Tutorial Thursday

For those of you who read the site regularly, you probably know by now that I have a Flickr Pro account. It’s just $25 per year, and offers unlimited photo storage and bandwidth. When I was looking around to find the perfect photo sharing site for my family and myself, Flickr was the one option that stood out to me.

The thing that convinced me to get a Flickr Pro account was not the amazing privacy features or the superb organizational tools, instead it was the development done by third parties. Flickr has a humongous list of apps and services that are created and managed by other people.

Flickr Camera Looking through some of the programs that were available, I quickly became aware that if need be, I could redownload all of the full-size images on to my computer. Flickr essentially serves as a remote backup of my most important images, and I currently have thousands of images hosted on there to share with my friends and family.

On the articles where I’ve discussed using Flickr as a backup solution, it’s inevitable that someone will email me asking how I go about getting images off of my Flickr account in bulk. That’s what we’re going to show you today.

–Flickr Programs–

We’ve shown you all kinds of ways to get your photos on Flickr, including the new official Uploadr 3.0 that was just released, a one-way synchronization tool, and even Flickr support in the new Windows Live Gallery by Microsoft. Now the challenge is going the opposite way.

We’ve searched around to try and find some good tools for downloading Flickr photos, but there is one tool that we always keep coming back to. We’ll jump into some more details on that app in the next section of this article, but before we get into that we want to list off some of the alternatives:

  • Flickr Downloader – This is a basic downloader that doesn’t offer too much extra fluff, and it doesn’t appear to offer the option to download private photos. Thanks for the tip on this one Radu!
  • FlickrDown – One simple interface that should take no time at all to understand.
  • Flickr Downloader – If you’re familiar with the Flickr website then this will be second nature for you.

And I’m sure there are a lot more tools out there. The one that has earned its way onto my hard drive is…

Flickr Downloadr

Flickr Downloadr

Flickr Downloadr is by far the most powerful Flickr download utility that I’ve come across. It requires absolutely no installation, and you’re able to pull in images according to tags, user, text, date, and more.

What’s more important is that Flickr Downloadr is able connect to a user’s account with the Flickr API. This is done by clicking Extras -> Authenticate, and the Flickr website will popup for you to approve access to the application. That way the program can access all of your private images without you actually having to supply your password.

And guess what else is located in the Extras menu. A complete backup option! If you start panicking because you’ve lost all of the images on your computer this is the solution for you. In one click you can have all of your photos downloaded from Flickr in all their high-resolution glory.

There are also some settings that you can configure with Flickr Downloadr, such as how you want it to assign filenames to the downloaded images. You can have it assign the image title or the Flickr ID as the filename.

I know that many of you also use Flickr, and I would love to hear what apps you use to download Flickr photos in bulk. Hit us up in the comments with your favorite Flickr apps and services!