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A few days ago when Ryan wrote about the fact that Space Cadet Pinball (a.k.a. Windows Pinball or 3D Pinball) is no longer included with Windows as one of the standard games, he also mentioned some of the other classic games that Microsoft has retired. I thought it would be fun to go back and take a look at some of those games that many of us used to play on a regular basis. While they are retired, they are still available for download, which I’ll include the links for.


Pinball was introduced as a standard game included with Windows when NT 4.0 debuted in 1996. Formally called 3D Pinball: Space Cadet, it became a favorite and was included with versions of Windows up until Windows Vista.


About Pinball: Those of you who played it know that there were 9 different ranks that you could attain by completing missions. The lowest rank was Cadet, and went all the way up to Fleet Admiral. I don’t even remember what my highest rank was, but I know for sure it wasn’t Fleet Admiral :)

Download Here or Here


SkiFree was actually created by a guy working at Microsoft as a game he played for his own education and entertainment. So how did it end up as a classic Microsoft game? On the official SkiFree website, creator Chris Pirih says, “One day while I was playing with it at work, the program manager for Windows Entertainment Pack happened to look over my shoulder and immediately decided he had to have this game. I called it WinSki, but the Microsoft marketroids hated that and decided, for inscrutible marketroidal reasons, to call it SkiFree. After some token resistance I let them have their way. Since the program was not originally a Microsoft product, Microsoft licensed it from me and paid me some trivial one-time fee (something like 100 shares of MSFT stock, no royalties) for its use.” 

The object of course, was to ski down a slope but do so while avoiding obstacles. It was designed for 16–bit Windows, and then later turned into a 32–bit version. The very first version is pictured below and uses “^” to mark where the trees are, and “//” to mark the skier. A more updated version is pictured next to it.

Skifree 1 Skifree2

Don’t forget about the Abominable Snow Monster who’ll appear and attempt to eat you!

Download Here or Here


You’ll remember Hover from Windows 95 where according to Wikipedia, “it was a showcase for the advanced multimedia capabilities available on personal computers at the time.” It’s best described as a “capture the flag” type of game where the object is to capture your enemy’s flags before they capture yours.


Download Here or Here

—Rodent’s Revenge—

Rodent’s Revenge is probably one of my all-time favorite games to come with Windows. If you’ve never played it, you’re missing out! It was originally created in 1991 and the object is to trap the cats. Once the cats are trapped and they can’t move, they’ll turn into cheese which you’ll want to go back and eat to get some extra points. You’ve got three lives to get you through 50 levels!


Download Here or Here

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  1. You can actually beat the snow monster:


    • hasbro interactive games should make a patch for all general mills games such as boggle, yatzhee, monopoly jr., and operation also chutes and ladders because all hasbro games using windows 95,98/2000 can’t be played on windows 7 and also all new windows systems your company is losing millions of dollars.
      I would by many more pc hasbro games if patches were created for old ones and any new ones but let me say I presented several ideas to xbox 360 and I am proud to own alot of their merchandise. Please do this hasbro because I like all of my games and if you continue this trend you will lose millions over the next 5 to 10 yrs. Please consider this aspect and thank you for listening.


  2. Crazy…I didn’t know you could get around the snow monster!

    • Yeah. You can click ‘f’ and go twice as fast down the hill. This makes you go as fast as the snow monster so then you just have to not crash. :)

  3. onlineapps wrote:
    You can actually beat the snow monster:


    I think you just made his day :)

  4. Great list, that reminds me theres a flight sim game and another one.. um.. i forgot its name, it’s like you place some pipes and after some time some green liquid got squeezed out and you need to place enough pipes to let it flow. Anyone knows where can I download back those 2 games? Thanks LOL. Oh yeah both games are in Windows 3.1, or 1.3, oh I forgot! But it must be before Windows 95, on the same platform as SkiFree! Oh I wanna play them now!

    • The game with the pipes was called pipe dream

    • Im looking for a game that came with windows 95 i believe. Graphic wise its just a black screen with green lines, you were a tank and you had to go around and explore the map and shoot at other tanks and hoovering ufo looking ships. I’ve seriously looked everywhere and cant figure out the name.

  5. I would also like to download that game with the pipes and the green liquid. There’s another one, though. It’s a maze and there’s a boy. You have to move blocks around to get to the finish of the level and you’re picking up keys…? It would almost be like the early stages of Zelda!

