Weekend Warrior

Airlines and airfare always seem to be a hot topic with increasing prices, and financial struggles always keeping them in the news.  A few weeks ago we wrote about FareCast which is a great service that gives you a good idea if you should buy your tickets now or wait.  There’s yet another new startup catering to the airline industry called cFares. If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s another “must-see” site you’ll be wanting to check often.


How Does It Work?–

cFares has been compared to a Costco (or Sam’s Club) where you pay an annual membership fee in return for discounted prices.  This is exactly what cFares is all about; the savings would easily pay for the membership fee in a short time.  They offer two different memberships — Gold and Platinum. A Gold membership is free for all and will give any consumer the opportunity to view and purchase discounted domestic tickets.  A platinum membership will cost $50 per year but there are a few extra perks associated with it for the cost.  The biggest perk is that you’re able to get discounted prices for both domestic and international flights that will save you some $$.  

— cAgent–

Another unique but helpful service of cFares is their cAgent.  This service will take your “ideal price” and will act as your virtual agent searching and waiting for the desired airfare to be found.   When they find the fare you’re looking for, they’ll hold it until you’re ready to buy or decline the tickets at no additional fee.

— How Can They Offer Such Low Fares?–

cFares is able to offer fares at low rates generally because of their “real-time” wholesale inventory setup. According to Vajid Jafri, Chairman & CEO,

Consumers get real-time ‘on-the-spot’ discounts through our patented ‘Dynamic Pricing’ technology. The technology lets airlines see what other airlines are bidding on a specific itinerary at a specific moment so they can change their price to ‘win the deal’ with the consumer. Thus letting them create a one-time, unique offer just for that consumer, at that moment.


This  is certainly a Website you’ll want to bookmark for future reference whether you’re a frequent or occasional traveler.   They offer additional services such as a small business program with benefits that may be worth looking into.  This site eliminates the need to search site after site for the best rate! If you’re wanting to get the maximum value for your dollar while traveling, check out cFares.