Time Saving Tuesday

I am all about freeware that gets the job done, and the free application that I am about to talk about definitely gets the job done! It’s a brilliant program that offers a wide range of features you wouldn’t normally find on your Windows computer. Let me introduce to you DM2 (Download Mirror)!

Before I get started I’ll let you know that the program doesn’t have to be installed! Yep, I always love freeware programs that you can just download and run without having to install…and this is one of those. So don’t be hesitant to try it out yourself, and I’m sure you won’t be once you see all of these features:

  • Minimize to Tray – This is probably a feature that a lot of you will love. DM2 can minimize almost any application to the System Tray to clear up some room. TrayDevil did this as well, but I think I actually like the configurability and feature set that DM2 offers which you’ll see in the rest of this list.
    DM2 Minimize to Tray
  • Minimize to Floating Window – This is a really unique feature that I haven’t seen before. Basically, you can make DM2 minimize a window to a small floating icon so that it can still be accessed rather quickly, but takes up virtually no room. You can then choose whether the little icon is always on top or gets hidden behind other windows. Check out what one of the icons looks like:
    DM2 Floating
  • Hide a Window – This will completely hide a window from both the System Tray and the Taskbar so that you won’t be cluttering up anything. Go on, I know you’re begging to know how you get the windows back then…from the DM2 System Tray right-click menu:
  • Always on Top – This will help ensure that a particular window will always remain on top of other windows. Not the most advanced feature, but one that should undoubtedly be included with Windows.

  • Transparent Windows – Making any window transparent is always a cool thing. Well, maybe not always, but with DM2 you can assign a hotkey so that adjusting the window transparency is always just a click away.
    DM2 Transparent
  • Quick Access Menu – The DM2 menu is where all of the fun happens. You can access it by right-clicking on a window’s titlebar which will give you access to some of the features you might have been looking for, including transparency adjustments and minimizing the window to the Tray or floating icon.
    DM2 Menu
  • Align Window – Quickly position a window in one of several common places on the screen. This can come in handy when you’re trying to organize multiple windows that you have open at the same time.
    DM2 Align
  • Resize Window – Resize a window to a preset size or to a certain percentage of what it is currently at.
    DM2 Resize
  • Open/Save Dialog Favorite Locations – This is a pretty cool feature. When you go to open or save a file I’m sure there is just a handful of different directories that you save your files to. With DM2 you’re able to customize a list of directories that will be accessible through a menu on the Open/Save dialog that pops up.
    DM2 Open Save Dialog

The program is  highly configurable as well, and instead of taking screenshots of all the options it offers, I thought I would just point you to the page they have already setup for the settings. It describes the different features that can be configured in a lot more detail than I was planning to do. A quick glance at that page and you’ll realize what I’m talking about.

Now I do have to give the developer of DM2 a lot of credit, because almost all of the features work flawlessly in Windows Vista. The only thing that didn’t function 100% correctly was assigning actions to the right-click option for the Minimize/Maximize/Close buttons. Yep, you can actually assign events to the buttons when you right click on them, such as minimizing to the tray, but in Windows Vista some of them didn’t work. For example, I couldn’t Alt+Right Click on the close button.

Besides that, the program was absolutely amazing. I was expecting this to have a lot of problems with Vista, but it somehow managed to work great. Not only that but the plugins that it also comes with worked great (for doing things like rolling up windows to just their titlebar).

I highly recommend that you give this application a shot if you haven’t already. The feature set that it offers is a lot better than other applications that I have come across, and I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing to be useful!

DM2 Homepage
DM2 Download via SourceForge
DM2 Download Mirror