  6. The one with the green liquid is Pipe Dreams, and there is another title for itg
    The other one with the boy and the blocks is chips challenge

    these can be found here:
    [] under BOWEP (best of windows entertainment pack.

  7. I’m looking for one of the old games with the ood shaped yellow blocks, with one red block. The goal is to get the red block out of all the yellow ones…. any ideas….

  8. kate wrote:
    I’m looking for one of the old games with the ood shaped yellow blocks, with one red block. The goal is to get the red block out of all the yellow ones…. any ideas….

    I have no idea what that game could be. I don’t think it is one that came with Windows.

  9. whats the one where you try and separate the balls into their own sections?? the balls look like they bounce off the walls and they are colored red and white.

    what game is that???

  10. the one where you separate the balls is called Jezzball. it’s included in BOWEP if you can find that.

  11. WHERE CAN I DOWNLOAD THE GAME CALLED LOADRUNNER? The one for windows. i have found the pocket version, but that is retarded. i want the real thing!

  12. What’s the name of the game that came on windows 95 or a later version where you had to create a way for objects to get from one side of the map to the next.I think the name had a proffessor in the title.Objects like buckets of water even babboons were used.I really don’t knowm another way to describe this game!!

  13. Ik search the old game: GOAL. I played that i thought in 1995. Where can i found this old game?

  14. I am looking for two games one is the snake game that you eat apples in and the other didn’t come with windows i don’t think but it’s midevial ages and you fight people (kind of like an RTS)

  15. OK well i downloaded Hover and it won’t let me play it. it says that it is haveing trouble reading one of the files. i saved it to my hard drive and then openedit and it won’t work should i re-download it?

  16. I am looking for a version of taipei that uses numbers and stacked fields in varios shapes to play . I believe it might have been part of windows best of entertainment package that came out in 1995. thank you.

  17. bellak wrote:
    I am looking for two games one is the snake game that you eat apples in and the other didn’t come with windows i don’t think but it’s midevial ages and you fight people (kind of like an RTS)

    the sanke game is called Rattler Race. that is the one i’m trying to find myself for download…but i can’t find the files

  18. What is the game with the grid made of dots, with the pole/pipe/stick that revolves around one, and then you skip to the next dot, and if the pipe swings over a fuse, the fuse lights and blow this thing up…

    i wish i could give a better description, but i was 5 or so when i used to play it with my bro.

    Any help?

  19. Also, check this website out, Steve, and everyone else…


  20. Pat wrote:
    Also, check this website out, Steve, and everyone else…


    It didn’t work on my computer, is there an alternate website?

  21. What is the game where you have to get to collect things on the screen. You had to go through doorways/entries which would then open, letting spinning “enemies” out. If they hit you, you would die. I can’t remember what it is called. I want to say “dodger” or something like that. Where can I download it?!!

  22. i need to downlode 3d pinball idk how to

  23. i really need to know how

  24. Hey guys around 1995 I got my first pc with windows 98 and I didn’t have any games so my dad and I went over to our nearest CompUSA and I got a software cd called games surplus. It came with a bunch of games that were either demos, shareware, or freeware. When you popped the cd in it would show a box in the background and have a bunch of different options you could choose.

    There was one game in particular on that cd that I really enjoyed. I think it was called gang wars or thief or gang lands or something. The game started off with a small person icon on a map of a city. You could only take a couple of steps before the day changed.

    The game let you hire some people from the loan shark, and when you commit certain crimes like kidnapping children from the “playground” you can hold them for ransom but then you get to the drop off point and you enter either a mini game where you have to chase the kid who took the ransom money under your nose or you might have to go into a battle with the police.

    The game also allowed you to hold up diners or banks but depending on your “gangster” status they either took you seriously or they kicked you out. BTW you start the game off with only your fists (or it might have been a knife)
    I know this is very vague and long but if anyone knows what this game was called and where I could get my hands on it I would be forever grateful. Please email me @ if you might know.

  25. Anyone know the name of a table hockey game on the computer? I remember it was just the table and you controlled the handle with your mouse.

  26. since i helped, hope u can help me too

    When I was very young I used to play a game in windows, but i don’t know the name. Since I was very young and couldn’t speak english yet( i’m form Brazil) I couldn’t figure out how the game worked but it’s something like this:

    You Own a factory/company and have to buy the machines, hire personel, organize your factory and etc. you can even buy smoking spots for the employees and little things like that.

