extensions for known file type” box, and clicked “ok.” I then repeat the first steps. With no difference.


    I follow the instructions at this site: [] on how to change a file extension in xp, and basically just manually went in and typed the extension you said.

    After changing the file to m4a, I followed your steps precisely, saving it to the desktop, changing it again to m4r, adding a file to my library, pulling it from the desktop,


    Nothing! Nothing happens! This is so frustrating! I’m really thankful for your tutorial, it just doesn’t appear to be working on my Windows XP computer with my iTunes version Please help me! I beg you. I painstakingly made these ringtones over the last few years. I spent countless hours, and some of them are songs I can’t possibly buy on iTunes. I’m in love with my new iphone 4, but it just won’t be the same without my priceless ringtones. I’d so appreciate your help. PLEASE ADVISE.

    • I follow the instructions at this site: [] on how to change a file extension in xp, and basically just manually went in and typed the extension you said.

      After changing the file to m4a, I followed your steps precisely, saving it to the desktop, changing it again to m4r, adding a file to my library, pulling it from the desktop,

      did this and then it worked tuerns out i had the file named
      “not affraid.m4r.m4a” delted the m4a part and it worked :-)

  325. For anyone else struggling as I was, I found the solution elsewhere. They were correct for mac, but it wasn’t working for Windows. At least not for mine. Here is the correct instruction for both:

    on Mac OS X:

    * iTunes > Preferences > Advanced > Importing and change the ‘Import Using’ drop down menu to ‘AAC Encoder’.
    * iTunes > Preferences > General > Import Settings button and change the ‘Import Using’ drop down menu to ‘AAC Encoder’.

    on Windows:

    * Edit > Preferences > General > Import Settings button and change the ‘Import Using’ drop down menu to ‘AAC Encoder’.

    w00t!!! I’m SO excited! Now it’s working! GOD BLESS YOU!!! :)

  326. Ha! Sweet, It works great!! It took me like 5 times but when I actually followed the steps exactly and not just skim thru the directions it worked out perfectly. Plus the steps I had to take were a tad different because I’m using Vista.

    My ring tone ROCKS!! Thanks!

  327. I got all the way to adding the file into the library, it wont do it!I have it renamed and it shows up as a ringtone but I can’t find it in my itunes. IS there something I am Missing?

    • Had the same problem.. it took me a couple of hours of messing around, and I found the solution. Delete the original .m4a ringtone you created out of your itunes library, then add the .m4r from your desktop.

    • Thanks for your help Keith!!

    • I have deleted the .m4a from my itunes, but when I try to put the file back in, it’s not working. Any suggestions??

  328. Thanks to all you guys for taking the time to explain the tricks and angles for the latest version of itunes. I appreciate your time!

  329. Thank you for the advice Kevin which worked a treat :D I now have my one and only ringtone set to my lovely iphone4, hurrah

  330. These instructions are good and i used them on my previous iphone about 3yrs ago. 2 things to note
    1) you will have to go back to the original song, right click, get info,options tab and untick the start ant stop times and click ok to restore your original song.
    2)Where the above instructions say “3.Right-click on the song you just modified, and choose the Convert to AAC option. If you don’t see this in the context menu navigate to Edit -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Importing, and make sure the AAC Encoder is selected in the Import Using menu.” on my windows vista with new itunes i simply just right click on the song and go to Create AAC version. Hope this helps

  331. Thank you oceanofnotions!!!

    It was a great help.

  332. I have followed everything correctly…

    when i import the song from my desktop to the ringtone file. the ringtone is only 1 second long….

    im sooooo frustrated!!!

  333. I have created 10 custom ringtones. However, my iphone is only allowing me to have 2. What gives?

    • I’m having the same problem.

    • To all people having this issue I’ve found what I think is a fix; make sure that the ringtones are in your itunes library, delete them from your phone, lock your phone, add them back and then sync.

      It worked for me :)

    • Adrian’s suggestion totally worked! I’ve been searching posts for hours and this one was simple and perfect. Thanks Adrian!

  334. Hi I’m having the same problem as Brian. I have made ringtones when I’m plugged in to my computer with the phone I can see all the ringtones but when I go to the sounds tab I only see one ringtone under my custom sounds. How can I fix this?

    • Renee, I’m having the same issue. Does anyone know the solution to getting more than one custom ringtone to show up on my phone.

  335. someone please help me, I have followed loads of ppls advice over how to customise ringtones for iphone 4 using with itunes 9.2.1 on MAC OSX 10.6.3, but appear to be having absolutely no luck, I can get the song into m4r version in finder, but it never makes it into my ringtone part of itunes despite trying loads!!

    Someone help its driving me mad, or let me know if its actually possible to do??

    Many Thanks!

  336. An update on the situation with iTunes–it appears that the latest version has made it still more difficult (and perhaps impossible) to convert mp3 files to aac files.

