Weekend Warrior

Recently, I stumbled across Wayfaring, a visual map creation service that uses Google Maps. There are four main things that you can do with with Wayfaring. You’re able to create maps of your own, share those maps with friends and family, explore maps that others have made, and collaborate with others to build new maps. There’s an endless list of reasons you’d use it, such as places you’ve traveled to, favorite restaurants, favorite golf courses, mapping out clients, etc.  I decided to create a map of my own, so I’ll take you through the process.

Pictured above is the map that I created. One of the first things you should know is that you can embed your map into blogs or other websites.  Clicking on the map will take you to Wayfaring where you can get more details about each point.  The first thing that you’ll do when creating a map is to select the general area on the map that you’ll be starting with.  I was starting in Miami, Florida, so I selected that area. Next, you’re going to name your map which you can always change later. I titled mine Honeymoon Cruise’, and then it was time to start adding “waypoints,” or locations on my map.

I went on a cruise for my honeymoon, so I created Waypoints for each of the stops the ship made.  With each waypoint, you’re also able to add notes, and tags to give more details.  Another nice feature is that you’re able to add extra elements like photos and videos to give it a more personalized feel. After you’ve added all of your points, you can create a route and connect each point together to get the total mileage.

Once you’re done, you have the option of sharing the map with friends, or family by email, or of course as mentioned, by embedding it on your website. Maps can be set to private or public, and you can also set it so that others can edit them (this would be the collaboration portion).

The last thing that you might want to do with Wayfaring is to explore and find maps that others have created. They have the “Best of Wayfaring” where you can view some of the best maps that users have created. Another option is to search by specific key words, or view the most recent maps created.

One of the best maps I came across was a road trip that started on the East Coast and went all across the US to California with lots of stops in-between. They included pictures for some of the places that they came across.  If you switch to the satellite option on the Google map, you could get a nice tour of some of the US landmarks.

That’s all that there’s really to it.  Wayfaring a very simple, easy way to create maps for any reason you could think of!