    Hope someone can help me! if you know the name of the game e-mail me : gubarba (at) gmail (dot) com

  27. When my son gave me his old computer it had a game on it where you hit the prairie dogs on the head. It had many levels; the prarie, road construction, island, etc. I updated computers over the years and that game disappeared. Does anyone know what it was called and where I might find it. It was not “Whack a Mole”, but similar. Thank you.

  28. When I was a kid, I used to play a couple games I think it was Windows 95, but it may have been the previous one. (whatever that was) One of them was a thief game, where you had to run around the screen and get all the jewels before the time ran out, and it got harder and harder to get to them all before the time. I really want that one! The other was a knot game, where you had to use the arrow keys to untie knots before they got to the bottom of the screen. There was one more and it had something to do with snakes, but I really cant remember that much about it. If anyone knows what the games are called or where I can get them that would be amazing! Please let me know, you can e-mail me at

    • the jewel game was called jewel thief. if you do a google search you will find it, i just downloaded mine!

  29. can anyone remember an old game called NIGHTMARE??

  30. Hello, I’m looking for a couple different games.

    First one is a tile game, where you paint the tiles and can only paint over each one once, but you had to fill the screen to win (and move around obstacles.

    The other was a game similar to incredible machines, but you had to get mice to cheese or something like that (sorry don’t know much more!).

    Thanks in advanced for the help

  31. SkiFree has been ported to the iPhone! Go check it out! It’s on Apple’s App Store. And best of all it’s free. They did an awesome job imitating the original.

  32. Hey all, trying to remember an old windows game I used to play, like the rest of us. You would go through levels that were a candy land type level. The people you were shooting were mostly fairy taleish…vague, i know. It came on the system, no cd needed.

  33. I am looking for a game I used to play in the 90′s. I played it on our apple MAC. In it you were a dinsaur which ran around and looked for eggs and had to run away from bigger dinosaurs. There might’ve been something you were supposed to do to those bigger dinosaurs, such as killing them, but seeing as I was five i think I just ran away a lot. It wasn’t strictly a little kids game, cause my dad and my sister would play it. There were mountains and lakes and different places you ran around. I think the dinosaur might’ve had a backpack…

    any ideas?

  34. I am looking for an old game that I only had the demo to. You played an elf or a gnome-like creature and could walk around and use spells against other ugly creatures. You could go around above ground but sometimes you had to go below ground and advance by finding keys to open doors. I remember I would get done playing the first 10 minutes and get to a house but then the system would crash. It was a fun game though.

  35. I am looking for an old cd that had many old pc games on it. The was one called Arcy 2 where you were a smiley face that had to get a key and get to a door. There were a whole bunch of other games including a pirate board game and a coloring game of some sort. I cannot remember any of the other games on it or what it was called. Can anyone help?

  36. my sister and i used to play this game when we were younger, we are 18 and 19 so it is probably like around 12-13 years old it was a game where a dot would bounce around and you had to make boxes which would give the dot less room to more until you covered a certain percent of the open white box.. any clue what that is???? it was always really colorful boxes

  37. I was wondering. There was a game. Might have been later then 95. windows 98 maybe. You were a ship. You had to explore the rest of the map. You could find tresure, Pirate ships and so on. You could die from the Pirate ships. Any ideas? I was young and it was my dads so I dont remember the name or many more details =\

  38. Also I tried rodents revenge. It isn’t working. I need a 64 bit version or something…

  39. There were two games that I vaguely remember
    - (A demo that was on a PC with Sony Viao instaled, think it was preinstalled) Its is FPS style and you go through a carnival like field in the sky. I rember Shooting little denchers of teeth and windup cars, or bolders that roled at me.

    - Basicly you point and click style game, and there was this bar on the bottom half of the screen that told the story / surroundings and made it like a book with alternate endings, had something to do with dragons. *Not Myst, nor sequals.*

    Sorry the second one is so little information but I have serched and searched / tried to remember and obviously… nada. Thanks for your time, hope someone out there Knows at least one of these games.

  40. HELP! i think my computer was windows ME but there were too games i always played. 1 game was with car. i had 3 lives and 3 red cars would chase after you. there was a small screen in the corner to show u were the “enemy” was.

    the other game was with a mouse. the board was like 5 levels and he used these bouncing things to get to the different levels. he had to open doors…i remember something about popping balloons…

    IDK but its blowing my mind that i cant think of it! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. and ive played that car game too! but i don’t know what its called..