    I have Windows iTunes version (I upgraded to get the signal patch for the iPhone). Going to Edit–>Preferences’ Advanced tab reveals no mention of Import settings. The only Import settings option I can find is under the General tab, and it’s in the context of importing music from CDs.

    Does anyone know of a workaround using iTunes, or of any free software that will expedite converting mp3s to m4rs?

  337. Hey mate, thanks so much for this tutorial, have been through a few different sites but wasn’t able to see where I was going wrong till I came here. First off I didn’t have file type showing, so it was still a m4a file even though i changed the name to m4r. I also had to add the file to library, other sites I went to didn’t go over that step. Thanks again for your help, greatly appreciated.

  338. I’ve done this and it works perfectly (on my iPhone 4, and in Canada (if it matters)). I’m just wondering if theres a way to make ringtones for my text messages. When i go to setting my songs are in the ringtones tab, but not in new received message. Anybody have a solution?

  339. I can do step 2 fine, but in step 3 when I right click to ‘Create AAC Version’ the new version of the song is 0:00 in duration. What am I doing wrong?

  340. Worked perfect – thanks!

  341. Nice one, works perfectly. Had to convert to iPhone, what else is there really?? but hate Apples dominance and never been fond of iTunes either.


  342. I just tried this on the newest version of iTunes and windows 7 and it worked perfectly! This help guide was the only one which made sense and I had read 4 before! thank you

  343. this is great! thank you so much!

  344. Thanks .. took me a while.. but works great on my iphone4. Can you also add txt message tones by adding something other than .m4a on the end … thanks

  345. I don’t have a ringtones section on my iTunes. So… there’s nowhere for me to save my ringtone. Is there any way to find that section, or is there something I’m missing…

  346. OMG yes! thankyou thankyou thankyou this works great!!

  347. Brian said:

    I have created 10 custom ringtones. However, my iphone is only allowing me to have 2. What gives?

    Andian said:

    To all people having this issue I’ve found what I think is a fix; make sure that the ringtones are in your itunes library, delete them from your phone, lock your phone, add them back and then sync.

    It worked for me :)

    Thank You Andrian and Brian..Finally it works..

    • I can’t delete the ringtones from my phone. Please help.

    • I’m an idiot. I just deleted from itunes and then put it back in my library after i changed the name of the file on my pc. works great!!! Thanks!!!!

    • I read this earlier but didnt understand…To reword it a little…the ringtone needs to be in YOUR “library” and then copy and pasted or drag and droped into your device (anywhere if you dont have a ringtones folder as it (itunes) will create it)

      Not that it matter but iphone4 user :)

      PS all the people answering ROCK!

    • It worked for me too – fab! I have a new i-phone 4 and had to be a little creative with the fix. First i-tunes would not allow me to delete the ringtones from my i-phone, so I unchecked the sync ringtones box. The process of doing this removes all ringtones from the device. Then went back to the library and dragged all of my ringtones including the new ones to my device and hey presto it worked, there they all were. Went back to re-check the sync ringtones box but it was already done.

      Thanks for the advice :)

  348. Fantastic, fast, simple, effective.


  349. when it saves under ringtones in itunes it still trying to play the whole song….didnt save the lengh of the song no matter what i do

    • Make sure next to the time that you put in that you check the boxes that apply to the length of playback.

  350. eaticecreamwhilehot

    Thank you for ur help…..very informative and accurate.

  351. Thanks very much for this easy to follow tutorial. Guys like you are priceless.

  352. I love you! I just switched phones and I make my own ringtones on I was NOT thrilled with having to buy all new ones. Super simple. I assume I can delete all this from my computer now that I have it in my phone right?

    • Not if you want to repeatedly sync your phone to your computer. When you have songs on your computer and on your phone, and you uncheck the songs when you sync them, they will be removed from your phone. I would assume this is the case with ringtones also.

  353. Why can i only have one special ringtone??
    anyone know how to change it???

    • Brian said:

      I have created 10 custom ringtones. However, my iphone is only allowing me to have 2. What gives?

      Andian said:

      **To all people having this issue I’ve found what I think is a fix; make sure that the ringtones are in your itunes library, delete them from your phone, lock your phone, add them back and then sync.**

      It worked for me

      Thank You Andrian and Brian..Finally it works..

      AnonymousSeptember 18, 2010 at 3:12 am
      I read this earlier but didnt understand…To reword it a little…the ringtone needs to be in YOUR “library” and then copy and pasted or drag and droped into your device (anywhere if you dont have a ringtones folder as it (itunes) will create it)

      Not that it matter but iphone4 user

      PS all the people answering ROCK!

    • Do you mean on your phone or how many you have?

      If you mean have more than one ringtone at a time, then just make sure you check that all your fancy ringtones are checked in the sync area.

