Weekend Warrior

Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, at times you might want to get in contact with or keep in touch with someone while you’re away.  Of course you could always call, but when calling just isn’t enough, many people turn to webcams.  They provide that face to face conversation that a cell phone doesn’t bring, and now they’re being made even smaller and more compact – perfect for the traveler.

One such small and compact webcam that clips right onto your laptop is the Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro. If you’re traveling for business it can certainly make your trip more effective, and if you’re traveling for pleasure it could make the trip more enjoyable. The size of the webcam is probably one of the features that makes it most appealing for the traveler.  Being able to communicate with others while you roam the world, and see their facial expressions is what having a webcam is all about.

— Features —

  • No matter how much you’re moving around, the Live! Cam Notebook Pro will make sure you’re looking good.  It has a high quality VGA sensor that will give you a natural look and a smooth video.
  • If flexibility is important, this webcam is for you. You can rotate it 180 degrees and it has an auto image flip feature.
  • Capture high quality 640×480 video
  • Snap pictures at up to 1.3 Megapixels
  • Includes headset for VoIP

The Creative Live! Cam Notebook Pro will cost around $49.99 and can be purchased here.