  42. I’m having trouble finding a game that my friends and I played back in the early 2000′s. It was a disc that had about 6 or so games on them, all of which I believe had titles that were in a different language (Dutch? or German?). One particular game I am looking for is where you are a little gnome type creature and you have to go up and down this ladder looking for a specific fruit that matches a certain pattern. I really hope this description doesn’t completely suck.

  43. Hi I played an old Windows pc game on a cd with lots of other games. The game I am looking for was on a cd with Castle of the Winds and Micro Man and Joust and lots of others. It is called ‘Declaration War’ (I think) and it was a game where you could play with friends and make infantry, tanks, bombers, planes, aircraft carriers, submarines, helicopters, etc. You could also create world maps to play with friends and(or) computer opponents. You could make each game piece as powerful as you like. I REALLY would appreciate if someone could tell me where I can get this game. I searched on google a lot and I couldn’t find it. Will someone please post where to find this game, a link? Thanks

  44. i have been looking for so long for a specific game. im only 19 so its not the oldest of games but theres a little man and hes in a red outfit.. and its a big forrest and theres different levels in the forrest, i guess you would say its an adventure game! but i cant think of much more than that really. any help would be much appreciated! thanks

  45. Hi Guys please try and save my brain from melting. I used t play a game where you go into different rooms and they have multiple doors and you go from one room to the other and if i remember correctly you had to try and get to the final door and there was a map that showed where you were and unfortunately thats all i can remember it would have been early 90′s any help will be greatly apprieciated

  46. I’m looking for an old game, I think on Windows 95/98. It might have been part of Microsoft Games, but I can’t remember.

    It was a puzzle game involving balls falling into boxes. There was a basketball, golf ball, football, etc (balls of varying sizes) and they would fall from the top of the screen. You could add in things like pipes, springs, etc to get the balls to bounce into the boxes. If all the balls bounced into the boxes, you’d win.

    I’m so sure it was called Dr. something but I could be wrong.

    Does anyone recognise this?

    • It may have been Professor something instead of Dr.

    • Hmm, I may have remembered it slightly wrong, I think falling balls was a part of it, but there was also lasers, and cats that ate mice, and things like that. I have since found it – it’s called Professor Tim’s Incredible Machine.

      I’m trying to see if I can download it onto my WinXP machine, but there doesnt appear to be any download links for it at all. Anyone know?

  47. omg whoever put these rock i love these games

  48. Does anyone know of this nerdy game I think it was called cell, where you had to choose the color (red or blue) of these cells in a grid, they would then reproduce on cue with what color their neighboring cells were. I know its confusing, if you got it right you would (win the nobel peace prize) It was found in accessories: games folder for like windows 95. Thanx

  49. So no one knows the name of the knot game that Ryl mentioned? On the screen there was a row of roped hanging down and any two next to each other could could be intertwined. You had to go over each knot using the arrow keys and untangle them before they reached the bottom of the screen but it depended on which rope was on top. Had kind of a medieval theme to it. Ring any bells?

    • Nevermind, found it. It’s called Fringer and it was a part of the Microsoft Entertainment Pack: Puzzle Collection. Those games kept me busy forever back in the day!

  50. Does anyone remember the old Windows 95 game where you had to switch the colors of the red and white balls by getting them to switch chambers? The balls looked very much like the ones on Jezz Ball.

  51. Hi, I wanted to know if I coul get your help with a game, I just cant remember the name. Its like 10 years old, it was a little box, that you strated to play and you used your screen (it was like a pict of it) and you had to choose what to use, you had a paintor (with his ladder), you had guns and chainsaws, and there was also a guy in a black suit that started to laugh and mix the color in the picture. please, i would love you if you tell me the name of that game, if you do, my email is, contact me to tell me , thanks!!

  52. Can anyone help me find an old computer game called UZI? You had to move something around to get to an end portal. It had up and down arrow blocks- and balloons. There were also portals- and green lava liquid that would sink objects. It was a puzzle strategy game. Oh- there were also keys that had to be unlocked! Help!

  53. Looking for this…think it is a russian game…

    It has all different colored balls in rows and collums and you have to like knock the balls into the rows and get all the same color in the whole row. i think its a russian game, everyone keeps telling me its called lines but thats not it.