      If you mean you want someone to have a specific ringtone, go to your contact you want to have that ringtone. It should be pretty obvious. If you need further instruction, say so.

  354. Guyz who cant see ringtones after syncing on iphone 4, (version 9.2) MAKE SURE TO CHANGE NAME OF THE RINGTONe FILE IN ITUNES through right click on file(in ringtones), get info, and change the name. Than you can sync it. good luck.

  355. I have spent several frustrating hours trying to follow the instructions on this forum for getting custom ringtones onto my iphone 3g. All of the instructions are correct except for one VITAL step–on itunes, to DELETE the AAC file version you have to hit SHIFT + DEL because Delete is grayed out on the edit tab!!! I wish someone had posted this a long time ago. I found the answer on a different forum. Hope this helps other people who are having problems!! Thanks for all the other info, though–the instructions were great.

  356. Excellent, work to me right away

  357. Everything seems fine (iphone4 / Windows XP), even the syn was successful according to iTunes, but found no newly added custom ringtone in the iphone’s ringtone list. why??

    • Scroll through this while section of comments. People have listed certain things that need to be done in order for this to work. I know it’s long, but if you miss something it simply won’t work. Make sure you follow the instructions perfectly and in order. That was my problem.

  358. thanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!! it works on my iphone 4 and on win 7

  359. hey it all works until i get to the stage where i move it into the ringtones section on itunes..? my itunes doesnt seem to have one for some reason…why is this..? i have the new update and all but its just not there..??

    • Go to iTunes
      Clik Edit at the top
      Click Preferences
      In the window that pops up, make sure ringtones is ticked.Then click Ok.

  360. Loving it! Thank peps ;)

  361. Yeah, it works!!! Thanks very much!

  362. yay mine worked on iphone 4 and in the uk gr8 post m8 dose ne one now if u can assign a music ringtone as the message tone tho as this would make my day plz sum1 help is much needed :)

  363. whenever i rename it to m4r it doesn’t do anything..just stays as an m4a. i have windows!

    • Search Windows Explorer in your start menu, click on it.
      Click Organize in the top right corner
      Scroll down and click on Folder and Search Options
      Click on the tab View
      Scroll down until you see “Hide Extensions for known file types” and UNTICK the box.
      Click OK

      Now try to change the file type by Renaming it. Change the .m4a to .m4r


    Make sure that when you follow those steps listed above, that BEFORE YOU DRAG YOUR RINGTONE FROM YOUR DESKTOP, remove ALL copies of the song from iTunes Library. THEN drag your ringtone from your desktop.

    The order of these instructions is crucial. I was dragging my ringtone from my desktop to itunes and THEN removing the old files, then syncing. Make sure you remove all copies before you put it back into itunes.

  365. imakeringtone, ringtone designer, ring builder…there are many nice tools but it’s not free..

  366. Thanks. that was easy and simple \,,/

  367. how can i create new ringtones when i receive news messages (text & invoice)?
    i just have the alerts that are with the iphone

  368. iPhone 4 – mac OS – went through all the instructions as given (thanks)then still did not appear in the phone after an hour of trying.
    Then read about changing the name…….bingo….I just changed the name of the m4r file, changed it in the Info section and it worked.
    Thanks guys and hope this encourages the others to keep trying.

  369. iPhone 4 is so wonderful– mac OS – went through all the instructions as given (thanks)then still did not appear in the phone after an hour of trying.

  370. iPhone 4 is so wonderful. Make iPhone 4 Ringtones easily without iTunes

  371. hayyyyy, took me soooo longggggg to delete the 4ma. now it works on my phone, i can create now those rockin’ ringtones, tnx for this tutorial, you’re greatttttttt

  372. In my documents my laptop doesnt have a tools option up the top so I have know idea how to do the: tools -> Folder Options -> View (Organize -> Folder and Search Options) part.. I own a Dell laptop

    Can anyone help me??

  373. could someone please tell me how to sort out my ringtones now im on win7 plz??? vista was easy as piss as following the instructions was fine and it all worked great however i can no longer find the tools option or much else since changing. the 1st part of it is fine part actually changing it is beginning to really piss me off right now! please help :D

  374. how do i change the m4a to m4r in windows 7

  375. Amir, go to folder with your file with Windows Explorer;
    on tool bar go to: TOOLS > FOLDER OPTIONS… >
    click tab: VIEW and un-check box: hide extensions for known file types.
    Press: OK at bottom of FOLDER OPTIONS window,

    Now you should see extension of your file (.m4a), just double click (long interval between clicks) and edit extension to .m4r
    Click wherever and it is done.

    BIG THANKS to all I just managed with my new ring-tone (lots of straggles but with all your help it works)

  376. changing the name of the .mpr file is key even its by one letter! spent hours trying to get ringtone to sync to phone and that is what finally did it!

