Weekend Warrior

I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for some good blogs to add to my feed or my list of bookmarks as the not to miss, “must reads.”  In fact, sometimes I find that blogs have more accurate or up-to-date information than a newspaper or other online news sources.  So in keeping with the weekend traveling theme, I went out to find some of the best travel blogs out there. In the process, I came across TravelPod which is a rather large collection of travel blogs including blogs for just about every country or island possible! It was released in 1997 and is a great way to gather some tips, tricks, and photos of your travel destinations.

One of the first things you will notice when you go to TravelPod after clicking on destinations is the map of the Earth that is clickable.  By clicking on a country, state, island, etc., you’re able to view the blogs that have been submitted for that particular location.  People post everything from past experiences, maps, photos, thoughts, and some even post live updates while they are on their trip.

After viewing the large map of the Earth, I decided to pick a location to see just how TravelPod works.  I’ve always wanted to go to Australia, so I clicked on Australia. From there, I was taken to the results page with all of my information.  They use tags for things such as popular cities or tourist attractions so that if you’re only interested in a particular place, you can narrow your search results.

The results that it pulls up shows thumbnails of  travel blog photos that have an Australia tag to them.  It will also pull up a search box so that you can search for deals on airfare, hotels, and cars.  Additionally, they include videos and MP3 Podcasts that might be beneficial in planning a trip. Then they give you the list of travel blogs available for the area.For Australia, the list was lengthy so I had a good choice in what I wanted to read.  I narrowed my search to Canberra, the nations capital and got equally impressive results. The blogs were all unique and generally gave me a good idea of what to expect, or at least some interesting or funny traveling stories. The smaller countries or less traveled destinations typically have a smaller search results.

There are other features that you can expect from TravelPod such as an active forums that’s updated regularly.  There are topics such as travel tips, “how to”, and general travel information. They also provide a tab specifically for finding tours that you might want to take while you’re visiting a certain destinations, as well as a search for hostels, and information on travel insurance (hey, ya never know what can happen while you’re away from home!).

If you’re looking for some great advice, they have a list of top travelers that’s updated daily.  This is calculated based upon the number of visitors to their blog, number of forum posts, number of photos, and number of entries to TravelPod.

 I always like to know exactly where I’m going and what I’ll be doing while I’m traveling.  I like to call it being prepared.  TravelPod is a great resource for finding pictures and blogs that pertain to the specific location that you’re traveling to.  They receive visitors from those who have travel blogs just as much as they do from people who are looking for some good advice on a destination.

You don’t need a membership to browse the website or the blogs, although a membership is free anyways.  They offer unlimited uploads of photos, and will notify up to 500 friends and family members of updates to your blog.  They’ve changed a lot since 1997 when it all began! If you’d like to check it out, visit Even if you’re not interested in actually visiting some of these locations, you can certainly just look!