  54. You forgot Chips Challenge!!!!

  55. If anyone has the old game “Operation: Microspace”… I’d absolutely KILL for it! Email me at jregan89(at) if you know anything about it

  56. OMG!!! I’m so glad I found this website. I am looking for this game where you’re one of Santa’s elves and the screen scrolls from side to side. From what I can remember, I believe you had to do math problems in order to earn snowballs to throw at enemies… I’m not 100% sure though. It was colorful and the graphics reminded me of Jazz Jackrabbit’s. I think you were collecting items to unlock the next level or you had to kill all the enemies then go somewhere special. It was really fun and I used to play it on windows 3.11 and I’m pretty sure it was on one of those cds with 1000 and more games, etc. There were levels with different enemies but you could duck down because I think the enemies could throw snowballs or something too. I’d really appreciate anyone’s help! Thank you!

  57. This game had a mouse who led you through his daily life. you could make him sleep wake up and there were little side adventures- a coloring book that dropped the characters in as you clicked on them and a board game where the mouse disappeared into a mouse hole. upon start up it would play a song and i think it was “c’mon everyone the playhouse is fun”? But i am not positive… Anyone know it?

  58. XPDude - XP ROCKS!

    In the copies of Windows NT 4.0 and Windows 2000 source code which leaked back in 2004, there are 32-bit versions of Cruel, Golf, Pegged, Reversi, Snake (Rattler Race), Taipei and TicTactics. Can anyone tell me where to find them, or better yet email them to me at Please! I would do ANYTHING to get these games! PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY! If you see this, DON’T ignore it, PLEASE! REPLY! NOW!

    XPDude – XP ROCKS!

  59. Maybe someone can help me find these two games I used to play as a kid, I believe on Windows 95. One was a spelling game, and I believe you had to find letters to make up a word in this little platform world with houses and trees and waterfalls. There were monsters as well- I think in this game they looked a bit like goombas from Mario… there were various levels of this game and the words got harder to spell. Also one of the monsters may have looked like a giant nose lol.

    The other game was a math/arithmetic game, and the levels were all like candyland type levels. I remember the intro screen too had candy and ice cream all over it. You had to do simple arithmetic and it had lots of different levels. I can’t recall if it was in this one or the other, but I think this one might have had the giant nose monster. Haha seriously, this is the main thing I remember… not all that helpful for searching lol.

    I’d love to find one or both of these games again, so if anyone knows, please let me know! Thanks! :)

  60. Hey everybody, I’ve been looking for a game I loved to play at my school.. It looks a bit like a combination of Snake and Quix.. There’s a moving coloured thing and you’ve gotta fill in the screen with your ”snake”….

    Please someone help me, I’ve been looking for a month and I still haven’t found it. I can’t even remember anything of the name. That Skiing game was also on the computer there :)

  61. no, it isn’t rattler race, it’s qix but then with a better moving qix :P
    It also has no fuses, if you look at the original qix game..

  62. I’m sorry for my bad explination, but I’m Dutch, so my english sucks.. I really hope someone can help me :’(

  63. i’ve been looking for this one game for years…
    on the left side of the screen, there are all these boxes, and your person is on a ladder on the right side…the row of boxes you can get depends on what level of the ladder youre standing on…you can only get the ones closest to you, or go to the top and try to get the little shooter thingy to go down on top of the block you want…in every level, you have a different person, and the ladder is different (as you go on, the steps of the ladder disappear, so you have to guess where to stand to get the block you want) the blocks you wanna get depend on the character you have…at the top of the screen, there is your health..and a little box that tells you the block that you want…using the left arrow key, you like..extend this weird looking bar, and it brings back whats in the block, and then the one at the top tells you to get something else??? the first level, your character is a girl in a red dress, and shes trying to collect vegetables..when you clear the blocks, you go to the next level…theres an astronaut one where you wanna get planets??? and one where youre and elf trying to get jewels, and another one where its not a ladder at all, but a vine, and your little character (i cant remember what it is) is trying to collect different types of flowers…
    can anyone help me? i know its confusing…i just cant remember what the name of this damn game is

  64. Hey guys, I’m looking for a windows 95/98 racing car game, possibly earlier. I only had the demo for it, but in the demo you could only ever race as a police car, and when you crashed, you blew up. In the first track there is a tractor that goes back and forth over the track, and if you run into it, it crushes you and then you have to respawn. There is also a section in the first track where it goes dark and stormy, and it begins to rain and the track is all muddy and goes along the side of the cliff, if you fall off the cliff, you also blow up. I really need help finding it, I have been looking for this game for over a decade! PLEASE HELP!

    Thanks, Josiah

  65. Hi all!

    I am looking for a game for windows. I played it like 10-12 years ago maybe, so it’s probably for Windows 95, 98 or 2000 – i’m not sure.