  377. i have i phone 4 with itiunes version 10
    and Create aac in the ADVANCED button doesn’t work … it’s shown but i can’t click on it … it’s on Grey … what can i do with that :_(

  378. I follow up to step 6 and imported the .m4r file but it did not show up int the ringtone section of itunes. I am working with Vista and itunes 10. Any suggestions??

  379. Thank you everyone. This helped me sort out my issues with the Ringtone! Thank you thank you thank you.

    • this is so awesome….as much as I luv my iphone, I was considering changing phones because of apple’s policies alone! Now I’ve got it just how I want it. The link to “file extensions” info was a MUST! Thanx!

  380. Thank you. Finally somebody who knows what the hell they are talking about. Well done.

  381. []

    This is the best program for making ringtones out of any music you have in your iTunes and it automatically sends it to your iphone ringtones folder and it will be downloaded to your phone on the next sync. I made 20 ringtones from my library in about 10 mins. Enjoy.

  382. ermm i by accidently deleted my ringtones folder on my itunes how do i get it bk or any sugestions on what else i could do?

    leanne x

  383. This is great, thanks for all the help! It took hours for me to get it working, but with all the helpful links left, and determination, i was able to get the ringtones. Now it only takes a few minutes to download any ringtones i want!!


  385. does it work only for the iphone or for any mobile phone.please reply me plzzzz.

  386. This worked exactly as described, very easy! Thanks so much, I have ringtones galore now! ?

  387. What an absolute diamond geeza

    Well done man – rise up against the Apple control freaks!!

  388. From what I see a lot of people are having the same problems as me… I followed the guide and everything worked perfectly but the ringtones will not sync onto my phone. I’ve done the obvios to fix it (like selecting sync all ringtones or whatever) but it doesn’t work. If there’s anyone out there that knows how to fix this than a ton of us will greatly appreciate your help.

  389. So after a couple hours researching this problem: Win7-64 users using iTunes 10.1.2 (current) can use Audacity to import, select, and export up to 40 seconds of any audio file (to an mp3). After unchecking “hide file extensions for know filetypes” in CtrlPanel > Folder Options > Advanced, you can modify the file extension to “.m4r” which should auto-associate the file with iTunes. Go to iTunes add the file manually from where ever you exported it to, verify that ringtones are set to Sync with your iPhone. =D

    Not simple for those less literate in working with audio files, but doable. Personally I’d rather just have a Droid that lets me associate any standard audio file to the text or ring tone of a specified contact. Good luck to the rest of you. ;)

  390. Absolutely brilliant mate. I’m not computer savvy at all and now I’m creating all sorts of ring tones. You are a star.

  391. Finally, I have a ringtone on my iPhone, LoL

  392. i’m using windows and i tried all the instruction and when i went to the part 4 it won’t appear m4a instead i have mpeg4. Any suggestion please. How can i change to m4a so i can rename it to m4r? Thanks.

  393. very cool! thanks for the tip!:)

  394. What about windows 7,I cant find where to do the “Tools -> Folder Options -> View (Organize -> Folder and Search Options on Vista), and uncheck the Hide extensions for known file types box. Then click OK.” Help Please!

  395. thank you so much! worked like clockwork!

  396. Hi thanks it work a treat but I can only have one custom ringtone anyone know why, my is an iphone 4 thanks again

  397. will this only work with songs that you’ve purchased from iTunes? I successfully made the ringtone, and put it into my iPhone. it says that it’s located in the ringtone folder, but when I got to my ringtone setting on my iPhone, it’s not there?

  398. nice!! thank you so much..

  399. Once it is in your itunes ringtone folder, it is critical to change the name of the file. Do this in info. I just added ringtone to the name of the song. It now is added to my iphone4. I spent hours doing everything and this made the difference.

  400. I have been trying to get a particular ringtone into my iphone for ages now and this is the best advice i have received. I followed all the steps and it worked like a charm. Thank you soooooo much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  401. Good to see this post..well said nice discus about this..and good think to post here..thanks for sharing here with us..reikireiki

  402. Very helpful. Thanks

  403. Thank you…awesome article….hope you like this too

  404. my itunes does not even have a ringtone like place its not on the top?

  405. Fantastic…even i managed it

  406. works great for me thanks a lot

  407. I use [] to make my own free ringtones for iPhone. Easy, fast, no registration

  408. WOW. So much work. Blackberry lets you set up ringtones (simple &easy) using any music you like One of many where BB does it better and I wish Apple would learn.

  409. Here’s where this falls apart for me:

    I get up to the point where I import the *.m4r file into my library, and then the file disappears. I try to play it in iTunes and it tells me it can’t locate the original source file. It’s like it was automatically deleted. Any ideas?

  410. You made a ringtone from Green Day music. Obviously your mind is deviant and must be purged!

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