    In the game, you control a purple (i think i was purple anyway) snake or worm, that got longer the more “things” it ate. I can’t remember what it ate, but it died when hitting itself. The worm had a face, i remember. The background of the game was grey stone or something, and you move around the worm in some kind of labyrinth?? It might have taken place under the ground.

    btw. the game isn’t snake or rattler race. The worm was bigger and had a face and was purple.

    Does anybody know what this game might be??

  66. Can anyone help me out? I’ve searched this online for a very long time and I still cannot find it. It was a blue CD and it said 101 games on it.

    The two games I remember from it was one was an archery type game where you had a guy that looked like a robin hood type fellow and shot balloons and another was a cannon type game where, when you won the message would pop up and say “to the victor goes the spoils.”

    Can anyone help me with this? Not really interested in the names of the games, but the CD. I can’t find it anywhere.

  67. Hey! I have been endlessly searching for this game I (like everyone else) used to play all the time. It was space themed I think and it came with pinball 3d… And other games but this one was so addicting. You have like a cannon at the bottom of the screen and you shoot colored balls or rocks upwards and try an get them to attach to their same color… They could bounce off the wall but once they hit the other colored rocks they were stuck… I can’t remember much more about this game but I remember loving it as a kid. Must have been around ten years ago. I hope someone an help! Thanks guys

  68. Hey! I’m looking for a game from my childhood – I think it ran on the 98 OS, but I’m not entirely sure. Essentially it was just a “sticker” game; you had lots of different landscapes (a field, a castle, etc) and you could put all these stickers on them to decorate the scene (like wizards and spells and princesses, etc). Some of the stickers were animated. Any help would be appreciated!

  69. Anyone remember the name of this game from a long time ago. A little man had to move tiles (one at a time — then go back for another tile) to proceed to the other side of the room to complete the level. He sometimes encountered obstacles to avoid.

  70. 2 games i looking for since 2010, but unsuccessfully!

    Well …the firt game is called “Dreadnought”. Its a spaceship game, you can control many spaceships and change first person to third person…I maked a video for this, because its the only 2 informations of this game on the internet…[] I have this game, but shareware version…if someone know this game, please contact me…

    The Second game is….well…i dont remember very much…
    I remember most of the gameplay so here we go ….

    The game was in a 2d, simulating 3d backgrounds … what was in space and the character was an astronaut … you had to step in all blocks stages, which then fall into some corner of a hard stage, which then immediately turn into a rocket and fly off to the next stage …. from what I recall not, as he passed stage, appeared more enemies as aliens and other things that leaned, lose a life.

    I remember also that there was a way to up to 8 or 4 players, who gave you extra lives and possibilities to continue playing after losing a player … Example:
    Player 1 – started in Stage 1
    Player 1 – Lost in Stage 5
    Player 2 – begins to Stage 1
    Player 2 – lost in Stage 2
    Player 1 – Start with 2 lives Stage 5

    And so it goes If anyone knows this too, just contact me by video from youtube website or right here ….

  71. hi i’m looking for an old game that has different colored block’s that you put together 5 of the same colored block’s and have question mark’s that can be used for any colored blocke’s to make 5 and then they have an expert level to with no question mark’s i think it’s kodiak not sure. can anyone help

  72. the block game imlooking for also had a little box on the right that gives you three new color’s for the next round to put to gether and the other game i’m looking for is lexicon any idea’s where to find these old games

  73. i’m guessing noone know’s about the block game i think it might have been part of taipai games on windows maybe and lexicon i’m not sure where that came from thanks to who ever would know

  74. looking for a older game.w-95? jezball.maybe miss starts off with two red and white balls rolling top to bottom,side to side.object of the game is blank out the screen trapping the ball in a smallest place as possible.once balls are trapped you go onto the next stage,three balls .so on so on.

  75. looking for a really old and apparantly obscure game. it was kind of a civ builder you had this city/town and you would research upgrades like medicine to cure diseases you could research hot air balloons and you would see them flying in background. i believe you could enter the temple and i swear it had soething to do with 3 crystals of power or something like that. looked at every list i could find and its like this game never existed. used to play it on my digital 386 which was mainly dos but had windows 3.1 on it as well. i belive i was forced to stop playing the game due to compatability issues when i upgraded to win 95. anyone have any idea its been driving me nutts looking for it

  76. I am looking for a game called Candy Land Adventures, I played it in school when I was younger. If possible I am looking for the full download of this game. You can contact me at

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